☄️ RHSignItem - /sign your items! [1.12.2 - 1.17.1] 1.17_R8

Freies Signieren von Items / Freely sign your items ☄️ Inspired by GrieferGames.net

  1. 1.17_R4 - Permissions Update

    + added RHSignItem.unsign permission
    I've added this in order to seperate the RHSignItem.use permission node into sign and unsign.

    Credits for this update to Hemanth, who came up with this idea:

    You can still use RHSignItem.use instead of RHSignItem.sign, but you have to grant RHSignItem.unsign seperatly to players in order to remove a signature!

    I hope, that you enjoy my plugin!
    If so please consider leaving a review! :)
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