★ TAMAGO ★ 1.16 Cookie clicker GUI minigame! [SKRIPT] 2020-10-24

Click to death and collect the most eggs!

  1. pepo19
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Click to death and collect the most eggs!

    Cookie clicker game!

    ⋆ /tamago - open main GUI menu.
    ⋆ /tamago give [player] [number] - Give eggs to player.
    ⋆ /tamago remove [player] [number] - Remove eggs from player.
    ⋆ /tamago check [player] - Check number of eggs.
    ⋆ If you want to check, give or remove eggs from Global store, use globalgive, globalremove and globalcheck instead of player.


    ⋆ tamago.admin - permission to use give, remove and check command
    ⋆ eggclicker.check - permission to use check command


    ⋆ Individual and Global Tamago!
    ⋆ Multiplier to get more eggs in one click!
    ⋆ AFK system to get eggs even you don't click!

    Coming soon:
    Skin of eggs!
    ⋆ TOP players with the most eggs!
    ⋆ SHOP
    ⋆ and more!

    If you have ideas how to improve that skript just comment or PM me i will be glad for help :)

    2020-10-24_13.16.51.png 2020-10-24_13.16.22.png

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  1. tgbhy
    Version: 2020-10-24
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