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Mar 9, 2016
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Dec 30, 1997 (Age: 23)
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New York, USA
YouTuber and Streamer, Game Developer


Male, 23, from New York, USA

Officially decommissioning Plugin Support on my discord, now all Spigot related issues are to be had on the discussions for the plugin Jan 26, 2021

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Jun 24, 2021 at 7:26 PM
    1. EnderEclipz
      I am having problems with myself (the shop creator) trying to edit the shop and a customer trying to buy something.
      "Could not pass event PlayerInteractEvent to UltimateShops v2.1"
      "Could not pass event InventoryClickEvent to UltimateShops v2.1"
    2. rayofcrimson
      I am having a problem were I cant view as a costumer and other players can't open my shop it there a way to fix this?
    3. luckybisquit
      is there a way to disable crafting the items
      1. ThirtyVirus
        for UberItems? Yes there are permissions that you may add to the default group to remove access to certain items
        May 7, 2021
    4. ScuidTheSquid
      Hey Thirty! I have a question regarding yur Uberitems Premium plugin. I just bought it and was able to download it, but will i be able to download any future releases of it too? Thanks!
      1. ThirtyVirus
        yup! Once you purchase a plugin you have access forever!
        Apr 16, 2021
    5. ItaloPL
      hello! Some placeholder for "The seller's store", I would like to place a hologram that appears in the store area.
    6. DanCr4fter
      Hello i had a problem with your Ultimateshops (premium) plugin if i made shops the most of these are delete after a time and a couple are not
      please help
    7. DanCr4fter
      Hello im use your Ultimateshops lite plugin but i will change the Prefix and the gui message can i change this with the premium edition or what can i with the premium edition? because im german and i will change this in german...
      and i have make shops. can i override this in the premium plugin ? thanks
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    8. PartyLife
      Hello, I am from the Netherlands and i'm setting up a new server. I want to use you're premium UltimateShops plugin. But I don't have paypall. So is there any other way I could pay for your services? Thank you for looking in to this.
    9. Modz
      Absolutely amazing plugins you have ThirtyVirus! Would definitely recommend!

      Just a quick question? Do you have anything else planned at all for plugins? :D
    10. Sanity96
      Hey how can i add permissions for people to use my shop with UltimateShops
    11. BandaiBoys
      Is slabbo copying you? yours and their plugins are literally almost the same...
    12. ThirtyVirus
      Officially decommissioning Plugin Support on my discord, now all Spigot related issues are to be had on the discussions for the plugin
      1. Crafter5000
        I am sorry if my comment seems random to you but I am concerned about your administration handling by such. Won't ti be a challenge to track issues/pending bugs and such?

        I understand Discord (even with ticket bots) is a birch to administrate but I think at the same time... Some form of ticketing system or something may still be a good idea instead.
        Jan 27, 2021
    13. Grievous07
      How do I make it that the shop only buys with a command and no economy cost? Want to have players sell stuff for factionX credits, which this plugin doesn't connect to, so use a command on sell. But selling still requires $1, but don't want that.
    14. mineclasherYT
      When will minecraft 1.16 hardcore episode 2 will come out??
    15. NDSDNS
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      2. ThirtyVirus
        Big difference between a 6 year gap and a 3 week gap. Also, that plugin didn't even have a GUI or any of the advanced features conceived by myself when making ultimate shops.

        The copycat redid everything I made point for point, there is no inspiration or creative liberties taken.
        Jul 24, 2020
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      3. NDSDNS
        At least he’s using ACF. What’s wrong with making a free alternative to something that’s paid? People do it all the time, even with the JDK.
        Jul 29, 2020
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      4. swaddles125
        the thing that's wrong with making a free alternative is that it's making away business from the original
        Sep 26, 2020
    16. kacperleague9
      Hi I like it vids
    17. IDubbbzTV
      Is it true that Slabbo is a copy of your plugin? I just wrote a review and saw all of the negative reviews because of it. If thats true, Im sorry man hope it gets taken down.
      1. SeriousGuy888 likes this.
      2. ThirtyVirus
        Thanks for reaching out! Yes, Slabbo is a copy of Ushops:

        Unfortunately SpigotMC staff show no interest in taking the plugin down. The best I can hope for at this point is the knockoff to be forgotten due to its lack of features and backwards compatibility.
        Jul 14, 2020
        SeriousGuy888 and IDubbbzTV like this.
      3. IDubbbzTV
        Dang, im sorry. Thinking about buying UShops and adding it to my survival server.
        Jul 14, 2020
        SeriousGuy888 likes this.
    18. Ace_Monkey_Ilium
      Hey Thirty, I hope spigot starts doing things right and I hope the copy gets deleted. I’m not a plugin developer but I’m a server owner and when you have something you’ve created stolen or recreated it’s a nightmare.

      I might buy your plugin just to support you and hoping spigot does a right thing because I wouldn’t want to see good plugins going downhill because of cheap knockoffs.
    19. ThirtyVirus
      Just had my plugin stolen, and SpigotMC staff are defending the copy. Feeling good
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      2. TakenNone
        Holy crap! I think I used to watch your survival island lets play years ago?!
        Jul 13, 2020
      3. MasterCake
        That's the highest form of appreciation you can get. The copying-author must really admire your work :)
        Jul 14, 2020
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      4. _Butterfish
        Hey thirty! Huge fan. Just saw ur vid and I was wondering where I could find the plugin so I could maybe get it for my server and also just give it a 5 star review because duh. Hope slabbo gets taken down.
        Jul 15, 2020
    20. MrEd_NRW
      Hello there is a question in the full version for $ 9.99 contains the commands / ushop addBuyCommand COMMAND and / ushop addSellCommand COMMAND? sorry for my bad english. greetings
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    Dec 30, 1997 (Age: 23)
    Home Page:
    New York, USA
    YouTuber and Streamer, Game Developer
    I'm a guy that plays games, and codes them too.


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