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Very nice tools all staff needs.

  1. Update Version 1.1

    Added /tpall to the feature list (both ingame and on the website).
    The /tpall command has been a working function since 1.0, but I just forgot to add it to the lists.

    • Updated the vanish system. By using a new vanish system the following bugs are fixed:

    If you are alone on a server and you pressed tab while in vanish you would see a weird small gray line. Now they will just see their own name. Now this is not the case anymore because with the new vanish system vanished players can see themselves in the tablist and as a player, while other people still can not!

    Players were able to see vanished people because of the particles when you walk on a block. This is fixed because the new vanish system does not use the invisibility potion effect to make players dissappear.
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