★ ULGenerator ★ - New Generation of Custom Ore Generator!■ 1.5v

Are you tired of repeated-old system of cobblestone ore generation? Here is your solution.

  1. Dead_Light
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

    Are you tired of the old Custom Ore Generators with a bad optimization system?

    Do you want a plugin that supports your favorite island plugin?

    Do you want something UNIQUE that your players enjoy?


    Then welcome to Under Lava Generator Plugin!

    ULGenerator is a Custom cobblestone generator plugin that supports 5 different island plugins and many other features - Customizations that you have never seen before. But the main thing that makes this plugin so unique indifference with other similar plugins is that, it checks for the block under the lava, and depending on that, it will generate the block that you want.

    - Generation depending on what block is under the lava block
    - Fully support 1.8 - 1.16 - Both Spigot & PaperSpigot
    - Custom percentage system for each block
    - Highly Configurable (Permission, Materials & ...)
    - Supporting 5 different island plugins:
    aSkyblock - BentoBox - uSkyblock - FabledSkyblock - SuperiorSkyblock2
    - Generating ores depending on island owner permission
    - Generating ores depending on the island level
    - If no supported island plugin found, it automatically switches to the vanilla mode
    - Not depending on any plugin - Self-dependent
    - Optimized and well-made for big servers
    - Well documented configuration / Explanation for each part

    ezgif.com-optimize (3).gif

    Showcase & Configuration Video:

    1. Download the jar file.
    2. put it in your plugins folder.
    3. restart your server.
    4. config your desired configuration.
    5. Done.
    Notes while using BentoBox & FabledSkyblock as island plugins:

    - For Bentobox, you MUST install the level addon
    - For FabledSkyblock, we suggest disabling its-own-generator system to prevent any conflicts between plugins

    TO-DO List:
    1. ✔️ Going to support 1.16 -
    2. ❌Going to support more island plugins such as islandWorld, Acidislands your suggested island plugins.
    3. ❌Going to add placeholders (rn no idea what to add)
    4. ✔️Going to add biome support (Depending on biome it generate)
    5. ✔️Going to add more features
    6. ❌Going to add support for vertical generators

    ezgif.com-optimize (2).gif


    Code (Text):

    #██╗░░░██╗██╗░░░░░  ░░░░░░  ░██████╗░███████╗███╗░░██╗███████╗██████╗░░█████╗░████████╗░█████╗░██████╗░
    #██║░░░██║██║░░░░░  ░░░░░░  ██╔════╝░██╔════╝████╗░██║██╔════╝██╔══██╗██╔══██╗╚══██╔══╝██╔══██╗██╔══██╗
    #██║░░░██║██║░░░░░  █████╗  ██║░░██╗░█████╗░░██╔██╗██║█████╗░░██████╔╝███████║░░░██║░░░██║░░██║██████╔╝
    #██║░░░██║██║░░░░░  ╚════╝  ██║░░╚██╗██╔══╝░░██║╚████║██╔══╝░░██╔══██╗██╔══██║░░░██║░░░██║░░██║██╔══██╗
    #╚██████╔╝███████╗  ░░░░░░  ╚██████╔╝███████╗██║░╚███║███████╗██║░░██║██║░░██║░░░██║░░░╚█████╔╝██║░░██║
    #░╚═════╝░╚══════╝  ░░░░░░  ░╚═════╝░╚══════╝╚═╝░░╚══╝╚══════╝╚═╝░░╚═╝╚═╝░░╚═╝░░░╚═╝░░░░╚════╝░╚═╝░░╚═╝

    #░█▀▀▄ █──█   ░█▀▀▄ █▀▀ █▀▀█ █▀▀▄ ░█─── ─▀─ █▀▀▀ █──█ ▀▀█▀▀
    #░█▀▀▄ █▄▄█   ░█─░█ █▀▀ █▄▄█ █──█ ░█─── ▀█▀ █─▀█ █▀▀█ ──█──
    #░▀▀▀─ ▄▄▄█   ░█▄▄▀ ▀▀▀ ▀──▀ ▀▀▀─ ░█▄▄█ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀ ▀──▀ ──▀──

    #Welcome to Under Lava Generator Plugin Configuration, The Configuration file is so simple and simple-made for
    #everyone to use. You just need to put the CORRECT block value to work. Otherwise it will print out with an error,
    #But do not panic! I have put spigot block names link, so you can easily config without a pain. Also each part in the configuration
    #fully explained and well-made.
    #Remember, Feel free to request new features or report bugs to fix. You can contact me through Discord and Telegram.
    #I don't have discord community yet - But if other developers like to work and contribute just contact me.
    #It is more nice if you even donate me 1$, so much appreciated...
    #Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/itzamirreza
    #Discord: Dead_Light#1711
    #Telegram: @ItzDead
    #List of block names that you need to use for 1.13 until newest versions: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/Material.html
    #List of block names that you need to use for 1.8 - 1.12.2 (before 1.13): https://helpch.at/docs/1.12.2/index.html?org/bukkit/Material.html
    #List of biome names that you may need to use for 1.13 -> 1.16: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/block/Biome.html
    #List of biomes names that you may need to use for 1.8 -> 1.12.2: https://neolumia.github.io/spigot-docs/1.12.2/org/bukkit/block/Biome.html
    #----------V------------Config starts from here!------------V--------------#

    #Plugin start enabling on startup - duo you can just remove or disable the plugin from other ways...
    enable-plugin-on-startup: true

    #The worlds that plugin does not work in.
    #You can see default example and add your worlds
      #- world
      #- world_nether
      - world_the_end
      #- AnyNameThatYourWorldHas

    #Admin Commands Permission | DEFAULT: ulg.admin
    #The default is ulg.admin but you can easily change it if it does make incompatibility with other plugins.
    admin-permission: "ulg.admin"

    #Generators part
      #if you set permission to none, players won't need permission to use these generators | default is none | Ex: ulg.use
      permission: "none"
      #Now you can add-remove your custom generators! Enjoy and PLEASE READ DESCRIPTIONS
      #Name of the block which is under the lava
      #be careful when i say under the lava, it means exactly the one which interact with water! (As it shows in gifs on spigot page)
      #Also NOTICE that Vertical Generators ARE NOT SUPPORTED till this version, but we will have plans to develop for newer versions.
          #The island level which is required for this generator. Right now, we support 5 island plugins:
          #FabledSkyBlock - BentoBox - ASkyBlock - uSkyBlock - SuperiorSkyblock2
          #You need to install Levels Addon For BentoBox to work!
          #You have to disable FabledSkyblock ore generations to stop some conflicts
          required-island-level: 100
          #The biome which is required to let generation happen | default is false | List of BIOMEs provided in header of config
          #Example: required-biome: BEACHES
          #Names are provided in header
          required-biome: false
            #It/These can be only blocks, otherwise it wont work... Blocks will have a change of generating, between 1 - 100
            #You may ask how these percentages work, basically for each ore, a random number will generate between 0 - 100, and we will check if percentage is bigger or smaller than random generated number.
            #- Material:Percentage <---- Percentage must be between 1 - 100
            - IRON_ORE:5
            - DIAMOND_ORE:10
            - EMERALD_ORE:100
            - COAL_ORE:90
            #- WOOL:1
            #- COBBLESTONE:50

          required-island-level: 0
          required-biome: PLAINS
            - REDSTONE_ORE:10
            - DIAMOND_BLOCK:90
            - BEDROCK:10
    #        - GRASS_BLOCK:100 (1.13+) | -GRASS:100 (1.8+)

    #Hope you enjoy this plugin, Remember your votings on my SPIGOTMC page is IMPORTANT to me, and i'll try to answer you ASAP.

    cooltext-357199317467444 (1).png

    - ulg.use - permission to use generator( Only works when you have an island plugin )
    - ulg.admin - accessing admin commands

    /ulg disable - disable the plugin
    /ulg reload - reloading the configuration file

    Bugs/Suggestions/Help - Contact:
    if you have found any bugs, errors or etc, or if you want to make a suggestion, feel free to contact me in Discord & Telegram:

    Discord: Dead_Light#1711
    Telegram: @ItzDead
    Right now, I do not have any discord community, but for the near future, I'm going to make one with your supports.

    Special thanks to @Alijk, @Ciph3r, @ItzRozzaDev
    Logo designed by @Velterzi

    • - You are not allowed to decompile this resource.
    • - You are not allowed to claim this resource as yours.

    If you have found my plugin interesting and want to support me, your donations are appreciated.

    Paypal: http://paypal.me/itzamirreza
    Bitcoin: 186smEfQGwtKBnruBR59S2b7pRabVwbkBd

    • If you have found a bug, please first contact me, and if I didn't fix that, you are free to post a bad comment, and you are welcomed.
    • If you want to make a suggestion or want compatibility/support with any plugin, do not post it in the comments section. In the threads or by contacting me.
    • Reviewing a bad rating and then asking for help or etc... will not work and it doesn't help you at all.

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