☄️ RHSignItem - /sign your items! [1.12.2 - 1.17.1] 1.17_R9

Freies Signieren von Items / Freely sign your items ☄️ Inspired by GrieferGames.net

  1. 1.17_R9 - Hotfix

    ~ fixed the occurring error with the PlaceholderAPI
    If it was not installed, the plugin would spew out an error, that PlaceholderAPI is not installed.

    Special thanks to lupus0802 for noticing!

    I am sorry for the inconvenience! :coffee:
    gomenasai >_<'
  2. 1.17_R8 - Lock Command Hotfix

    ~ fixed /sign lock
    I've had left a wrong string inside the plugins code, that I've used for testing purposes. Now I corrected it to the correct one. Sorry :)

    Thank you for over 4.000 downloads! It makes me happy, that my plugin is so well used. :love:

    As always, if you find bugs or have an idea for improvement, please do not hesitate to open a discussion...
  3. 1.17_R7 - General Overhaul Update

    + added hexcolors_nano.png hex color support for the config.yml file
    Now every message output supports hex color codes! :)
    + added LuckPerms Chat Formatter (LPC) as soft-depend
    This helps catching the prefixes in combination with the PAPI expansion
    + added a new way of pre-configurate a signature...
  4. 1.17_R6 - Reload Command Change

    + added a reload usage information
    + added reload to the tab completer

    ~ changed /rhsireload into /sign reload
    I've changed the reload command, because some users got confused how to reload the plugin properly, while ingame. So, here...
  5. 1.17_R5 - LuckPerms Hex Color Support

    + added luckperms_nano.png hex color support
    Credits for this update to Lion_King287, who came up with this idea:

    ~ updated LuckPerms to 5.3.55
    ~ updated PlaceHolderAPI to 2.10.10

    [SPOILER="What it looks...
  6. 1.17_R4 - Permissions Update

    + added RHSignItem.unsign permission
    I've added this in order to seperate the RHSignItem.use permission node into sign and unsign.

    Credits for this update to Hemanth, who came up with this idea:
  7. 1.17_R3 - Java version hotfix

    ~ fixed an issue with older Java versions like JRE-1.8
    The plugin was compiled in Java 15 and did not run on older versions. Now it's remade on Java 8. All features are working fine
  8. 1.17_R2 - Fixed plugin.yml compatibility

    ~ changed the api-version inside of the plugin.yml file
    I changed it to 1.17, but that caused an incompatibility with older versions such 1.16 and prevented the plugin to load at all. It has been reverted back to 1.13

    Code (YAML):
    api-version: 1.13
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  9. 1.17_R1 - The 1.17 Support Update

    + added official 1.17 support!! yay!

    ~ renamed the version number
    I shortened the plugins version number from e.g. 1.15.5-1.16_R24 to e.g. 1.17_R1. It helps to keep it simple and also makes it easier to find in the /plugins folder of your spigot server.

    Thank you for over...
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  10. 1.15.5-1.16_R24 - Hex Colors Update

    + added hex colors hexcolors_nano.png
    It works for the /sign and /renameitem commands. Just use a & followed by a color code; for example '&#669999'


    I've used /sign &#ff3300&nIt's&r &#ff00ffsoo &#009900&mcolorful! & [FONT=Courier...[/SPOILER]
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