▶ PunishmentGUI - LiteBansGUI, AdvancedBan & More ◀ (1.8-1.15) | Fully Customizable 0.0.7

A spigot PunishmentGUI plugin, completely configurable(4 config files), lots of updates!

  1. Fixes, Message Changes, Silent Start Option, and more!

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  2. 0.0.6 - Release Build (Item ID's, Filler Items, Config Reload Fix)

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  3. Fixed 0.0.5

    Fixed 1 issue on 0.0.5 (This version # will not change)

    Thanks to the user who created the pull request on GitHub.
  4. Update Checker Changes

    Fixed update checker + join event.
  5. Fixes & New Config Item

  6. Config Link Fixes

  7. Update Checker Changes

  8. PunishmentGUI! - Major Changes

    Welcome to the new and improved PunishmentGUI plugin!

    LiteBansGUI and AdvancedBanGUI have combined and are now one plugin! More exciting than that PunishmentGUI now supports any punishment plugin which has commands!

    We have a brand new wiki page!

    You can find all the information you need on this page!

    For the full changelog on this update please visit:...​
  9. Changes

    Fixed some messages not sending
    Improved overall plugin (Thanks to GitHub contributor: Guuuudd)
    Moved plugin over to maven while coding.
    Fixed a few things​
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  10. Reload config, fixes, other changes

    3.0 is a fully tested stable update! Tested on versions 1.8,1.9,1.10,1.11,1.12,1.13,1.14,1.14.2

    For support please join our support discord

    Added /litebansguireload - Reloads config file to make changes take effect when in game. This allows you to see your changes live.
    (Permission: punish.reload)

    Added a dev debug message. Only I will receive this if I join a server using LiteBansGUI. This can allow me to check the version...​
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