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Exceptional solution to refine & improve staff experience.

  1. Xipont
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    Resamplified (Developer)




    This StaffTools plugin aims to help your staff members moderate the server with ease with the many features it offers, it exceptionally enhances the staff moderation on your server and strives to improve with new innovative, and useful features to ensure the plugin is unique, lightweight and compatible with many servers. The plugin helps your playerbase and your staff members.



    If you wish to create a video reviewing StaffTools, you can do so and open a conversation and send me the link and it might get added here, although if the plugin already has a review of the language your video is in, I will most likely not include it here.



    Enabling Staffmode: "staffmode.toggle"
    Viewing a player's IP in the inventory examiner: "stafftools.viewip"
    Kick somebody out of staffmode: "stafftools.staffmodekick"
    Hides you from the underground user list: stafftools.miners.bypass

    Check the plugin version: "stafftools.versioncheck"
    Open the staff list: "stafftools.list"

    Get included in the staff list: "stafftools.list.include"
    Hide/Un-hide from staff list: "stafftools.list.hide"
    See hidden staff in stafflist: "stafftools.list.hidebypass"
    Use the staffchat: "stafftools.staffchat"
    Request staff: "stafftools.staffrequest"
    See staff requests: "stafftools.requestalerts"
    Freeze a player: "stafftools.freeze"

    Bypass the freeze: "stafftools.freeze.bypass"
    /Staff commands: "stafftools.staff"
    Toggle staffchat visibility: "stafftools.scv"
    Open help gui: "stafftools.help"
    Reporting: "stafftools.report"
    Seeing reports: "stafftools.receive"
    Clear the chat: "stafftools.clearchat"
    Toggle the chat: "stafftools.togglechat"
    Bypass the togglechat: "stafftools.togglechat.bypass"
    Slow the chat: "stafftools.slowchat"
    Bypass the chat slow: "stafftools.slowchat.bypass"
    Toggle receiving reports: "stafftools.reports.toggle"
    Check total reports of a player: "stafftools.checkreport"
    Bypass the AntiSwear: "stafftools.antiswear.bypass"
    Clear the lag: "stafftools.clearlag"
    Request a ban: "stafftools.requestban"
    Get affected by staff authentication system: "stafftools.authenticate"
    Register a password: "stafftools.register"
    Log in: "stafftools.login"
    Changing password: "stafftools.login"
    Clearing reports: "stafftools.clearreports"
    CommandSpy: "stafftools.commandspy"
    Configure AntiCaps: "stafftools.anticaps.configure"
    Configure ClearLag: "stafftools.clearlag.configure"
    Bypass Bad Command Blocker: "stafftools.commandblocker.bypass"


    Java 8

    Ice: Slot 1, (Freeze) Freeze a player.
    Iron Horse Armor: Slot 2, (Follow) Right click a player to follow them.
    Book: Slot 3, (Examine Inventory) Examine a player's inventory and view their stats.
    Nothing: Slot 4, (Empty Slot)
    Nothing: Slot 5, (Empty Slot)
    Nothing: Slot 6, (Empty Slot)
    Skull: Slot 7, (Miners) Displays underground users (Y 25 and lower)
    Red Music Disk: Slot 8, (Random Teleport) Teleport yourself to a random player.

    Lime Dye | Gray Dye: Slot 9, (Toggle Vanish) Toggles your vanish.

    Contains most of the useful tools you would need in a staffmode.

    /staffmode || /modmode || /mod (Enable/disable staffmode)
    /staffmodekick || /staffmoderemove (Disable someones staffmode)
    /staffmodeversion || /staffmodever (Shows you the current version)
    /staff <list|hide> (Shows the stafflist/hides you from the stafflist)

    /staffchat || /sc (Toggle staffchat)
    /request staff <message> (Request staff)
    /freeze <user> || /ss <user> || /screenshare <user> (Freeze a player)
    /staffchatv || /scv (Toggle staffchat visibility)
    /warn <user> <reason> (Warn a player)
    /clearchat (Clears the server chat)
    /togglechat (Toggles the chat for members)
    /slowchat <seconds> [Anti-Spam] (Define the seconds a player must wait between sending messages)
    /reports (Toggle receiving reports)
    /checkreport <user> (Check how many times a player has been reported)
    /staff reload (Reloads the config file)
    /clearlag (Clears the ground items instantly)
    /requestban <player> <reason>
    /register <password> (Register a new password) [Staff Authentication]
    /login <password> (Log in) [Staff Authentication]
    /changepassword <old password> <new password> [Staff Authentication]

    /reportsclear <player|all> (Clear reports for a player or everyone)
    /commandspy (Toggle commandspy on or off)
    /lag <seconds> (Change the interval between each lag clear)
    /anticaps <disable | (number)> (Disable anti-caps or set the max. amount of caps lock characters the members are allowed to use.
    /antispamcmd <disable | (seconds)> Configure the command antispam in-game!
    /announce st <message> (Announce a message to all of the online players)


    StaffList (with hide & more..) [GUI]
    Underground Users List [GUI]
    Freezing players
    Version Check & Update link
    Disabling someone's staffmode
    Inventory Examiner with a lot of neat information [GUI]
    Staff requesting system
    Chat Managing [Chat Delay, Toggle, Clear]
    Reporting system
    Anti Spam (Commands & Chat Messages)
    Anti Swear
    Anti Caps
    Clear Lag (Automatic & Manual)
    Requesting Bans
    Staff Authentication (Toggleable)
    Violation Levels (Warnings and AntiSpam)
    Bad Command Blocker


    Download milestones:

    1000 Downloads (x)

    If you have suggestions to better the plugin in the future please tell me!
    If you enjoyed the plugin it is tremendously appreciated if you leave a review.

    If you encounter a problem with the plugin, please send me a message and screenshot the error log. After that I will take action and try to fix the error(s) as fast as possible.

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Recent Reviews

  1. KacCraftowy
    Version: v3.1.6
    It's cool, but you need to create language folder to create own texts.
    Maybe GUI for options like turn on/off clear lag etc.?
    1. Xipont
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review!
      In the next updates I will create an options GUI.
  2. FernPlayzYT
    Version: v3.1.3
    Good plugin, although this could use a bungeecord/mysql thing for logging in and other things such as swear, spam and probably more extensive features
    1. Xipont
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review, but I don't know what you meant when you said "other things such as swear, spam".
  3. JupperPlays
    Version: v3.1.2
    Nice! Thank you for update it! :D
    1. Xipont
      Author's Response
      No problem, I know I haven't been updating frequently but I'm just out of ideas.
  4. elitonr7
    Version: v3.1.2
    Congratulations great plugin friend stay like this
    5 STARS

    1. Xipont
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your 5 star review.
  5. JupperPlays
    Version: v3.1.1
    LOL! Perfect plugin! Good plugin mate! But one question, for all permissions is staffmode.*? Good job :)!
    1. Xipont
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the kind words and your review. To answer your question - yes, I'm pretty sure stafftools.* will work. :)
  6. Deadlyrock
    Version: 3.0.9
    Pretty good plugin. I think you should add a scoreboard for when entered staffmode it says "Staffmode [on]" "staffchat [on]" and other stuff like that.
    1. Xipont
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review. I will see if I can do the scoreboard eventually but I never even tried to do them, so it'll be a learning experience for sure.
  7. JanTuck
    Version: 3.0.3
    The classloader loads packages and overrides the ones you wrote, so i get all these weird errors. But it's like it is on acid, so now i can securely tell my friends i tried ACID, because this is seriously acid haha. Server spassing out, players glowing, mobs flying. Skeletons riding zombies, it's amazing!
    1. Xipont
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much, but that seems odd, never happened to me and nobody complained about it :)
  8. chipmunk
    Version: 3.0.1
    I really like the way this plugin sounds and id like it if you could please update to 1.12.2
    1. Xipont
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review. :)

      Next project I work on I will try to make it compatible with more versions because when I started StaffTools I thought it'd be a private plugin so I never tried to update to 1.12 since I never use it.
  9. dakala
    Version: 2.9.6


  10. Arthed
    Version: 2.7
    The best plugin of this type! is good becouse work with any version without errors.
    1. Xipont
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the 5 stars I glad you like the plugin :D