☣️ UltimateVirus [1.8-1.16.x] ☣️ | A kind of Coronavirus STABLE-2.0.8

Add a chance for your players to catch a fully customizable virus!

  1. ☣️ UltimateVirus UPDATE to 2.0.8 ☣️ | 1.16.x Support - Full use of UUIDs and MORE!

    • 1.16.x Support
    • Full use of UUIDs (previous versions use player names to interact between server and database)
    • New option inside config.yml ("RemoveVirusOnPlayerDeath")
    • Code optimization
  2. ☣️ UltimateVirus UPDATE to 2.0.7 ☣️ | Custom craftings for masks and vaxins!

    You must delete your old config.yml in order to have the new custom crafting options.

    • Custom craftings for masks and vaxins.
  3. STABLE RELEASE UltimateVirus UPDATE to | A lot of bug fixes.

    • Added AntiSpam for messages when an Infected Mobs hits. (Suggested by @Coolkc456)
    • Moved an option from config.yml to lang.yml.
    • Improved lang.yml and config.yml
    Bug Fix:
    • Now you can finally use ultimatevirus placeholders inside scoreboards. (Issue reported by @Debest244)
    • Minor bug fixes.
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  4. UltimateVirus UPDATE to 2.0.6 | New Placeholder, huge code optimization

    • New placeholder: %ultimatevirus_totalInfected% (returns the total infected amount)
    • Minor changes to config.yml and lang.yml
    • More optimized code
    Bug Fixes:
    • Now you should be able to use placeholders inside scoreboards
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  5. [Bug Fix] UltimateVirus

    • Op players could not execute /virus & /virus help
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  6. HUGE UltimateVirus UPDATE to 2.0.5 | New Placeholder, new commands, new messages, and MORE!

    • Broadcast message when a player is cured;
    • Command /virus infected: display the list of infected players;
    • Command /virus sethealth <player:*> <health>: set the health of a player / all players to a given value;
    • Placeholder %ultimatevirs_infectedTitle%: customizable;
    • Permissions for command /virus help (ultimatevirus.help);
    • Tab completion for permissions;
    • New messages inside lang.yml;
    • New options inside config.yml.
    Other changes:...
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  7. UltimateVirus UPDATE to BETA-2.0.4 - Broadcast message, Custom lores and more!

    As usual, you have to delete your old config.yml and lang.yml

    • Option to infect also OP players
    • Broadcast message when a player catches the virus
    • Custom lores for Vaxins and Masks
    • Minor bug fixes
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  8. UltimateVirus URGENT UPDATE to BETA-2.0.3! Fix database creation

    Fundamental update to make the plugin work, I apologize for the issue.

    Crucial Fix:
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  9. UltimateVirus HUGE UPDATE to BETA-2.0.3 - INFECTED MOBS and more!

    NOTE: You MUST delete your lang.yml and config.yml file. (You can keep your player_infos.db)

    • TabCompletion
    • Infected Mobs
    • Increased chances of catching a virus if a player is near an infected player
    • Added many new options to the config.yml and a new message to the lang.yml
    • Deprecated recipe methods
    • Some bugs when the plugin gets reloaded
    • Performances of some methods
  10. UltimateVirus BIG UPDATE to BETA-2.0.2 - PlaceholderAPI support!

    NOTE: I'm really sorry, but considering that i changed the config.yml, the database and the lang.yml, you must delete the Ultimatevirus folder in order to make this version work.


    • Placeholder API support (placeholder: %ultimatevirus_isInfected%);
    • Configurable messages for the placeholder;
    • Configurable maximum health when a player is infected;
    • A list of worlds in which the virus won't spread;
    • Check if a player is infected also if he is offline....