☞AdvancedVaults | The Next Generation of Personal Vaults [1.9-1.12.2] 1.2.2

The most in-depth, customizable Player Vaults system yet!

  1. TheJimmyJ57
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
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    AdvancedVaults is another take on what personal player vaults can be.

    It takes the whole concept of vaults and turns it into an easy to use, GUI-based system that aims to be completely customizable.

    Enjoy and please leave suggestions and bugs in the discussion or PMs

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    = Implemented = Coming Soon

    Custom, Editable Permissions for
    GUI Vault Selection Menu
    Purchasable Vaults
    Renaming Vaults
    Changing Icon of Vaults
    Unlimited Vaults
    Config.yml and Permissions.yml
    Configurable Vault Size
    Admin control to open other player's vaults
    Vault Auto-Sorting
    Vault Auto-Block for space conservation
    Vault Signs
    Sellable Vaults
    Ability to buy Vaults with Commands

    More to be added by suggestions!

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    Base Command:
    Aliases: /chest, /pv, /playervault, /playervaults, /advancedvault, /vault, /vaults, /backpack

    Player Commands:
    Can be used using the Player Permission
    /vault | To open vault selection menu
    - /vault open <id> | To open specific vault number

    Admin Commands:
    Can be used using the corresponding Admin Permission
    - /vault open <id> <player> | To open other players vault

    Spigot AdvancedVaults Banner Permissions.png
    Custom Permission/Vault Quantities can be set in permissions.yml

    Player Permission: advancedvaults.open | Opens vaults and uses default values

    Custom Permission Format: advancedvaults.open.<custom name> | Set in permissions.yml

    Admin Permissions:
    advancedvaults.admin.* to use all admin perms
    - advancedvaults.admin.open | Opens other players vaults with /vault open <id> <player>

    Spigot AdvancedVaults Banner Dependencies.png
    Skript Dependencies are Included Here
    Installation instructions are included in the Download!

    This resource ALSO REQUIRES Vault and any Economy Plugin

    Spigot AdvancedVaults Banner Donate.png

    This is a free resource and will remain that way, however, if you enjoy the resource and wish to buy me a slice of pizza to keep working hard on new updates feel free to donate below. Any amount is greatly appreciated :)


Recent Reviews

  1. Postal291
    Version: 1.2.1
    TheJimmyJ57 responded to a bug report within minutes, and we hashed out a fix over discord within an hour. Problem solved. Wish more resource developers were as responsive, there'd be a lot less headaches out there in the server admin community for sure! 10/10 will recommend!
    1. TheJimmyJ57
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the help! :D
  2. dinoboss2001
    Version: 1.2.1
    aun le falta algo pero quiero saver si teien limited para los vips y eso otra cosa gracias lo mire me gusta pero se bugea los ecantamientos dentro!