☛ Broadcast+ - New broadcasting solution made with Skript [1.9 - 1.16.1] v1.4

New solution for Broadcasting for Minecraft servers!

  1. Andoz_Cz
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English (Default - Editable in .sk file)
    Better broadcasting system for your server.
    Newest version: v1.4 (Source code on GitHub.com)
    Wiki page: Here on spigotmc.org

    ! This script works on all versions from 1.9 to 1.16.1 (because of SkQuery) !

    This Skript can make all Broadcasts on your server better and more colourfull, all players will know when you want to tell them something. You can use up to 5 different styles of Broadcast and also you can send them easily with only one command through GUI!

    NOTE! For this Skript to work you need to have this plugins on your server:
    - Skript [Latest versions here] (use only full releases never use Pre-release)
    - SkQuery [Spigot page here]
    SkQuery will not work on versions under 1.9!

    Tutorial you can find also here..

    1.- Download and place Skript in plugins folder on your server.
    2.- Download and place SkQuery in plugins folder on your server.
    3.- Restart your server.
    4.- Download this Broadcast+ Skript.
    5.- Place it in folder /plugins/Skript/scripts/ so it will be /plugins/Skript/scripts/Broadcast+.sk
    6.- Please do not forget to rate this Skript on this Spigot page :)



    - Sending Broadcast message with only one command /bcp send!
    - Now you can use up to 5 different broadcast styles!
    - Easy editing all messages and styles through .sk file!
    - If new update is available everybody with permission will on join see update message!
    - Very lightweight and easy to understand code!
    - Only players with permission can use /bcp about command!



    If new version is available you will see this message on join.

    Command /bcp abot will show you this info.

    This is /bcp send menu.

    If you click on some option in menu mentioned before you will see this message in chat.

    After you send some text in chat everybody on the server will see the Broadcast+ message.

    Or you can cancel sending the message and you will see this message.



    » /bcp help or /bcp - Show list of commands and informations about them.
    » /bcp about or /bcp info - Show basic info about Skript and It's version.
    » /bcp send - Show GUI for sending new Broadcast message.
    » /bcp edit - Show all styles that are available at the moment and you can easily edit any of them InGame with chat.
    » /bcp send <style> <message> - Send message without using GUI (also works for console).
    » broadcastplus.* - Easy access to all commands and features with just one permission.
    » broadcastplus.basic - Can use /bcp about or /bcp info and /bcp help.
    » broadcastplus.update - If new update will be available, player with this permission will on join see update message.
    » broadcastplus.send - Can send Broadcast messages through GUI.
    » broadcastplus.edit - For using /bcp edit command.


    » Add new feature to change most of messages in-game.
    » Add multi-line broadcasts.

    » Add feature to send broadcasts also from console.
    » Add feature to edit styles of broadcasts InGame.
    » Using of colors in broadcast must be working.

    » Better this Skript page on Spigot.


    ✔ 10 downloads - Thank you for great start! (5.7.2020)
    20 downloads - Thank you a lot for more greather start! (5.7.2020)
    30 downloads - Nicee! (6.7.2020)
    40 downloads - Second day and we have 40 downloads! (6.7.2020)

    50 downloads - 3rd day and we have another 10 downloads! Thank you! (7.7.2020)
    100 downloads - Maybe later!
    200 downloads - Maybe later!
    300 downloads - Maybe later!
    400 downloads - Maybe later!
    500 downloads - Maybe later!
    600 downloads - Maybe later!
    700 downloads - Maybe later!
    800 downloads - Maybe later!
    900 downloads - Maybe later!
    1000 downloads - WOOOW!



    InfinityLand.eu - Czech / Slovak Minecraft server for survival & skyblock playing

    Play.InfinityLand.eu [1.8 - 1.15.2]

    © Copyright 2020 by Andoz_Cz.
    All images, skript code and it's description were originaly made by Andoz_Cz and all of them are licenced under a Creative Commons licence, please read it before you start to edit or copy anything from here.



    If you like this plugin please leave a nice rating it'll help me to grow this Skript up :)
    If you have any idea of any new Skript you can write me PM and I'll do it ASAP also please report me any bugs in PM, thank you for using my Skript.

Recent Reviews

  1. HardcorePlayer
    Version: v1.4
    Hey man, this is best Skript for broadcast on server but i think it will be better if we (as staff on servers) can send broadcasts with multiple lines :)

    Great work!
    1. Andoz_Cz
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. I'm currently working on another script but if I will have some time I will add multiple lines support ;)
      Thank you.