»SWExpansion ● Cookloco SkyWars Addon Fully Configurable! 2.4

WinEffects, Play Again, Arena Events, Projectile Events, Perfect Hook, External Menus, And More...

  1. Version 2.3

    1- I will not give support to people that use leaked custom versions.
    2- If you want your own custom version contact my in discord.
    3- The leaked custom version "SWEJairo" i've made this update for add all features in this custom version and some extras features. Use the original swe that are the same than "SWEJairo" do not have bugs, and been more optimized.

    * Changes *

    • Added close item to all vote menus
    • Changed time vote menu like Mine4qua!
    • Added external settings menu /swsettings
    • Added new kitselector menu like Mine4aqua
    • Added save kit for auto-select on join
    • Some database changes
    • Now cleaning bows if NoThrowables is selected.
    • Now cleaning kit bows, snowballs and egg if NoThrowables is selected.
    • Some code cleanup in menus for better peformance.
    • And others changes that sure isn't in-game only in code.
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