★VIPGUI★ | Everything for your VIPs! 1.0.0

Customizable GUI with everything your VIPs need!

  1. VojtaCRV
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    Are you too lazy to set some benefits for your VIPs?
    Are you looking for a easy and also costumizable plugin?
    Then, this plugin is for you!

    • Enable or disable the specific features you dont like in a config
    • Customizable
    • Set time, Heal, Change gamemode and more!
    • Particles and sounds!
    • ...and much more!
    1. Download the plugin :D
    2. Drop it into /plugins folder
    3. Reload or (re)start your server (or just simply load using PlugMan)
    4. Add the vipgui.use permission to your VIP group
    5. Done! :cool:
    Commands & Permissions
    /vipgui or /vg | Opens the GUI! | Permission: vipgui.use
    /vg help
    | List of commands | Permission: vipgui.use
    /vg reload | Reloads the config | Permission: vipgui.admin

    The vipgui.admin unlocks different /vg help message:




    You can disable the specific features that you dont your VIPs to have in the config.yml ! :) (for example, if you dont want your VIPs to have the Godmode ability.)
    • Heal
    • Feed
    • Change time
    • Change weather
    • Repair items
    • Change gamemode
    • Godmode ON/OFF
    • Fly ON/OFF
    • Set Walk or Fly Speed (Slow - Normal - Fast)
    Plugin is still WIP - There will be more features in the future!


    • More particles and sounds!
    • The /vg open command for admins - open the GUI for non-vip a player :p
    • Cooldowns
    • More features !
    • And some other small things :)
    • If you would want me to add/remove/fix/etc. something, tell me either in the Reviews section below or on the Discussion page! :cool:

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  1. Bug fix

Recent Reviews

  1. rete2
    Version: 1.0.0
    Nice job! And it's a very good experience for you! I think, that you can become a good java programmer in the future! Why not? =D I hope you can do it. Think about it! && Don't stop believing in yourself!
    And you will find you success!
    1. VojtaCRV
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much! Your comment warmed my heart <3 I wont stop!
  2. ERROR_SANS2004
    Version: 1.0.0
    sorry, i don't know english because i'm spanish: hola, tengo una pequeña queja con este plugin, me gustaría que pudieses editar comandos y una cooldown personalizada ya que no queda muy profesional de la manera en la que está, se que este plugin puede llegar muy lejos y hacerse muy famoso. Continue así :D
    1. VojtaCRV
      Author's Response
      ¡Hola! Ciertamente haré esto. Gracias por su apoyo y recordatorios! :) Que tengas un buen día.