★ BlockyJump Parkour ★ [1.13 - 1.17] 2.3

Easily create Parkour / Jump n' Run games + GUI

  1. leberwurst88
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Languages Supported:
    English, German, Custom | All messages editable

    BGJ Documentation.png

    I hope you enjoy this plugin, feel free to share any problems or ideas!
    Also don't forget to leave a review :)

    BlockyJump is a Parkour / Jump n' Run plugin which allows you to easily create Parkour games on your server. You can add as many arenas and checkpoints as you like. It's easy to use and set up and offers a lot of features including a GUI, multiplayer challenges, statistics, rewards and a whole lot more. The plugin is still in development, so there is more to come!

    • Easy configuration and setup, everything can be done in-game
    • Allows you to create as many arenas and checkpoints as you like
    • Functional items: Teleport to checkpoint, leave game, hide players
    • GUI with inbuilt help, very straightforward and easy to use, including all important features so almost no commands are needed
    • If you don't want to use the GUI there are simple commands with intelligent in-game help for players and admins as well as a tap completer
    • Statistics system for player, arena and server
    • Integrated leaderboard hologram at arena join portal without any third-party plugin
    • ActionSets to assign actions to blocks which allows each Jump'n'Run to be unique
    • MySQL and local database support
    • Ability to challenge other players (multiplayer)
    • Placeholders using PlaceholderAPI
    • Arena edit mode - special tools to select arena boundaries, spawn and more without commands
    • Non-flickering scoreboard in-game showing arena name, timer and fails
    • Arena join cooldown
    • Ability to set maximum fails / time
    • Sign integration
    • Reward command
    • Fail counter and stopwatch
    • Language system - English and German are included out of the box, custom translations are supported. All messages are editable.
    • Sounds, fireworks and particles
    • Multiple ways to control a game:

    Join games by GUI, command, sign or portal!
    You can create join, leave, win and checkpoint signs. You can also use gold and diamond blocks to mark checkpoints and the ending point.

    • If players leave the selected arena, they will be teleported back to their last checkpoint
    • Contact with water and lava also teleports players back
      (can be configured using ActionSets)
    • Use gold blocks to create checkpoints and diamond blocks to mark the ending point (can be configured using ActionSets)
    • Use ActionSets to add other unique actions to blocks like launchpad or slowness
    • Each player's inventory is cleared and saved before entering a game. While in a game, players can't destroy/place blocks, pick up items, take damage, ... The inventory and everything else is restored when the player leaves the game.
    • You can select your language in the config.yml file. To add your own language, copy one of the existing messages files and name it messages_[language].yml where you replace [language] with your language. Then, specify your language in the config and your language file will be read and used.
    1. Download the jar file and drop it in your /plugins folder
    2. Restart your server and you should be good to go!
    3. Configure the permissions or use the default/op configuration
    4. Set a lobby (/bgj admin lobby set)
    5. Create an arena (/bgj admin arena add <name>)
    6. Optional: Tweak the settings, create spawn signs, ...
    7. Enable the plugin! (/bgj admin setup enable)
      (also don't forget to enable your newly created arenas)
    Have you ever been annoyed by all the different commands? BlockyJump includes an easy-to-use GUI for both players and admins with lots of features! That way, you don't have to remember any commands and save time. It's also a lot more intuitive and if you ever struggle, there's inbuilt help. Simply open the GUI using /bgj


    If you want to connect the GUI to existing GUIs, there is a command to force-open the GUI to a player:
    /bgj open <player>

    BGJ Holograms.png
    The plugin comes with integrated leaderboard holograms. No other hologram plugin is required. The leaderboard hologram is automatically created when you set an arena join portal. It is updated every minute.



    You can use signs to join, leave and win games and also to set checkpoints. Every type of sign is supported. Alternatively, gold blocks can be used for checkpoints and diamond blocks to win the game.


    • PlaceholderAPI
      Currently, you can display the player name, time and fails of an
      arena's top 10 players using
      Example: %bgj_MyArena_2_time% - converts to the second best time of MyArena
      Additionally, you can display the time and fails of the player's best game in an arena using
      Example: %bgj_MyArena_player_fails% - converts to the amount of times the player failed in its best game of MyArena
    • /bgj
      opens the BlockyJump GUI [p]
    • /bgj join <arena>
      join a BlockyJump arena, selects a random one or opens the GUI when no name is given [p]
    • /bgj join <arena> <player>
      forces a player to join a BlockyJump arena [p][c]
    • /bgj leave
      leave the BlockyJump game you are in [p]
    • /bgj leave <arena> <player>
      forces a player to leave a BlockyJump arena [p][c]
    • /bgj check
      teleports you to your last checkpoint [p]
    • /bgj challenge <player> <arena>
      challenge a player for a specific arena, opens the GUI when none is given [p]
    • /bgj challenge <accept|decline>
      accept or decline a challenge [p]
    • /bgj list
      shows a list of arenas [p][c]
    • /bgj stats
      opens the GUI to show statistics [p]
    • /bgj stats personal
      shows the player's BlockyJump stats [p]
    • /bgj stats arena <name>
      shows leaderboard of specific arena [p][c]
    • /bgj stats server
      shows the server's BlockyJump leaderboard [p][c]
    • /bgj help
      shows this help page [p][c]
    • /bgj help <page>
      shows specified page of help [p][c]
    • /bgj help <cmd>
      shows help for specified command (without slash) [p][c]
    • /bgj admin
      opens the BlockyJump Administration GUI [p]
    • /bgj admin arena
      opens the GUI to show arena administration [p]
    • /bgj admin arena add <name>
      add arena with specified name and enter edit mode [p]
    • /bgj admin arena add <name> <pos1_x> <pos1_y> <pos1_z> <pos2_x> <pos2_y> <pos2_z> <spawn_x> <spawn_y> <spawn_z> <world>
      add arena entirely by command [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena edit <name>
      enter edit mode for given arena [p]
    • /bgj admin arena remove <name>
      remove arena with given name [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena actionset <arena> <actionset>
      associate ActionSet with arena [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena reward set cmd <name> <cmd>
      set reward command of arena, use %p% for player name, without slash [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena reward remove <name>
      remove the reward for completing the arena [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena cooldown set <name> <time>
      set cooldown timer for arena (in minutes) [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena cooldown remove <name>
      remove cooldown timer for arena [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena max set fails <name> <fails>
      set max fails for arena [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena max set time <name> <time>
      set max time for arena in seconds [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena max remove fails <name>
      remove max fails for arena [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena max remove time <name>
      remove max time for arena [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena list
      shows a list of enabled and disabled arenas [p][c]
    • /bgj admin arena <enable|disable> <name>
      enables or disables arena with given name [p][c]
    • /bgj admin actionset add <name>
      adds an ActionSet with given name [p][c]
    • /bgj admin actionset edit <actionset>
      edit an Actionset with given name [p]
    • /bgj admin actionset remove <actionset>
      remove an Actionset with given name [p][c]
    • /bgj admin actionset list
      shows a list of all ActionSets [p][c]
    • /bgj admin lobby
      opens the GUI to show lobby administration [p]
    • /bgj admin lobby set
      set lobby location to player's current location [p]
    • /bgj admin lobby set <x> <y> <z> <world>
      set lobby location by command [p][c]
    • /bgj admin lobby get
      shows lobby coordinates in chat [p][c]
    • /bgj admin lobby tp
      teleports player to lobby locaction [p]
    • /bgj admin setup
      opens the GUI to show setup administration [p]
      shows the initial setup GUI when the plugin is disabled [p]
    • /bgj admin setup <enable|random|lobby|particles|liquids>
      toggles settings: [p][c]
      enable: Enables the plugin, games can't be played when the plugin is disabled
      random: When enabled, sends the player to a random arena when none is specified. Otherwise, a list will be shown
      lobby: When enabled, teleports players to lobby after a game ends. Otherwise, they will be teleported back to their previous locations
      particles: When enabled, arena portals will spawn portal particles
      liquids: When enabled, players will be teleported back to their last checkpoint on contact with liquids.
    • /bgj admin reload
      reloads config and arena files [p][c]
    [p]: player, [c]: console

    By default, every player has the blockyjump.player permissions and only operators have the blockyjump.admin permissions. It's not recommended to use blockyjump.*
    • blockyjump.*
      access to all BlockyJump commands
    • blockyjump.player.*
      access to all BlockyJump player commands
    • blockyjump.admin.*
      access to all BlockyJump admin commands
    • blockyjump.player.basic
      required for all players [d]
    • blockyjump.player.join
      allows to join games via the /bgj join command, GUI, join signs and portals [d]
    • blockyjump.player.leave
      allows to use the /bgj leave command and leave signs [d]
    • blockyjump.player.check
      allows to use the /bgj check command and checkpoint signs [d]
    • blockyjump.player.challenge
      allows challenges [d]
    • blockyjump.player.list
      allows to use the /bgj list command [d]
    • blockyjump.player.stats
      allows to check statistics via the /bgj stats command or the GUI [d]
    • blockyjump.player.help
      access to command help [d]
    • blockyjump.admin.basic
      required for all admins [o]
    • blockyjump.admin.join
      access to /bgj join <arena> <player> command [o]
    • blockyjump.admin.leave
      access to /bgj leave <arena> <player> command [o]
    • blockyjump.admin.arena
      allows administration of arenas via the admin arena command or the GUI [o]
    • blockyjump.admin.actionset
      access to /bgj admin actionset commands [o]
    • blockyjump.admin.lobby
      allows administration of the lobby via the admin lobby command or the GUI [o]
    • blockyjump.admin.setup
      access to setup via the admin setup command or the GUI [o]
    • blockyjump.admin.open
      access to /bgj admin open <player> command [o]
    • blockyjump.admin.reload
      allows reloading files via the /bgj admin reload command or the GUI [o]
    [d]: default, [o]: op

    • Extend reward system
    • ...

    Thanks to RustyDagger for your ideas.
    Feel free to let me know about bugs, problems or ideas!

    messages.yml in Deutsch für v1.0: https://pastebin.com/eEXJkEEr
    messages.yml in Deutsch für v2.1:

    bStats https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/BlockyJump/7779

    Please keep in mind that this plugin is just a hobby project. Use it on your own risk.
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    Version: 2.3
    A good plugin for parkour, but it causes a lot of lag to the server and the hologram system breaks
  2. Hirem_lodge
    Version: 2.2
    Ansich ein super Plugin, nur haben wir einige Probleme damit(liegt wohl an uns) könnten ein wenig hilfe brauchen, evtl kannst du dich mal melden ? :) ansonsten super gemacht 5 sterne!
    1. leberwurst88
      Author's Response
      Vielen Dank euch! Klar, bei Fragen oder Problemen kann ich immer helfen - einfach in den Thread schreiben oder eine persönliche Nachricht aufmachen.
  3. Lion_King287
    Version: 2.2
    Das Plugin sehr nice aber ich habe ein Problem: Wie kann ich es mit Mysql verbinden also was genau muss in der Config stehen? Weil bei mir geht es nicht....
    1. leberwurst88
      Author's Response
      Moin, vielen Dank für die Bewertung, das freut mich!
      Zu deiner Frage werde ich dir eine Nachricht schreiben :)
  4. DiaxManPl
    Version: 2.2
    Plugin is very good, and support is very helpful. I'm starting to make my first parkour. :)
    1. leberwurst88
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! I was very happy to help you, good luck :)
  5. Execute4K
    Version: 2.2
    Würde dir auch gerne 100 Sterne geben, das ist das beste Jump Parkour Plugin das ich je nach all den Jahren gesehen habe.
    1. leberwurst88
      Author's Response
      Vielen Dank für das große Lob!
      Melde dich gerne, wenn du Wünsche oder Probleme hast :)
  6. Lethal888
    Version: 2.1
    Awesome plugin. This is what i needed :D Simple, very user friendly and has awesome options like GUI, checkpoints or portals. Thanks!
    1. leberwurst88
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much, I really appreciate the feedback! There will actually be a cool expansion to portals soon.
      If you come across any bugs or if you have an idea, just contact me :)
  7. xXTim08XxMC
    Version: 2.0
    Sehr sehr gutes Plugin, aber ich bräuchte Hilfe. Wo kann ich diese bekommen? Ich kann es nur weiter empfehlen
    1. leberwurst88
      Author's Response
      Moin, vielen Dank! Entweder du schreibst in die "Discussion" oder du lässt mir eine persönliche Nachricht auf Spigot da.
  8. TheOneKalle
    Version: 2.0
    Sehr, sehr gutes Plugin. Wenn man hilfe braucht, dauert es nur paar Minuten bis man schon eine Antwort bekommt. Kann einfach nur 5/5 Sternen geben :)
    1. leberwurst88
      Author's Response
      Vielen Dank für die Bewertung! Ich freue mich, dass dir das Plugin gefällt.
  9. DiammondPVP
    Version: 1.1.1
    This plugin is great and the developer is very attentive. Always looking to improve your project ... and the best thing, it's free
    and i like potatos
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      Author's Response
      I like potatoes too :-P
      I appreciate the review, thanks for reminding me to add the items!
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    Version: 0.8
    Hands down can not fault the plugin or dev the support is better than that of some premium plugins, A truly easy process, Even joined my server to check things out.
    1. leberwurst88
      Author's Response
      Thanks man, appreciate the review, I'm always open to help and your server was great fun!