▶ SellWands ◀ | Wands which sell chests 1.2.8

Sister plugin to AutoSell

  1. Fixed trapped chests

    • When block-break-check is on and you try to sell trapped chests it will no longer glitch out.
    • Fixed a small bug with the item amounts in the sale breakdown.
    • block-break-check is now false by default.
  2. Anti-cheat compliance & item ids

    • Item ids now automatically convert to their (compatible with the config) string name.
    • block-break-check should be more nicer to anti-cheat plugins.
  3. Added no-permission message

    Added a customisable message for no permission.
    New config values:
    Code (Text):
      no-permission: '&cYou do not have permission to use sell wands.'
  4. price-breakdown bugfix

    fixed incorrect price-breakdown prices
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  5. Debug messages

    This update adds nothing new other than debug messages
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  6. Can now toggle if it checks if the player can break blocks in the area

    Added a toggle function for when the plugin checks if they can break blocks. New config value:
    Code (YAML):
    use-blockbreak-check: true
  7. Bug fix for those using essentials.yml without data codes

    Bug fix for those using essentials.yml without data codes, you won't understand what that means/what has changed, just download it anyway.
  8. Item sale breakdown, uses lore editable + two more things

    Since I've pretty much forgotten what everyone requested, here's what I remember:
    • When selling stuff it will break it down (can be customized/disabled):
      • [​IMG]
    • The uses lore on the sell wand can be edited.
    • Trying to sell a chest which is empty will not expend a use on the sell wand (and will show a different, customizable message)
    • Commas, yay. (123,456,789 instead of 123456789)
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  9. Fixcd for versions 1.8 -> 1.8.3

    If, for whatever reason, you're using 1.8 but not using the latest version of 1.8 (1.8.8) then I've created a small little bug-fix for you.
  10. A few things [enchantments, uses addition/fix, command changes, new config things]

    This brings some changes to the plugin:
    • /sellwand is no longer an alias to /sellwands
      • /sellwand can now be used to give yourself a sell wand
      • permission: sellwands.giveself
      • those familiar to worldedit's //wand command will understand
    • sell wand usages fixed
      • you can now add a max amount of uses to each sell wand
      • set to -1 for unlimited uses
      • /sellwand give <player> [uses] for a custom amount of uses which overrides the config
    • sell...
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