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Allow your players to do quests with a GUI selector

  1. fatpigsarefat
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Recode (BETA) - Give your players goals to work towards.

    Quests is full of features for you to play with, you can create any type of quest you need. Each quest can have multiple tasks, which the player must complete before the quest is complete. The player can be rewarded for completing the quests, giving the player something to work towards. All of this and the below for free, forever!
    • A complex quest system.
    • Many* different task types to choose from (14+ - click here).
    • A quest GUI.
    • Categories.
    • Requirements for quests (set up quest stages etc).
    • Cooldowns for quests.
    • Very customisable.
    • Developer API (custom task types etc).
    *during the beta, some task types may not be functional.

    • /quests [or /q] - opens quest GUI
    • /quests help - view help screen for quests commands
    • /quests q/quest <questid> - start quest directly by ID.
    • /quests c/category <categoryid> - Open category directly by ID.
    • /quests a/admin - view help for admins
      • /quests a/admin opengui - view help for opengui
        • /quests a/admin opengui q/quest <player> - forcefully open quests GUI for player (bypassing quests.command permission)
        • /quests a/admin opengui c/category <player> <categoryid> - forcefully open category by ID for player (bypassing quests.command permission)
        • These commands are useful for command NPCs.
      • /quests a/admin moddata - view help for quest progression
        • /quests a/admin moddata fullreset <player> - fully clear a players data file
        • /quests a/admin moddata reset <player> <questid> - clear a players data for a specifc quest
        • /quests a/admin moddata start <player> <questid> - start a quest for a player
        • /quests a/admin moddata complete <player> <questid> - complete a quest for a player
        • These commands modify quest progress for players. Use them cautiously. Changes are irreversible.
      • /quests a/admin types [type] - view activated task types, and information on a specific one.
      • /quests a/admin reload - reload Quests.
      • /quests a/admin update - check for updates.
    • quests.command - permission for base /quests commands
    • quests.admin - permission for /quests admin commands and update notifications.
    Please make sure you are using Java 8. Install this on your server by adding the downloaded file to the /plugins folder. Make sure to RESTART the server (do not reload!) and Quests should load.

    >>> GitHub <<< (https://github.com/fatpigsarefat/Quests)

    Default configuration:
    See: this page

    Creating a quest:
    See: this page

    Allowed task types:
    See: this page

    Set up instructons for task types:
    See: this page

    • Daily quests.
    • Finishing off remaining task types (seen on wiki page).
    • In game quest creator.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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Recent Updates

  1. Sync commands
  2. Might have fixed a bug
  3. Quest cancel

Recent Reviews

  1. Croyke
    Version: 2.0.11-beta
    i like the idea of the plugin but the gui doesn't work you cant start a quest etc, hope it gets some improofments
  2. iWalker
    Version: 2.0.11-beta
    Lacking. Only 60-70% of the features work. ASkyBlock_level does not work. Lots of bugs and glitches. The developer really needs to polish the code. Until then this is not a plugin you should bother using, just a nightmare to deal with.
    1. fatpigsarefat
      Author's Response
      If you put "ASkyBlock_level" as the task type then it will not work. They are case sensitive and all official task types are lower case.
  3. wescvavv7415
    Version: 2.0.11-beta
  4. Dignitized
    Version: 2.0.10-beta
    still gives me the same fucking issue even after the patch.

    (Was supposed to be fixed this update but it wasnt)

    Support is super slow so i'll be changing plugins for my 60player skyblock server, very bad do not use this.
    1. fatpigsarefat
      Author's Response
      appreciate it mate
  5. FlailoftheLord
    Version: 2.0.10-beta
    Though its slightly complicated to configure, its very satisfactory once completed, the options are amazing... almost unlimited, Keep adding more! one bug we have found is for location trackers... if youre standing on the direct block its not enough, your coordinates have to be exact, for example the origin. you have to stand on exactly 0.00-x and 0.00-z in order to get the reward.... this is a big nusiance. it would be nice if you could register the event if they are standing directly on top of the block thanks!
    1. fatpigsarefat
      Author's Response
      A workaround to the problem above is to set the distance-padding to 1 or 2, which allows you to be within 1 or 2 blocks of the location. Thanks for the review!
  6. Seven7
    Version: 2.0.10-beta
    Nice plugin.............................................................................
  7. MrWardy
    Version: 2.0.9-beta
    Phenomenal plugin!

    +1 No game breaking bugs
    +1 Minimal bugs
    +1 Lots of objectives
    +1 Clean, user-friendly config
    +1 Very helpful config comments
  8. Darkweasam
    Version: 2.0.9-beta
    Best plugin so far, however it lacks support...
    I reported an error a week ago and still havent got any response
  9. hidre01
    Version: 2.0.9-beta
    nice plugin please insert idee (Task: have a certain number of animals //
    if not the plugin itself is great thanks for great work
  10. Stiven_Ding
    Version: 2.0.9-beta
    I have to say it's a really great plugin for players to keeping mining, killing, planting, etc.