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Bring all of your gear to a next level!

  1. zThana
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Worlfy, Nighteyes604
    Thanks for the 6.000+ downloads! ^-^


    This plugin allows players to increase affect their stats (health, damage, regen, and attack speed) based on the lore of their items. All lore also applies to mobs - so you challenge your players by giving mobs better stats!


    Lore Stats
    Currently lore can be applied to: attack damage, attack speed, health, health regeneration, dodge chance, critical chance, critical damage, life steal, armor, and even a restriction of items based on permissions!
    Lores can now give players certain potion-effects!

    Read the sections below to see how to boost the stats of your items.
    Code (YAML):
    # ----------------------------------- #
    #   LoreAttributesRecoded // Worlfy   #
    # ----------------------------------- #

    : true
    : 20
    : health
    : regen
    : damage
    : evasion
    : critical chance
    : critical damage
    : life steal
    : xp level
    : armor
    : type
    : false
    : You can't use the %itemname%
    : smite
    : bane
    : absorption
    : soul swap
    : unbreakable

    You can now use /la as the main command of LoreAttributesRecoded (Since 2.5)
    /lore has also been added! So no more third-party plugins for lores

    /lar (help)
    Shows help page (Duhh)

    /lar reload (Suggestion from @Craftboy360)
    Reloads configuration without needing to restart the plugin / server.

    Shows you the stats of your passive items + the one you're holding
    Simply shows your current hp - max hp (in doubles)

    /lar durability <amount>
    Item becomes unbreakable and attributes are removed
    Item's durability will be changed to set amount (Useful for resource packs!)

    - /lore name <text> - Set the new name for an item.
    - /lore owner <player name> - Change the owner of a head.
    - /lore add <text> - Add a line to the lore.
    - /lore set <line #> <text> - Change a line from the lore.
    - /lore insert <line #> <text> - Insert a line into the lore.
    - /lore delete [line #] - Delete a line of the lore. (last line by default)
    - /lore clear - Clear all lines of the lore.
    - /lore undo - Undoes your last modification.

    lores.lore - Needed to modify an item's lore
    lores.name - Needed to modify an item's name
    lores.owner - Needed to modify an skull's owner
    lores.color - Needed to add color codes to lores/names
    lores.format - Needed to add format codes to lores
    lores.admin - Parent node for all permissions

    Damage boosting can be applied to items in one of two ways - a random range, or a fixed increase.

    "+5 Damage" on an item will increase damage dealt by 5 "2-6 Damage" on an item will set the player's damage to be a minimum of 2, maximum of 6.

    Damage looks at the sum of all items equipped, and the item in the player's hand. Every range applied to an item is summed together, and then boosts are applied afterwards.

    Helm: 2-3 Damage, Chest: +5 Damage, Sword: 5-10 Damage
    Overall Damage: 12-18

    Max health can be increased by fixed values and can be applied to any item the player has equipped.

    +50 Health will increase the player's health by 50.

    This action just sets the max health, not current health. If the player removes boosting armor and would have more health than their new max, their health will be lowered to their new max.

    Health regeneration can be increased by fixed values and can be applied to any item the player has equipped.

    +50 Regen will increase their regeneration by 50.

    Regeneration boosts are applied when health would typically be regenerated - the player is satiated / has a high food bar.

    A player can gain a % chance to dodge damage taken from another entity. The dodge attribute can be applied to any equipment the player is wearing, and the item in the player's hand.

    Example: +5% Evasion will increase the chance to dodge damage from another living entity (such as monster or another player) by 5% (players start at 0%).

    Critical Chance and Critical Damage

    On dealing damage to another player or entity, players can be given a chance to have a critical attack - which deals critical damage. Players will need both the critical chance lore and the critical damage lore for crits to be noticable.

    Example: +5% Critical Chance +10 Critical Damage

    Means the player will deal an extra 10 damage on average 5% of the time.

    Life Steal
    Life steal lore gives players and monsters the ability to heal when they attack. Anyone with the life steal attribute will heal a maximum of their life steal bonus or the damage dealt, whichever is smaller.

    Example: +10 Life Steal Any attacks done by this player will heal the attack damage, up to a maximum of 10.

    Armor lore adds defensive traits to the player or monster, and reduces damage done by other entities based on the armor value.

    Example: +10 Armor Any damage this player would have taken from another player or monster will be reduced by 10.
    Makes the item unbreakable (infinite durability) and hides the attributes. Lore will stay there.


    LoreAttributesRecoded comes with a gem system, which works like so:

    Like everything else, you'll have to be able to add a lore for this.
    The format of the lore is the same as anything else, but it must be on an Emerald (Name doesn't matter, lore is important!);


    To apply this to an item, you'll have to use the anvil for this.
    Put the item first (in this case a weapon), and the gem second;


    Upon inserting the gem into the second slot, it'll result in this:


    In this case, the sword is socketed with +4 Damage

    It works with anything as long as you keep track of the restrictions, obviously:


    Soul Swap
    Only for ender-pearls! When given the "Soul Swap" lore (Configurable), you'll swap positions with any player you hit with it.

    Example: If you were to throw an Enderpearl with Soul Swap to a player at x5, y0, z1, while you're on x1, y0, z5, you'd get teleported to x5, y0, z1, and the other player would get teleported to x1, y0, z5
    Potion-effects on armor
    How this works is very simple:
    Grab some armor, let's use a diamond chestplate for this example

    Give it some lore, make it as fancy as you want, but keep the right format!
    Let's say you'd like to add Haste to the player that wears this chestplate, simply add "Effect: Haste" (Yes, it supports any color-code!)


    As you can see above, I gave it a nice look, and the chestplate now has a lore saying "Effect: Haste"
    Now when any player equips this armor-piece, it'll give the player permanent haste, until the armor-piece is being taken off again.

    Keep in mind:
    • If you open your inventory, the armor-effects won't be recognized. Those will be removed from the player until the inventory is being closed again. This is to check whenever a player is still wearing armor with the right armor-effects or not.
    Current supported potion-effects:
    • Speed (SPEED)
    • Strength (INCREASE_DAMAGE)
    • Haste (FAST_DIGGING)
    • Jump (JUMP)
    • Resistance (DAMAGE_RESISTANCE)
    • Slowness (SLOW)
    • Weakness (WEAKNESS)
    • Mining Fatigue (SLOW_DIGGING)

    Item Restrictions
    You can use item restrictions to prevent players from using certain items based on their permissions! Restrictions are checked for players only (so mobs are safe), and are checked: on inventory close, when they try to shoot a bow or damage another entity, and when they craft.

    Players trying to equip a restricted armor piece will find the armor moves to their inventory when they close the screen. If their inventory is full it will be dropped at their feet.

    Players trying to shoot a bow or deal damage with an item that is restricted will find they deal no damage (though arrows will still be used when trying to shoot a bow).

    Players trying to craft using a restricted item will find they're unable to and the items will be reverted. The MineCraft client briefly lets the player think the item has been crafted, but it will change back.

    Anytime a player tries to use a restricted item, if enabled the plugin will send them the message from the config. %itemname% will be replaced with the item name that is restricted.

    The default permissions to use are "loreattributes." + whatever the restriction is in the lore. The default keyword in the configuration is "type", and the keyword will need to be followed with a colon :)).

    Example: Type: Thief Player will need the "loreattributes.thief" permission.

    Type: Super.Thief Player will need the "loreattributes.super.thief" permission.

    When does Lore get applied?
    - Applied on login, closing inventory, respawn, targeting (for mobs).
    Damage, life steal, attack speed, critical chance, critical damage - Applied on attack.
    Regen - Applied when player would normally regenerate health.
    Item Restriction - Checked on inventory close, shooting bow / attacking, and crafting​
    Dodge, Armor - Applied on taking damage from another player or mob
    Unbreakable - Checked when an item's durability is being reduced

    How do I change the keywords the plugin is searching for to apply lore attributes?
    In the configuration file, under each type of lore there is a "keyword" attribute. The plugin will search for the keyword (with a few other conditions, such as + or % based on the type of lore it is).
    Dodge and critical chance require a % sign after the value.

    Can I stack multiple lore / have other words in my lore?

    The plugin will search the entire lore for the particular strings mentioned above, but will only apply the first of each type.

    Sword: +50 Health
    +2 Attack Damage
    Would apply +50 Health, +2 Attack Damage
    Sword: +50 Health
    +500 Health
    Would only apply +50 Health

    Permissions are used dynamically based on the item restrictions you add to items, as mentioned above. There are no other restrictions in this plugin - anyone that can use the item that has lore will have the lore applied to them.

    • You are NOT allowed to (de)compile the plugin
    • You are NOT allowed to sell this plugin
    • You are NOT allowed to claim this plugin to be yours
    • If you need help, post it in the forums, NOT as a review!
    • Don't leave a bad rating saying complaining about the plugin not working. It might be your own fault (Wrong version etc). Instead, notify me.


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Recent Reviews

  1. huangrkul
    Version: 3.05
    Great Plugin! Thanks for all your hard work.

    Unfortunately, I'm getting this weird error in console:

    14.05 08:00:59 [Server] ERROR Plugin LoreAttributesRecoded v3.05 has failed to register events for class com.worlfy.loreattributes.LoreEvents because org/bukkit/event/player/PlayerItemDamageEvent does not exist.

    I'm using the latest craftbukkit 1.12.2

    Could this be some sort of conflict with other plugins?

    Again, thank you for this awesome plugin.
    1. zThana
      Author's Response
      I don't think that's an issue regarding another plugin. I'll look into it, thanks for the kind review! ♥
  2. XDeeperCraftTV
    Version: 3.05
    Excellent RPG Plugin
    but i want some more stats
    I'm Enjoy with it

    very useful PL ;D
    1. zThana
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, would've been more useful if you gave me suggestions in the discussion thread, thanks though! ♥
  3. Furansco
    Version: 3.05
    I'm glad you "fixed the enderpearl bug for real" now. I though I would have to wait even more to enjoy this plugin properly. Now, since it works fine I've a few suggestions/ideas:
    - "Damage" lore on bows works in melee and on fired arrows. I would be happy if there was a lore that only increases damage from fired arrows.
    - "Critical chance" and "Critical damage" lore on bows works in melee and on fired arrows too. It would be good to have a version of any of these lores exclusive to bows so melee damage stays the same.
    1. zThana
      Author's Response
      The damage and crit addon on bows when you hit melee wouldn't be that hard, but the arrows doing the same damage, especially with crit would probably be a bit tricky. I'll look into it though, hopefully. Thanks a lot for your kind review! ^^ ♥
  4. GrokkyHodor
    Version: 3.04
    Works MOSTLY perfectly for everything I need as I am creating an MMORPG-styled server - However, I have a question because I can't figure out something out.
    When I do +3 Damage on a helmet, it doesn't register as part of the extra overall damage and only applies when I am holding it?
    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong - thanks.
    1. zThana
      Author's Response
      Damage doesn't work on gear, health does though. Just like how health doesn't work on weapons, but damage does. Thanks for the review though! ^^
  5. Splinternight
    Version: 3.04
    Could you add to the plugin the lore speed of displacement (+ 10%, - 10%) and chance of poisoning (+ 10% etc for a few seconds)
    1. zThana
      Author's Response
      Suggest it in the forum's thread, please
  6. Furansco
    Version: 3.04
    I waited for too long to try this plugin myself (1.12 wasn't supported) and I didn't get disappointed when I finally had the opportunity to use it, I even got more than I expected with the new gem system.
    There's, however, a glitch that may be very problematic for the ones that haven't noticed it: a "Gem" needs to have the lore on the first line in order to work properly, if the user tries to use a "Gem" without respecting that rule the weapon / armor piece will be lost (and the Gem as well).
    Thanks in advance, for keeping this plugin alive and for adding more and more stuff to it.
    1. zThana
      Author's Response
      Could you maybe record a video of this bug happening and pm'ing it to me? Thanks a lot! The review is also very kind, I'm glad you enjoy the plugin this much ^^ ♥
  7. ElTodoFull
    Version: 3.01
    It's very complete but it still lacks some lores and status effect for held items.
    For example, I want to have a "Life Stone" (a renamed pink dye) That when holding in either hand (for example, in the offhand while you use a sword in the main), will give you +20 health. I have to say that it worked when I used /hat (to equip it in the helmet slot); it actually gave me another health bar. But it'd be awesome to have that possibility when you are holding it.
    Also, it'd be great to be able to add status effects to held items too, and more of them, like, for a "Band Of Regeneration" (renamed purple dye) to give you regeneration effect. Also why not use health boost effect with the Life stone, to have more possibilities, for some players it might be more comfortable to see the potion/status effect than having it in a lore line (yes, that kinda ends what is the purpose of this plugin, but the possibility of effects is already here, which is awesome).
    I hope this didn't look like a wish list, but more like suggestions. The most I've learned of code was from the "hour of code" web so it would really help me and a lot of others too.
    Overall, This plugin is awesome, it really fits with the idea of my server!
    Also, sorry if I had grammar errors.
    1. zThana
      Author's Response
      I'll make notes and eventually do something with it, thanks a lot! ^^
  8. georgegxb
    Version: 3.01
    the plugin is amazing you can add stats so easily for your items etc!
    best rpg plugin 10/10
    1. zThana
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot! Makes me really happy to hear that. Glad you're enjoying the plugin ♥
  9. mcteehit
    Version: 3.01
    Your pl so awesome, But this pl have bug.

    1. Gem system bug!. When i Socketed gem in item this work but if i cancel this ... my item lost all.

    2. I think name of [Socketed] will should. make
    Language.yml to fix this.

    3. How i can change type of gem item? (default 'emerald')
    1. zThana
      Author's Response
      These aren't bugs, these are suggestions, even though I'm unsure what you mean by the first one. I'll look into adding the suggestions. Thanks a lot for your review! ^^
  10. KnifeKat
    Version: 3.01
    Durability is a great one, but now that we can't use Efficiency and Unbreaking-time to make those too! :D xD - This will be great for making custom Resource-pack type of weapons to attach textures to. It'll be great for making some those neat custom weapons, and armors that you can only obtain from special creatures and monsters using the Mythicmobs plugin!
    1. zThana
      Author's Response
      I'm glad I finally got to make this. Still happy that you enjoy the plugin x3