● CityBuild-System | Nick, Essentials and more... ● 1.0.6

CityBuild is currently one of the most popular game modes. Get this system with all you need!

  1. New Features, Bug Fixes, Performance boost

    + Startcoins
    + You can give all players on your network coins: /coins add * 1000

    - Now you can use the warps it ignores if the warp is entered in uppercase/ lowercase.

    * Some performance boosts
  2. New Features, Performance Boost (Up to 80%)

    - Warp System
    - Performance Boost (Up to 80%)
    - Many Bug Fixes
    - New Scoreboard System
    - 50 % less MySQL request
    - NEW DLC: ChestShop!
  3. Huge Bug Fixes

    - Bug Fix: After restarting the server, your PlotWorld is not there anymore
  4. Bug Fixes + New Features

    - Bug Fixes
    - You can now change the type of the mobs
    - Now compatible with my new AddOns: Essentials and BanManager

    Thank you for using my CityBuild System. If you have an idea for it, please contact me via pm :)
  5. Bug Fixes

    - Some BugFixes
    - I've added a CoolDown for the spawn command
    - I updated the system for my new Addon: Essentials
  6. New Features

    + Now you can disable the Scoreboard in the config.yml