☑ StaffTools - Very nice tools for very nice staff! :D 1.5

Very nice tools all staff needs.

  1. Update Version 1.5

    UPDATED! The plugin link can no longer be found under the big "StaffTools" message at the top of the skript. This is because when I would change a line of the title of the plugin, the link to the page would not work.

    UPDATED! The /heal command has been updated. Now when you do /heal and then your own name, it will display the "You Healed Yourself"-message instead of the "You Healed <player>"-message....
  2. Update Version 1.4

    NEW! /invsee command! Use /invsee <player> to see the inventory of the specified player!

    UPDATED! I updated the warn command usage. Now it will everywhere say /warn <player> <reason> instead of /warn <player> <text>. I did this by changing giving it a custom usage message. I did it to make it more clear what the second argument of the command should be because it maybe wasn't very clear when you would...
  3. Update Version 1.3

    NEW! /warn command! You can now use /warn <player> <text> (aka reason) to warn a player!

    UPDATED! /stafftools now shows more information about the usage of the commands!

    CHANGED! Cleaned up some code (unnecessary tabs)!
  4. Update Version 1.2

    UPDATED! The vanish system has been updated once again. When you type /vanish while you are already in vanish or /unvanish while you are not in vanish, it will tell you that instead of saying that you successfully vanished or unvanished!

    /heal command! You can now do /heal to heal yourself or /heal <player> to heal someone else!

    NEW! Added...
  5. Update Version 1.1

    Added /tpall to the feature list (both ingame and on the website).
    The /tpall command has been a working function since 1.0, but I just forgot to add it to the lists.

    • Updated the vanish system. By using a new vanish system the following bugs are fixed:

    If you are alone on a server and you pressed tab while in vanish you would see a weird small gray line. Now they will just see their own name. Now this is not the...