■ Prestige Commandblocker | Easy way to protector your plugins ■ 1.8-1.16 1.0

The most easy and safest way to hide your plugins. 100% customizable!

  1. ThorFTW_
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Tobu (ThorFTW)
    Languages Supported:
    English (default), every other
    Prestige Commandblocker
    The easy and advanced way to hide you plugins

    What does the plugin do?
    The plugin blocks every command you added in the config.yml and alerts or punish the players optionally to your liking. You can add unlimited commands to punish players or just disable this feature. Every message and option is customizable.

    Code (Text):
    # Define the prefix you can simply use with the placeholder %prefix% in every messagePrefix: '&c&lPrestigeCommandblocker &8ยป&f'[/SIZE][/LEFT][/SIZE][/LEFT]
    # Simply add the commands you want to be forbidden for players
        - a
        - about
        - icanhasbukkit
        - minecraft:me
        - me
        - help
        - 'bukkit:help'
        - 'bukkit:?'
        - pl
        - plugins
        - ver
        - version
        - '?'
      bypass-permission: prestigecommandblocker.bypass   # Players with this permissions can still use the commands above
        player-warn: '%prefix% &cUnknown command!'   # You can display the command with %command%
          enabled: true   # Should be send an alert to players with the permission below when players try to use the commands above?
          permission: prestigecommandblocker.notify
          message: '%prefix% &e%player% &ftried to use &b/%command%&f.'
          enabled: false   # Should players be punished?
          commands:   # Here you can add unlimited commands to punish a player by trying to perform a command from above
            - 'kick %player% We have custom coded plugins only!'

          success: '%prefix% &aYou toggled notify on.'
          error: '%prefix% &cYou have toggled notify already on!'
          success: '%prefix% &c You toggled notify off.'
          error: '%prefix% &cYou have toggled notify already off!'

      # The permission players need for /commandblocker
      permission: prestigecommandblocker.notify
      # Shown to players without the permission from above
      no-permission: '&fUnknown command. Type "/help" for help.'
      no-player: '%prefix% &cThis command is for players only!'
      # Here you can add unlimited commands
        - ''
        - '%prefix% &b&lHelp:'
        - ''
        - ' &8- &e/commandblocker help &8- &fDisplays this message'
        - ' &8- &e/commandblocker notify [on | off] &8- &fToggles the adminnotify'
        - ''
        - ' &a[] &fis optional'
        - ''

    /commandblocker - Shows the help messages
    ➜ /commandblocker notify [on | off] - Toggles the notifymode

    Aliases for /commandblocker are:

    • /prestigecommandblocker
    • /cmdblocker

    [] arguments are optional.

    prestigecommandblocker.bypass - bypasses the blacklisted commands
    - notifies players with this permission when a blockedcommands gets executed, also for toggle the notify message

    *The "A" in front of each unicode is only as I am on my localhost*

    Terms of Use
    • You may decompile this plugin, but you can't distribute the code or claim it as your own!
    • If you have a bug, please don't post to review! Use discussion.
    • If you have an error, don't post bad review fast. First, ask me and I will fix it for you!
    I would appreciateit when you leave a good review.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Marian666
    Version: 1.0
    This is a great resource but if you can make it to can add and edit commands in a gui in game will be great and to stop also op users from using commands will be incredibile! ❤️
    1. ThorFTW_
      Author's Response
      I will add it in the next update. Thank you for your review!