★ AdvancedTeamChat [1.8] Everything configurable ★ 1.2

An AdvancedTeamChat Plugin

  1. GuzelFCB
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    All messages configurable
    ★ AdvancedTeamChat ★


    - All messages configurable
    - All permissons configurable
    - A command to reload the config
    - Set a sound when someone writes in TeamChat
    - PlaceholderAPI Support

    /tc <message> - Write something in the TeamChat
    /teamchat <message> - Write something in the TeamChat
    /advancedteamchat reload - Reload the config

    Code (Text):
    # Here you can edit the plugin as you like.

        AdvancedTeamChat_CMD: 'advancedteamchat.use'
        TeamChat_Use: 'tc.use'
        SoundNotification: true
        Sound: 'ANVIL_USE'

    Code (Text):
    #Here you can edit the messages as you like.

        Reloaded: '&aAll configs were reloaded.'
        NoPerms: '&cYou dont have the right permisson to execute this Command!'
        NotAPlayer: 'Only a Player can use this Command!'
        Usage: '&cUse /tc <message>'
        TeamChat_Message: '&eTeamChat &8| %playername% &8- &7%message%'

    If you have any questions dm me via Discord J a n#6176

    I would be very happy if you rate my plugin :)

Recent Updates

  1. Added bStats
  2. Added PlaceHolderAPI Support

Recent Reviews

  1. iKaien
    Version: 1.0
    Is a very nice plugin, i like how messages are configurable.
    Thanks a lot, i will use this plugin in my servers
    1. GuzelFCB
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback. I am very pleased to hear it.