⌘ Just Essentials ⌘ - Completely Customizable Essentials 1.5.9

A fully customizable essentials plugin, to help your server appear as professional as possible!

  1. bluecreeper111
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English Only
    Version 1.5.9
    • 77 new commands
    • Completely customizable messages
    • Fully customizable permissions
    • Customizable commands, cooldowns, etc.
    • Full-fledged Essentials plugin
    • Ability to create custom commands
    • Built-in economy
    • 24/7 Discord troubleshooter for easy support
    • PlaceholderAPI Support
    • Fully customizable signs
    • Ability to add command cooldowns
    • Language file (could support multiple languages)
    • Customizable /msg format
    • Customizable /tpa and /tpahere messages
    • Custom leave/join messages (With PlaceholderAPI)
    • Custom chat format
    • Ability to use another economy plugin with JEssentials
    • Automatic update checker
    • Vault support
    • Maintained, constantly updating
    • New features every week
    • Most bugs fixed within 48 hours


    Just Essentials is a standard Essentials plugin, but with complete customizability. Not only does it allow you to configure your Essentials plugin exactly how you want it, but it also allows you and your server to appear as professional as possible.​


    Everything that Just Essentials offers can be found at our wiki here.
    However, if you are looking for a quick 'peek', also in the spoilers below.


    Just Essentials is very highly customizable offering several more customization options than standard plugins such as EssentialsX. Examples of this are customizable signs, customizable permissions, even customizable command messages with PlaceholderAPI support. Our Discord is one of the best, including a 24/7 troubleshooter bot that can solve your problems in mere minutes. Switching to JEssentials will be a decision you will never regret.


    All of these can be reported in at our github, or, preferably Discord. I am more active on Discord and will take more notice to bugs/suggestions submitted there. I will also read and consider any comments or reviews.

    Vault API: Just Essentials rely's on the Vault API for some permission management, the economy api, and chat formatting.
    PlaceholderAPI: PlaceholderAPI is not a requirement, and is completely optional. With it, you can configure some messages even further.


    Honest to god, I will be extremely thankful to whoever donates. No matter the amount. I have never been able to make money doing something I love before!

    (Click Here)


    This plugin uses bStats. Can be disabled/enabled in the bStats configuration file. High commendation to those who leave this on, as plugin metrics will help me improve my plugin.

    Consider donating? I have, and will dedicate tons of time to this plugin. My goal is too make it an Essentials competitor, retaining all features and more. I will personally thank anybody who donates.

    Report Bugs, Please! There will always be some bugs that pass my minimal bug tests. If you find any whatsoever, please report them to our github.

    This plugin was developed by bluecreeper111.​

Recent Reviews

  1. CoolGuy8892
    Version: 1.5.9
    *PLEASE USE ESSENTIALS X* This plugin is really great but it has been abandoned with many Fatal flaws and bugs, especially with the sethome system (Homes are stored under usernames, having a home with a "." in the name breaks all sethomes) these are just a few of the various problems. this is why I encourage you to stay far away and use a regularly updated essentials plugin.
  2. Kevin_W_825
    Version: 1.5.9
    I have been using this plugin over EssentialsX, this plugin features 10x less bugs, it removes useless commands and fixes many of my issues with essntialsx that the lazy developers would not fix. One bug I hated was with permissions. This plugin fixes every issue with EssentialsX but one problem I have with this plugin is that OPed players have all JEssential permissions when I want to disable it because of testing purposes when deopping myself.
  3. LucidAPs
    Version: 1.5.9
    This plugin has great potential but as it is right now it should be avoided. Half of it's features don't work and return internal errors, ether move on to an other plugin or wait for an update before using it because right now it's a mess. Join the discord and see the bug section if you got doubts.
  4. paraskoslev
    Version: 1.5.9
    home some issues but we dont have your discord
    all good its easy with group manager but need some help
    i cant see how i can make the timers from /home /spawn etc. nedd you discord
    1. bluecreeper111
      Author's Response
      Join our Discord! You can find it linked above.
  5. RettOwo
    Version: 1.5.9
    Can you make compatible with ultrapermissions? please seems to be a good plugin but can't use it on my minecraft server because i can't configure it with Ultrapermissions
    1. bluecreeper111
      Author's Response
      It is not JEssentials that is not compatible with the permissions plugin, but Vault.
  6. hrzn00
    Version: 1.3.5
    Has been done many times before but I think building such a plugin proves that you as a developer have the potential to go beyond and create some astonishing plugins in the future.

    On a sidenote - it works. Maybe add some more customizable parameters to the permissions to spice it up but if I may say so: you might wanna try starting to create your very own plugin instead of continuousely updating this one. The market of essentials plugins is just overstaturated and with alternatives like CMI (price but just perfect in any aspect), you're probably better of creating a unique plugin instead :P

    1. bluecreeper111
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I completely agree, and I am currently investing my time in other projects. Cheers!
  7. semdej
    Version: 1.3.4
    hi pleas react hi on this thx (semdej for uprising) must get the 80 character bypass
    1. bluecreeper111
  8. PluginDownloader
    Version: 1.3.0
    Oh well It seems normal but I hope you can have a custom permission config such like permissions.yml

    for exampe permission line should be this
    tpaPermission: custompermshere.tpa

    I hope you can make this ;)
    1. bluecreeper111
      Author's Response
      Honestly a great idea! Would be pretty easy to implement too. Keep your eyes open for the next version ;)
  9. ShVm3
    Version: 1.2.0
    Una plugin muy bueno, me ha servido con mi servidor y ha cumplido la mayoría de mis necesidades.