¤GoodSS¤ || [Advanced Freeze - AutoBan - OpenSource] || [1.7-1.12] 7.0

The ultimate ScreenShare/Freeze Plugin!

  1. LuisPintoGamerYT
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English & Spanish
    This is a Screen Share plugin with many unique things that are found very little in other Spigot plugins!
    You can ban players with your included command, you can be banned automatically if he leaves the game.

    To avoid bugs do not use many plugins that avoid using the chat, do not mute the player who is in ss and do not make the player move much while in the ss.

    Helps me: @Royendero1


    Auto Ban
    (Only when player leave the game)
    Ban Command
    Custom Messages
    Teleport when start
    Get inventory
    PlayerCache (Deleted when the plugin is stoped)
    100% Customizable
    Update notification
    Admit Hacks
    TempBan (When admit) With 1 click
    Cancel (When move, break, etc...)
    Very modern
    Good support

    1.7-1.12 Supported
    Chat format when is in SS
    Easy & Simples commands
    And more...


    All commands

    When a player admit the hack usage

    Starting a SS

    Stoping the SS

    Banned player

    Command Blocked

    Temp ban by the Admit command

    Staff preview start SS

    Staff preview Admit

    Staff ban player

    Reloading the plugin

    Ban with 1 click

    Temp banning with the admit cmd

    Seting the SSpawn

    Toggling the SSpawn



    gss.usage : Usage all commands
    gss.banlist : See the banlist
    gss.updates : See the updates
    gss.unban : Unban a player


    /gss - All commands
    /gss start <player> <skype/ts user> - Start the screen share
    /gss leave - Stop the screen share with the player
    /gss reload - Reload the plugin
    /gss ban <reason> - Ban the player (The reason wont show)
    /gss banlist - Show the ban list
    /gss unban <player> - Unban the player
    /gss inv - Show the player's inventory
    /gss tp - Teleport to the player
    /gss addbcmd <start of command> - Add a cmd block
    /gss togglespawn - Toggle to true/false the spawn
    /gss setsspawn - Set the spawn (The player is teleported here)
    /gss checkupdate - See updates
    /admit - Admit the use of hacks
    /gss author - All author's info


    Code (Text):
    #General Messages Config#
    Reload: '&aThe plugin &3&lGood&b&lSS&a has been reloaded'
    PermissionMsg: '&cYou dont have permissions for the command'
    StartSSGlobal: '&7The player &c%plss%&7 is in SS with &a%player%'
    StartSS_Staff: '&7You have started the SS with &c%plss%'
    LeaveSSGlobal: '&7The player &a%player%&7 has freed &a%plss%'
    LeaveSS_Player: '&7The player &a%player%&7 has left you free, sorry for the inconvenience'
    UnbanCorrect: '&cThis player has been unbanned correctly'
    UnbanIncorrect: |-
      &cThis player is not banned
      &cOr you were wrong in name
    NowInSS: '&cThis player is already in SS'
    PlayerDoesNotExist: '&cThis player does not exist'
    #ALERT: If the player moves a lot, he may spam messages.
    SSMessageEvent: |-
      &f▇▇&c▇&6▇&0▇&6▇&c▇&f▇▇ &eStarted: %started%
      &f▇▇&c▇&6▇&0▇&6▇§c▇&f▇▇ &e%plss% At this moment you are in SS
      &f▇▇&c▇&6▇&0▇&6▇&c▇&f▇▇ &eIf you disconnect you will be &4&lBANNED
      &f▇&c▇&6▇▇▇▇▇&c▇&f▇ &cYou can talk in the chat or you can use /ac
      &c▇&6▇▇▇&0▇&6▇▇▇&c▇ &cWe can see your msgs and we'll answer you
      &c▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ &cYou must send your skype or add to %user%
      &f▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ &cPlayer SS: %player%
    PlayerSSChatFormat: '&4&lGSS &8» &7%player% &8» &c %msg%'
    #Ban messages format#
    BanFormat: |-
      &d%bannedpl% banned %time%: %reason% . &5&l%player%
    AutoBanReason: '(Automatic Ban)Disconnect in SS'
    BanFormatDisconnect: |-
      &4You have been banned permanently(GoodSS)
      &5Banned by: &d%player%
      &5Reason: &d%reason%
      &6Date: &e%date%
      &5Time: &d%time%
      &aIf the ban was unfair
      &aWe recommend you to appeal on our page
      &cIf the ban was fair
      &cWe invite you to buy your unban
    #Inventory Format#
    OpeningInventory: '&b%player% you are opening the inventory of %plss%'
    Teleport: |-
      &cYou are teleport to:
    PlayerInSS: |-
      &4%plss%&c is currently in SS
      &cPlease wait a moment
      &cDon't attack to the player please
    NotBans: |-
      &cFor now, no ban has been made.
      &cThere is no one to unseat.
    #List of banneds players#
    BanListFormat: |-
      &5Banned: &d%player%
      &5Reason: &d%reason%
      &5Banned by: &d%staff%
      &5Date: &d%date%
      &5Time: &d%time%
    StaffInSS: '&cYou are doing an SS!'
    StaffNotInSS: '&cYou arent doing an SS!'
    Blocked: '&cThe command is now blocked.'
    CmdAdded: '&cThe command &e%cmd%&c has been added correctly.'
    ToggleSpawn: |-
      &aThe spawn has been toggled
      &cThe spawn is now &b%toggle%
    PutSSpawn: |-
      &aSpawn set correctly. &cFor &benable&c usage&e /gss togglespawn
      &bSet on &7(&e%x%&7)&6x &7(&c%y%&7)&4y &7(&d%z%&7)&5z &7(&b%pitch%&7)&3pth &7(&2%yaw%&7)&ayw &7(&3%world%&7)&bworld
    EnableSSpawn: '&aSpawn enabled.'
    EnableFailed: "&4&lFAILED &8» &cThis has not been possible because the spawn has not been positioned"
    MovementDisable: false
        int: 1
        type: minute
        reason: 'Admit the use of hacks'
        staffmsg: '&cThe player %player% has admit the use of hacks. &8Click here.'
        staffhover: '&7Ban for %int% %type%'
        # The types only can be:
        # minute
        # day
        # week
        # month
        # year
        # But cant be Seconds...
            # All mesages for the title when start the SS
            ti: '&c&lYou are in SS'
            subt: '&eAnyDesk/Skype/Ts &6> &f%contact%'
            staff: '&a&lSS started'
            stsubt: '&7Wait to &8> &f%player%'
            # All mesages for the title when stop the SS
            ti: '&a&lYou arent now in SS'
            subt: '&7Sorry for the inconvenience'
            staff: '&a&lSS stoped'
            stsubt: '&7You leave &8> &f%player%'
            ti: '&a&lThanks for admit'
            subt: '&7You will banned for a time'
            staff: '&a&l%player% ADMIT!'
            stsubt: '&7Click on the message for tempban'
            #The ban titles only send to staff
            ban: '&c&l%player% TempBanned'
            bansubt: '&7Time: %time%'
            #This send the title only of the staff
            ti: '&c&l%player% banned'
            subt: '&6Reason: &e%reason%'
            # This send the message only of the executor
            ti: '&a&lPlugin reloaded!'
            subt: '&7All cache files recreateds'
        x: 0
        y: 0
        z: 0
        yaw: 0
        pitch: 0
        world: 'null'
        enabled: false
    - '*'
    # You can add more commands, the "*" is for block ALL commands
    # But dont block the "/admit"

    Code (Text):
            reason: 'Hacks'
            UUID: (Her UUID)
            staff: LuisArtz
            ip: (Her IP)
            date: 28/02/2018
            time: Permamently
            reason: (Automatic Ban)Disconnect in SS
            UUID: (Her UUID)
            staff: LuisArtz
            ip: (Her IP)
            date: 28/02/2018
            time: Permanently
            reason: AdmitHacks
            UUID: (Her UUID)
            staff: LuisArtz
            ip: (Her IP)
            date: 28/02/2018
            time: 1 Minute(s)


    Spigot 1.7.10
    Spigot 1.8.x
    Spigot 1.9.x
    Spigot 1.10.x
    Spigot 1.11.x
    Spigot 1.12.x


    Send your ideas please :) ....

    PD: I still do not have screenshots, have patience, also I'll put servers that use the plugin... leave your servers to place them ;)


    * mc.atlanticraft.com (In practice)

    If you have any questions or problems notify me by private message before doing a bad review. Please rate 5 stars if you like the plugin.

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    Excelente y agradable plugin con buen desarrollo, sin errores hasta el momento.

    ¿Modo bungee para un futuro podrías colocarlo? Para la ejecución de los comandos principalmente :P
  2. CelexGames
    Version: 7.0
    Nice plugin, but a bit annoying the spam that causes when a player tries to move while he/she is frozed. You can test the plugin at mc.atlanticraft.com !!
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  3. Royendero1
    Version: 6.1
    El plugin funciona perfecto. Las updates cada ves son mejores. Un plugin que todo server debe tener. ¡EXCELENTE!
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      Author's Response
      ¡Gracias! :DD
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    Version: 6.1
    Omg, so good Plugin!, works so perfect!, Thanks for the plugin!, very nice job!!
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  6. Royendero1
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    ¡Perfecto!. Nunca deja de ser mejor. Cada vez más va mejorando su calidad. Está más que perfecto.
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      Gracias :3
  7. Roy7885
    Version: 5.0
    1. LuisPintoGamerYT
      Author's Response
      You are re-uploading plugins without permission! One of them was my GoodSS plugin please stop doing it ._.
  8. Amanso25
    Version: 4.0
    Very good plugin! but can you add bungeecord please, for command execution .
    1. LuisPintoGamerYT
      Author's Response
      I can try to do it
  9. iFeliN3x0_
    Version: 4.0
    Hasta que por fin aprendes a hacer Plugins :v

    Está bueno el plugin, no muchos así se encuentran en Spigot, aunque te recomiendo hacerle un AntiLeak con muchas clases, para que no se roben códigos del pl y también reemplazar el mensaje de ss al moverse y enviarlo cada ciertos segundos con un SchedulerTask en el void onEnable.

    También en vez de usar MultiLine con ( /n ) , envía los mensajes con el método StringList
    1. LuisPintoGamerYT
      Author's Response
      1. El SchedulerTask no es tan importante que digamos, si el jugador se sigue moviendo y se le spamea el mensaje se lageará y se dejará de mover.

      2. Lo hago así porque se ahorra mucho codigo al hacer eso.
  10. Royendero1
    Version: 3.0
    ¡Perfecto!, cumple con su función y está muy genial.
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      Author's Response
      Gracias Roy! :D
      Esto es gracias a ti