☃ QuickFreeze ☃ → A super light-weight SS tool for your server ✔ Preparing recode ✔ 1.7

Preparing the recoded version

  1. PaulitoLNA_
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Rejected (me)
    Languages Supported:
    All lenguages you can translate all of this in your messages.yml
    banner quickfreeze.png

    Features baner.png

    - Block all server commands during the ss process!
    - Set a freeze zone, all the freeze players will be send here!
    - All gui's was blocked during freeze!
    - All interacts was blocked during freeze!
    - Added a list for block commands!

    Comandos banner xd.png

      • /freeze <player> - To freeze a player
      • /setfreezezone - To set the freeze zone
      • /setfreezespawn - To set the freeze spawn
      • /gozone - To teleport to the freeze zone
      • /quickfreeze - The main command
      • /quickfreeze reload - To reload all plugin files
      • /ssendfight <player> - ONLY if the StrikePractice mode is enabled! You can end a player fight with this command!
    Permisos banner.png

      • - quickfreeze.use - Permission for use /freeze command
      • - quickfreeze.setzone - Permission for use the /setfreezezone command
      • - quickfreeze.setspawn - Permission for use /setfreezespawn command
      • - quickfreeze.gozone - Permission for use the /gozone command
      • - quickfreeze.admin - Permission for reload the plugin files
      • - quickfreeze.* - Permission to use all permission's node
      • - quickfreeze.endstrikefight - The permission to end a practice fight (StrikePractice plugin!)
    Dependencias banner.jpg
    - Now TAB dependency support! (Optional!) Remember you have to install the plugin TAB in your plugins file to make the dependency run!
    - Now StrikePractice mode! (BETA) (OPTIONAL) Remember this only works if the plugin StrikePractice is installed in your plugin files!

    Please rate the plugin and thanks for downloaded it! :D

    Arefy Network 1.8/1.16 arefy.net​

    BlitzMC 1.8/1.16 play.blitzmc.net

    Code (Text):

    #This file is for save all the messages
    #You can translate all of this messages to your language

    #General messages of the plugin
    no_permission_message: "&fYou don't have permission to execute this command!"
    function_disabled: "&fCommand disabled"
    not_found_player: "&fThe player &b%player% &fwas not found!"

    #Messages for the freeze command
    freeze_help: "&fCorrect usage &a/freeze <player> &for &a/ss <player>"
    freeze_self: "&fYou can't freeze your self!"
    no_freeze_player: "&fThe player &b%player% &fcan't be freezed!"
    end_strike_fight_help: "&fCorrect usage &a/ssendfight <player>"
    self_end_fight: "&fYou can't use this command in your self!"
    end_strike_fight_message: "&fYour fight was cancelled by &b%staff_name% &fbecause you are in a ss process!"
    end_strike_fight_message_others: "&fThe &b%player% &ffight was cancelled by &b%staff_name% &fbecause he is in a ss process!"
    end_strike_fight_message_sender: "&fYou stop the fight for &b%player%"
      freeze: "&fYou are now freeze by &b%sender_name%"
      unfreeze: "&fYou are now unfreeze by &b%sender_name%"
      no_freeze_spawn_detected: "&fNo spawn location was detected!"
      no_freeze_zone_detected: "&fNo zone location was detected!"
      freeze_alert_staff: "&fThe staff &b%staff_name% &ffreezed &b%player%"
      unfreeze_alert_staff: "&fThe staff &b%staff_name% &funfreezed &b%player%"
        use_stringlist_message: true
        - '&8&m--------------------------------------------'
        - '&f'
        - '&fYou are now currently freezed!'
        - '&fPlease follow the staffs orders!'
        - '&fConnecto to &eyour server discord or ts!'
        - '&f'
        - '&8&m--------------------------------------------'
      freeze: "&fYou freeze &b%player%"
      unfreeze: "&fYou unfreeze &b%player%"
      teleport_freeze_zone: "&fSending your self to the freeze zone!"
      player_damage_by_player_prevent: "&fYou can't damage this player! because is freezed!"
      block_place_block_event: "&fYou can't place a block during the ss process!"
      block_break_event: "&fYou can't break any block during the ss process!"
      block_commands_event: "&fThis command can't be executed during the ss process!"
      player_block_open_guimenus: "&fYou can't open any gui menu during the ss process!"
      prevent_enderpearl_throw_message: "&fYou can't throw any enderpearl during the freeze process!"
      leaved_freezed_player_message: "&fThe player &b%player% &fwas leave the server when he is freezed!"
      StrikePractice_canclefight_message: "&fThe fight was cancelled because you are freezed now!"
    #Sounds of the plugin
    sound_freeze: CLICK
    sound_unfreeze: CLICK
    sound_leave_freezed_player: NOTE_PLING
    sound_teleporting_freeze_zone: NOTE_PLING
    sound_freeze_staff_alert: NOTE_PLING
    sound_unfreeze_staff_alert: NOTE_PLING
    #This are the titles of the plugin
          enabled: true
          title: "&d&lFreeze"
          subtitle: "&f&lYou are now currently freezed"
            title: "&d&lUnFreeze"
            subtitle: "&f&lYou are now currently unfreezed"
              fade_in: 20
              fade_out:  20
              stay: 30
          enabled: true
          title: "&d&lTeleporting..."
          subtitle: "&f&lDone!"
            fade_in: 20
            fade_out: 20
            stay: 30
          enabled: true
          title: "&c&lEnding fight..."
          subtitle: "&f&lDone!"
            fade_in: 20
            fade_out: 20
            stay: 30


    Code (Text):
    #Author: iTzPaulitoLNA_
    #Currently version: 1.7
    #Disclamer! You can't sell the plugin in others resources pages and claim the plugin in your name!
    #The plugin was made for staff's and freeze the ilegal players

    #Prefix of the all messages
    prefix: "&e&lQuick&d&lFreeze &7> "

    #This functions are completely optionales
    function_freeze_zone: true
    function_freeze_spawn: true
    teleport_staff_to_freezed_player_location: true

    #Events of the freeze command
    prevent_player_move: true
    prevent_damage_by_player: true
    prevent_block_place: true
    prevent_command_execute: true
    prevent_block_break: true
    prevent_pvp_event: true
    prevent_inventory_open: true
    prevent_inventory_click_event: true
    prevent_throw_enderpearls: true

    #List of the players with anti-freeze
    - 'iTzPaulitoLNA_'

    #Command blocked to execute during freeze
    - '/fly'
    - '/gamemode'
    - '/gm'
    - '/tp'
    - '/tpa'
    - '/tphere'
    - '/tpall'

    #Use the enchanments
    enchanments_BLINDNESS: true
    enchanments_SLOW: true

    #The dependency are optional
    use_tab_dependency: true
    use_strikepractice_mode: true

    #The tab settings
    tag_suffix: " &7[&cFREEZED&7]"
    tab_suffix: " &7[&cFREEZED&7]"


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Recent Reviews

  1. CarlGamer_GT
    Version: 1.7
    Excelente plugin!
    lo uso mucho para mis modalidades de PvP
    100% Recomendado

    Sobre todo para las modalidades de SkyWars!
    1. PaulitoLNA_
      Author's Response
      Muchas gracias por tu review! pero te recomendaria esperar a la nueva version, esta quedando muy bien ;)
  2. HotDoctor
    Version: Currently version: 1.7
    Worst plugin, i do not recommend to use it

    fatal code, beginner errors and is totally used in my network

    keep it up.
    1. PaulitoLNA_
      Author's Response
      First of all fuck you and second of all thanks :3 XD
  3. hirambmx
    Version: 1.0.6
    maquinon buen plugin bro sigue asi <3
    1. PaulitoLNA_
      Author's Response
      Muchas gracias hermano! Exitos con ese server ;)
  4. Jeruhmi
    Version: update 1.5
    El plugin está excelente.

    Recomiendo quitar NameTagEdit de dependencia obligatoria y hacerla opcional o podrías añadir TAB a dependencia también.
    1. PaulitoLNA_
      Author's Response
      De hecho ya esta agregada y funcionando como se debe y ya sera subida muchisimas gracias por tu review bro! y por la recomendacion! esta es tomada muy encuenta!
  5. SoyJorge09
    Version: update 1.5
    My regards for this excellent plugin continue with this plugin.

    ------------------------- relleno byflavio:v
    1. PaulitoLNA_
      Author's Response
      Thx you so much for your review, and yeah, im going to continue working in the plugin update <3
  6. ThiagoOrrequia
    Version: update 1.5
    This is an excelent plugin! I recommended u remove dependency nametagedit or make it optional. Leaving this, good job, congratulations!
    1. PaulitoLNA_
      Author's Response
      Thx im working to add Tab dependencie and remove the nametagEdit, please tell me if is any type of bug in the plugin!