★ PunishGUI | Customizable Inventory | Customizable Messages ★ 1.2.2

Punish players through an inventory.

  1. Remove bstats

    REMOVE » Removes bstats from the plugin, no more information will be collected from you.

    Due to a recent request I've decided to remove bstats from this plugin; this is done to allow a plugin that is seemingly more active to use the name PunishGUI on bstats.

    CHANGE » Now uses the 1.17 API.
    The plugin should continue to work on versions 1.16 and below, assuming the version supports all of the API features that I use within the...
  2. Fix NullPointer when using other inventory plugins.

    FIX » Fix a NullPointerException I missed when opening another plugin's inventory.
  3. New inventory system.

    ADD » Multi inventory system, allows the creation of multiple inventories and can be assigned with with permissions set in the inventories configuration file. To create a new inventory copy and paste the default inventory.yml located in a new folder called 'inventories', then configure to your heart's content! Thanks to @lj013 for the suggestion!

    ADD » New permission...
  4. Support for Hex Colors

    ADD » Support for hex colors. To use them do <#color>.
  5. Support 1.16

    NOTE » This update DOES NOT mark the end of feature support for 1.15.

    NOTE #2 » This update DOES NOT offer support for the hex color system introduced in 1.16, this is planned for the next update which should be a few days after this update. It requires some work on my utilities library.

    ADD » Support for 1.16.

    CHANGE » Change bStats to use the "lite" version.
  6. Fix 'fill-spare-inv-spaces' bug.

    FIX » Fixes an issue where the inventory wouldn't have the spare spaces set to the set material. Thanks to lj013 for bringing this to my attention.
  7. 1.1.1

    ADD » Official support for 1.15.2 (well at the very least we use the API. This should still work on all versions before this one.)
    ADD » We now check the servers MineCraft version before checking for an update to the plugin.

    NOTE » For those that care about it: There are some back end changes they are listed below.
    • The "Perms" class has been renamed to "Permissions".
    • ...
  8. 1.15

    ADD » Support for 1.15.
    FIX » *Not a fix in the plugin* Using a better versioning number.
  9. bStats

    NOTE » This version makes changes to the 'settings,yml' if you wish to retain the formatting and comments inside of this file please backup the file.

    NOTE » As a side note, this plugin's source is now located on bitbucket instead of Github. The plugin is still located on GitHub but will not be updated. Here is the link to the new location of the source...
  10. Update to 1.14 (Latest 1.13 build is 1.0.9)

    Note » The latest version that supports 1.13 is 1.0.9. 1.13 will no longer receive feature updates but may receive bug fixes if the bug is severe enough. (If you are still using 1.13 please disable updates to ignore all updates future updates.

    ADD » 1.14 support.