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Jul 6, 2016
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Mar 17, 1994 (Age: 24)
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Wakefield, United Kingdom

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24, from Wakefield, United Kingdom

You guys are now free to Donate to me using the "Donate" button in my Signature... Just click it. Mar 13, 2017

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May 7, 2017
    1. enterih
      Thanks you that you was here, that you created plugin, helped people in they life and thanks that you effect people that you met in your life. They all miss you
    2. enterih
      Have i a have a chance as a "nobody?" It would be nice if you are hear and could read it!... No i think you can read it however you are beeing. Please give me advice what should i do or give me the strength to reach that goal .

      However when the time are comming i hope that i can meet you and talking about the time. if I would only have been here in time :(
    3. enterih
      But do i the right with supporting other projects, sending gifts to friends and kind people? Do i right helping people when they are in trouble? Why does some people exist who exploit it? Why some people rude?

      I'm not a skilled person who can create awesome things like other. Do i have to chance to effect something or am i just one of milliard humans? It is possible to rescue minecraft/spigot?
    4. enterih
      Hello, i didn't have the possibility to meet you but i heard that you was important for some people. I'm trying to be a good human too. It makes me very sad that you passed away. I wish you are here i wanna meet you, write and rescue minecraft. My goal is to make people happy and effect that everyone are happy. It isn't easy because some people understand it wrong or exploit my kindness.
    5. Gober
      Always took me 30 minutes to think about the memories again everytime I visit your profile.
      1. Songoda likes this.
    6. Songoda
      Miss you, you meant the world to me.
    7. iDarky
      You have done a lot for the community, but probably for everyone else in your life. You'll always be kept in memories.
      Rest in piece.
    8. FlailoftheLord
      Rest in pieces
    9. thebaum64
    10. winnipeg21
    11. TheJayZ
    12. JimB
      We never met Leo but you were and continue to be an important influence of many great people. That alone is a tribute to the type of person you were. Let's hope that everyone carries your impact forward. Rest peacefully.
    13. VergilPrime
      This community is one of the nicest I have ever been a part of, it's clear looking through this that you were a well respected and loved person. I'm sorry we didn't get to meet, I'd have been super excited to have met you. A year and a half later people are still coming here to talk to you and remember you and I am so glad this shrine exists for everyone to share their love. Rest peacefully.
    14. WhxteRabbit
      Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to interact with you. However, it's clear you really made an impact on a lot of great people; which makes you a truly wonderful person! <3 Always in thoughts.
    15. Plutoren
      Rest in Peace
    16. adamawesome135
      R.I.P. Great developer
    17. TechsCode
      I havent really interacted much with you but what you did for the community is just amazing
      You will be missed
    18. TheOnlineWorld
      I never really had a chance to speak you but you were always so kind to others
    19. Songoda
      I think about you all the time, you really mean the world to me, even though your gone. <3
    20. thebaum64
      Rest in Peace
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    Mar 17, 1994 (Age: 24)
    Home Page:
    Wakefield, United Kingdom


    Developing Plugins, free and premium, takes a lot of effort.
    Feel free to donate to support me with future and existing projects!
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