☠️ Custom Bosses ☠️ [1.13x - 1.16x]| A plugin to make your own mob ✔️ | BETA 1.5.3

A plugin to make your own mob. More features soon!

  1. Realgotqkura
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    This Plugin is still on BETA!

    If you are experiencing issues or bugs with Natural Spawning email me at the email bellow.

    Features of the plugin & features to come
    Set mobs name.
    Set mobs health
    Set potion effects. (More coming soon)
    Set the type of the mob.
    Set the tools and armor the mob is using.

    Decide if the mob is a baby (Not dictated by luck)
    Determine the drop chance of the mobs equipment.
    Multiple ways of spawning the mob.
    COMING SOON Attribute Modifiers to mobs.

    And more.



    Commands / Arguments
    /CBossesGUI -> opens the main plugin GUI
    /CBossesGUI getmobdropchance -> shows you the drop chances
    /CBossesGUI ismobababy -> shows if your mob is baby
    /CBossesGUI getmobname -> shows the mobs current name
    /CBossesGUI getmobhealth -> shows the mobs current health
    /CBossesGUI getmobpotions -> shows the mobs potion effects


    Video Of the Plugin:

    ------------------------------------Before you review----------------------------------
    If you have any problems with the plugin email me at
    [email protected]. :coffee:

    Have Fun!

    A Plugin that will enhance your experience
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Recent Reviews

  1. Josh12rice
    Version: 0.4
    Very nice!
    will you ever add worldguard - region support? This will literally levelup this plugin!
  2. xErik444x
    Version: 0.4
    Wow! can you make a command to spawn on coords??, the plugin works great!!! owo
    1. Realgotqkura
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. Im currently making different spawning options so it will be very soon!
  3. Dillon12345
    Version: 0.2
    Once this has the item drop chance this could be one of my favorite plugins. I was wondering when that would be coming?
    1. Realgotqkura
      Author's Response
      Very soon. I will probably release it in Monday
    Version: 0.2
    this is a very good plugin for being free (if you keep it alive and free i bet you have a new fan)
    1. Realgotqkura
      Author's Response
      Thank you. I will keep it alive :D