(◕‿-。) WorldManager ⊙▽⊙ 1.16.1 World Management ◕ AUTO BACKUP ◕ GENERATORS ◕‿◕ 1.0.4

Automatic world backup, Create Void/Normal/Nether/End/Flat worlds, WorldContainer Management

  1. Added /w spawn

    With this new argument you are able to teleport yourself to the spawn of your current world.
  2. Enhanced console support + API changes

    You are now able to use most commands with the console.

    The following methods have been adjusted:
    • getWorlds();
      • Now requires CommandSender cs instead of Player p
    • getWorldContainerFiles();
      • Now requires CommandSender cs instead of Player p
  3. Removed the ability to reset default worlds Add bookmark

    Due to the fact that these worlds are always loaded, there is no need to reset them.
  4. new config options, added bStats

    added option to load all worlds on start, implemented bStats
    Thanks for the suggestion pasha5018 =)
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