★★★★★RateMe★★★★★ 1.4

The easiest way to rate a staff member

  1. Ask Proof + Bug fix

    Warning, if you're updating from version 1.1 or lower, you have to recreate (Delete the file and reload server) the Settings.yml file in order to use the new features!

    Added "AskProof" & "CheckURL" in Settings.yml

    AskProof is an int between 1 and 5, if the rating is lower or equal to "AskProof", it will ask the player to provide proof in the description of the rating, such as screenshots, youtube videos etc..

    if the field "CheckURL" is set to true, every time it asks for proof, when the player is signing the book it will check if it contains an URL, if not, it will ask the player to re-write his description including an URL.

    Added a check to see if the player already rated a staff member, to prevent from having free books.

    Now whenever the inventory of the rating is closed, it cancels the event, not just if the rating is registered.

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