»SWExpansion ● Cookloco SkyWars Addon Fully Configurable! 2.4

WinEffects, Play Again, Arena Events, Projectile Events, Perfect Hook, External Menus, And More...

  1. Version 1.9

    • Fixed nte small issues
    • Added Leave/Exit item to the hotbar
    Note: I do not have good pc for more improvements in the plugin, sorry!

    Add this to the node Items: in your config.yml (Do not say 'error or similar' if you do not have added this to the config.yml)
    Code (Text):

        Enabled: true
        Slot: 8
        ItemID: 355
        ItemData: 0
        ItemName: '&7> &cSalir &7(Clic Derecho)'
        - '&7Salir de la partida.'
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