Jul 7, 2014
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Happy Easter, spigoteers, and a reminder to please use the github/spigot discussion threads for plugin questions! Apr 30, 2021

    1. JHarris12345
      For this section in the config:

      ChestClaimDays: 14
      UnusedClaimDays: 14
      DaysInactive: -1
      ExceptWhenOwnerHasTotalClaimBlocks: 10000
      ExceptWhenOwnerHasBonusClaimBlocks: 5000

      Am I right in thinking setting "DaysInactive" to -1 will make it unlimited?
    2. Spoky
      How could I communicate with you?
      1. RoboMWM
        Apr 14, 2018
    3. GetRektByMySkill
      HI, with this plugin u have, grief protection, can i give players a block and they can protect their own zone (like ps)?
    4. Yojimbo44
      hey sorry if you already gave this a anwser but with seige mode can you 1. Use Item Id number or do you have to use the name of the block for blocks that can be broken? 2. say you want to raid and its you and saty 3 other people does every one must type /seige ? or is there a party you can make so it know you are all in the same team raiding? or can only one person raid? thanks for the help!
    5. RoboMWM
      Happy Easter! Christ is risen, Alleluia! He is truly risen, Alleluia!
    6. Gianluca
      1. RoboMWM
        Mar 27, 2018
    7. Grandof
      Hello Love the plugin back when it first started and still do. Im just curious what happened to Bigscary? Is that still you and just going by a new name or did you completely take over? I have been out of the world of minecraft plugins for about a year or 2 since I was getting into modded minecraft.
      1. RoboMWM
        I am not Big_Scary. Look at his recent threads to find his messages.
        Mar 21, 2018
      2. Grandof
        Ah ok gotcha. :) Well I am very happy you took over and this wonderful plugin is still around. Hope to see it grow and be even better then it is now.
        Mar 22, 2018
        RoboMWM likes this.
    8. PikaCF
      Hi, does GP include a renting claims feature? If not, could that be implemented in the near future or could you link an addon which does that?
      Thank you!
      1. Grandof likes this.
    9. SwiftSwamp
      Hello, is the $20/mo Patreon reward still a thing?
    10. EskimoTimo
      I'm really happy that here's a proffessional. Thanks!
      1. RoboMWM likes this.
      2. RoboMWM
        Thanks for the compliment!
        Feb 4, 2018
    11. RoboMWM
      Hello people, status update time means this is yet another reminder to read the big red text on the GP plugin page if you have questions!
    12. CautivoNET
      Hello, first of all let me say that your plugin is very good, but I wanted to know if there is any way to activate and deactivate flags within a claimed claim. as out there the pvp.

      Excuse my bad English.
      1. RoboMWM
        Read red text on plugin page to find out where to get support for GP.
        Jan 22, 2018
    13. Rocky_007
      I need help with Griefprevention nothing is working with it all my other plugins work great but something is conflicting with it I've tried uninstalling some plugins I've tried Reinstalling the plugin nothing helps
    14. mutekimehJR
      Hello , i have a question and i canĀ“t write it down here Can we talk on a TeamSpeak server of your choice?
      its Important pls?
      1. RoboMWM
        Jan 1, 2018
      2. RoboMWM
        Jan 2, 2018
    15. RoboMWM
      Merry Christmas! Don't forget the Christmas season doesn't end until Epiphany (or if you're following the old tradition, until Feb 2nd)!
    16. RoboMWM
      Happy Advent! Don't forget to celebrate the fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas via a Mass for each!
    17. scarlet3912
      how to unban BanOffenders ? i'm use LiteBans , i'm try /unban but it write players not banned ? but player still do not login :( please helpme sir
      1. RoboMWM

        If you're asking about GP, you can set it to use LiteBans commands instead of /minecraft:ban and /minecraft:pardon
        Nov 17, 2017
        scarlet3912 likes this.
      2. scarlet3912
        thanks sir
        Nov 17, 2017
    18. MaxIstderBoss
      Hey, we have just written in the comments of the plugin GriefPrevention about the PvP written on and off and I have also found it unfortunately I do not know how I use it mus you can help me there sorry because of my english
    19. Camamoow
    20. wawa98
      Is there a way to protect the world, so you can only build in the claims? (GirefPrevention)

      Greetings from Germany
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