☄️ RHSignItem - /sign your items! [1.12.2 - 1.17.0] 1.17_R1

Freies Signieren von Items / Freely sign your items ☄️ Inspired by GrieferGames.net

  1. 1.17_R1 - The 1.17 Support Update

    + added official 1.17 support!! yay!

    ~ renamed the version number
    I shortened the plugins version number from e.g. 1.15.5-1.16_R24 to e.g. 1.17_R1. It helps to keep it simple and also makes it easier to find in the /plugins folder of your spigot server.

    Thank you for over...
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  2. 1.15.5-1.16_R24 - Hex Colors Update

    + added hex colors hexcolors_nano.png
    It works for the /sign and /renameitem commands. Just use a & followed by a color code; for example '&#669999'


    I've used /sign &#ff3300&nIt's&r &#ff00ffsoo &#009900&mcolorful! & [FONT=Courier...[/SPOILER]
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  3. 1.15.4-1.16_R23 - config & permission fix

    ~ fixed the wrong message output, when a player does not have the RHSignItem.lockitem permission
    Also it used RHSignItem.unlockitem instead of the upper permission, which was wrong
  4. 1.15.3-1.16_R22 - Tab Completion Update

    + added tab completion for the /sign command

    ~ renamed the internal main package to eu.raidersheaven.RHSignItem
  5. 1.15.2-1.16_R21 - Added metrics

    + added bstats metrics into the plugin
    However, you do not need to update. It would be nice though :)
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  6. 1.15.1-1.16_R20 - Config Message Hotfix

    ~ fixed the wrong message output, when an item was renamed
    I've left the wrong text message active for testing and forgot to add the new 'item-renamed-msg' to the config file. Gomenasai >-<'


    Please reset your config file or just add the following:
    Code (YAML):
    # [DEU] Wenn das Item erfolgreich umbennant wurde
    # [ENG] If the item has been successfully...
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  7. 1.15.0-1.16_R19 - Item Rename Update

    + added the /renameitem command
    With this players have the possibililty to rename the held item. For this, they need the RHSignItem.renameitem permission. It's recommended to leave this for the op's.

    Two new lines were also added to the config file under 'sign-usage-msg'. However, you do not have to add these, if you want to keep the new command unknown for your players....
  8. 1.14.0-1.16_R18 - Customizable Usage Lines

    + added the option to customize the /sign usage lines
    You can now configure it with 'sign-usage-msg'.

    Take a look!


    You have to delete the current config.yml, as the plugin does not add these new lines for you if you just update the .jar file!


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  9. 1.13.1-1.16_R17 - Hotfix for Lore Variants + Permissions

    + added the global permission RHSignItem.*
    This permission overrides all other of RHSignItem's permissions. It's pretty handy, if you don't want to spam your group permission file with more than one line of text. :D

    ~ fixed a tremendously error when trying to do /sign delete on other lore variants (2 - 5)
    Previously there was...
  10. 1.13.0-1.16_R16 - Even More Lore Variants Update

    + added two more variants to choose from for the signature (lore)
    This update is delivered to you, because some users requested the possibilty to create just the lore or just the authors signature with date. So here it is! Just pick one of the two new settings on 'sign-item-lore-variant'; either 4 or 5. :)

    Take a look!