♛ MoreTP ♛ [1.8.8 - 1.12.X ✔] 0.3.4c

Lightweight and Best teleportation Plugin [Warp GUI, RandomTP GUI, Tpa With Json]

  1. Onenrico
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Check out Premium Version Here MoreTPPlus


    Test Server

    <Thank's For 35$ Donating [Avernicus]>
    MoreTP is All in One Teleportation Plugin that has Many feature for teleportation like /tpa /tpahere /warp and even a teleport Device !!
    This plugin provide Json chat too and almost all message are configurable
    Please Check Out Trailer Of The Plugin Below
    - Vault & Economy Plugin & Permission Plugin [Must Installed]
    - Java 8 Required
    - Essentials [Optional For Json Chat]
    for /back teleportation support

    Main Feature

    2017-03-04_23.08.21.png 2017-03-04_23.09.18.png 2017-03-04_23.10.00.png 2017-03-04_23.11.09.png
    2017-03-04_23.20.42.png 2017-03-04_23.20.54.png 2017-03-04_23.21.02.png
    2017-03-04_23.24.13.jpg 2017-03-04_23.26.56.jpg

      • Warp GUI with auto Index and Customizeable
      • Chat with JSON
      • Quick RandomTP with default option in Config
      • RandomTP with Option and Configurable
      • Per Warp Cooldown
      • Per Warp Config
      • Per Warp Cost
      • Per Warp GUI Item
      • All RandomTP option has it own Cost & Permission
      • Teleport with particle
      • Teleport with Action Bar Text
      • Teleport Title Bar Text
      • Full Sound Effect
      • All Messages can be configured in config
      • Placeholder for Messages
      • In-game Warp edit
      • Teleport Save Device for save location !
      • Crafting Recipe for Teleport Save Device
    Commands And Permissions
    /moretp - See Plugin Commands
    /moretp gui - to open MoreTP GUI

    /moretp reload - Reload the config [warp,biome,radius reloaded too]
    /moretp sign - Make RandomTP sign
    /moretp hide - Hide / Reveal Yourself for any teleport Request
    /moretp silent - Enable / Disable Particle on Teleport
    /tpa <player> - Make Teleport Request to other Player
    /tpahere <player> - Make Teleport Here Request to other Player
    /tp <player> [<target>] - Teleport to other player Instantly
    /tphere <player> - Teleport Here player Instantly
    /tpo <player> - Like /tp but bypass Hidden Player and Disabled Teleport Player
    /tpohere <player> - Like /tphere but bypass Hidden Player and Disabled Teleport Player
    /tptoggle - Enable / Disable Teleport
    /setwarp <warpname> - to Set A warp
    /delwarp <warpname> - to Delete A Warp
    /moretp randomtp - to Open RandomTP GUI
    /moretp device [<player>] - to Give Device to you or other Player's
    /rtp - same as /moretp rtp
    /rtp tp - to Quick Random TP without GUI

    moretp.admin.reload - permission to reload config
    moretp.admin.silent - permission to use command /mtp silent
    moretp.admin.hide - permission to use command /mtp hide
    moretp.admin.tpo - permission to use command /tpo
    moretp.admin.tpohere - permission to use command /tpohere
    moretp.admin.notify - permission to get notify about plugin update
    moretp.admin.sign - permission to make randomtp sign
    moretp.admin.device - permission to give device to yourself
    moretp.admin.device.other - permission to give device to other player

    moretp.commandrtp.<worldname> - to use command /moretp randomtp in specified world
    moretp.open.gui - to open /mtp gui​
    moretp.quickrtp.<worldname> - to use command /RTP TP
    moretp.signrtp.<worldname> - to use RandomTP sign in specified world
    moretp.accept.<worldname> - to Accept tpa request from specified world
    moretp.signrtp.* - for all world allowed
    moretp.quickrtp.* - for all world allowed
    moretp.commandrtp.* - for all world allowed
    moretp.accept.* - for all world allowed
    moretp.tpa - to use command /tpa
    moretp.tpahere - to use command /tpahere
    moretp.tp - to use command /tp
    moretp.tp.other - to use command /tp other player
    moretp.tphere - use command /tphere
    moretp.tptoggle - use command /tptoggle
    moretp.warp.set - to set warp​
    moretp.warp.delete - to delete warp
    moretp.warp.admin - to edit warp in game
    moretp.warp.gui - to open Warp GUI
    moretp.cooldown.bypass - to Bypass Cooldown
    moretp.cost.bypass - to Bypass Cost
    moretp.chat.comehere - to Use [comehere] tag
    moretp.chat.takeme - to Use [takeme] tag
    1. Command /setwarp <warpidentifier>
    2. ex: /setwarp Survival
    3. Then open plugins/moretp/warp Folder
    4. Open Survival.yml
    5. Then Edit every to what you want
    6. To edit the Identifier of warp change Name setting in the yml , you don't need to rename the file it'l automaticly change according to the name setting in the yml file
    7. After you edit then use /moretp reload

      • Place A Sign

      • Then Command /moretp sign

      • Then Left Click on that sign

      • To access that menu Right Click that sign

      • Then RandomTP GUI Will Be Opened

      • Select Radius And BIome

      • Then Proceed

      • Open plugins/moretp/ Folder

      • Search for config.yml

      • Edit Every You'd like

      • Use command /moretp reload after you done editing

      • Open plugins/moretp/ Folder

      • Search for radiusmenu.yml or biomemenu.yml

      • Edit Every You'd like

      • Use command /moretp reload after you done editing


    Code (Text):

    # ################################################
    #  __  __                     _______  _____     #
    # |  \/  |                   |__   __||  __ \    #
    # | \  / |  ___   _ __  ___     | |   | |__) |    #
    # | |\/| | / _ \ | '__|/ _ \    | |   |  ___/      #
    # | |  | || (_) || |  |  __/    | |   | |           #
    # |_|  |_| \___/ |_|   \___|    |_|   |_|           #
    #  By Onenrico [A.k.a ENVY]                         #
    # ####################################################                        
    # Please note: This plugin may contains bug that i'm not realize if there was a bug
    # that was your job to find one and report that to me on my spigot page

    # Check out this link to see available Material for item
    # https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Material.html
    # Note: This Material list is For the latest release of Spigot version
    # so some material maybe not work in older version [Example: BONE_BLOCK only work for 1.11]

    #:====-----=====[ Premium Config ]=====-----=====#
    plugin_prefix: "&8&l[&bMoreTP&8&l] "
    #:====-----=====[ Plugin Config ]=====-----=====#

    plugin_autocheckupdate:  true
    plugin_sendmetrics: true
    # I recommend you to not touch this , since it was not affect your gameplay

    moretp_menu_title: "&1MoreTP Menu"
    moretp_menuplayer_title: "&1Player List &8[&a{cpage}&7/&a{pages}&8]"
    moretp_item_tpa_name: "&6View Player List"
    - '&7Click To Open Player list'
    moretp_nextpage: "&eNext Page"
    moretp_prevpage: "&ePrevious Page"
    moretp_head_tpa: "&8[ &fLeft-Click To Tpa &e{player} &8]"
    moretp_head_tpahere: "&8[ &fRight-Click To Tpahere &e{player} &8]"

    #=====-----=====[ General Config ]=====-----=====#
    teleport_cancel_interact: true
    teleport_cancel_move: true
    teleport_cancel_jump: true
    teleport_cancel_damage: true
    teleport_cancel_damaged: true
    teleport_cancel_break: true
    teleport_cancel_place: true
    teleport_cancel_chat: true
    teleport_cancel_command: true

    particle_teleport_teleporting: true
    #Should Enable particle at player location when teleporting
    particle_teleport_pre-landing: true
    #Should Enable particle at teleport location when teleporting
    particle_teleport_landing: true
    #Should Enable particle at teleport location when teleported

    teleport_default_cooldown: 5
    #delay in second player will actually teleport
    #this is just default value for /tp command , any warp or telepad actually can have different teleport delay.
    #player can bypass this with permission [moretp.cooldown.bypass]

    teleport_default_delay: 5
    #cooldown in second player allowed to use teleport after a teleport
    #player can bypass this with permission [moretp.delay.bypass]

    #teleport_invulnerable: 4 [WORK IN PROGRESS]
    #how long does player be invulnerable from all damage after teleport

    teleport_request_timeout: 120
    #how long does timeout for teleport request /tpa and /tpahere

    #=====-----=====[ Device Config ]=====-----=====#
    device_empty_lore: "&8[&eShift + Right-Click &bTo Save Location&8]"
    device_filled_lore: "&8[&eRight-Click &bTo Teleport&8]"
    device_lore: "&eYou Can Rename This Item With Anvil%n%&eYou Can Share This Device With Other People"
    device_filled_name: "&8[&bLocation Device &8(&aFilled&8)&8]"
    device_empty_name: "&8[&bLocation Device &8(&fEmpty&8)&8]"
    device_recipe_enabled: true

    #=====-----=====[ Warp Config ]=====-----=====#
    warp_title: "&b&k||&r &1&lWarp Menu &b&k||"
    warp_edit_option: "&8&l[ &bPlease Shift-Click To Edit &8&l]"
    warp_teleport_option: "&8&l[ &fPlease Click To Teleport &8&l]"
    warp_default_displayname: "&8&l[&b&m=---=&8&l> &f&l{warpname} &8&l<&7&b&m=---=&8&l]"
    warp_default_permission: "moretp.warp.{warpname}"
      - "&8&m---------&r &bWarp Info &8&m--------"
      - ""
      - "&bPermission&f&l: &8[&f{permission}&8]"
      - "&bCooldown&f&l: &6{cooldown} &fsecond"
      - "&bCost&f&l: &6{cost}"
      - "&bLocation&f&l:"
      - "&8- &fWorld&f&l: &6{world}"
      - "&8- &fX&f&l: &6{x}"
      - "&8- &fY&f&l: &6{y}"
      - "&8- &fZ&f&l: &6{z}"
      - ""
      - "&8&m---------------------------"
    warp_default_cost: 0
    warp_default_cooldown: 5
    warp_default_glowing: false
    warp_default_item: COMPASS
    #Check warps directory and set your warp setting individually
    #=====-----=====[ Placeholder Message ]=====-----=====#
    # {warpname} would return warp current name
    # {cost} would return the cost of the warp
    # {cooldown} would return the cooldown of the warp teleport
    # {permission} would return the permission to use warp
    # {x} would return the x - coordinate of the warp location
    # {y} would return the y - coordinate of the warp location
    # {z} would return the z - coordinate of the warp location
    # {world} would return world name of the warp location
    #=====-----=====[ Placeholder Message ]=====-----=====#

    #=====-----=====[ RandomTP Config ]=====-----=====#
    quicktp_default_biome: RANDOM
    quicktp_default_radius: 1000
    quicktp_default_cost: 100
    quicktp_default_cooldown: 5

    randomtp_title: "&b&k||&r &1&lRTP Menu &b&k||"
    randomtp_selected_option: "&8&l[ &bSelected &8&l]"
    randomtp_notselected_option: "&8&l[ &fPlease Click To Select &8&l]"
    randomtp_edit_option: "&8&l[ &bPlease Shift-Click To Edit &8&l]"

      name: "&b&k||&r &bClick To Proceed Teleport &b&k||"
      permission: moretp.random.{world}
      - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
      - "  &fCurrent Option&f&l:"
      - "  &fSelected &bBiome &7> &b{biome}"
      - "  &fSelected &bRadius &7> &b{radius}"
      - ""
      - "  &fTotal Cost&f&l: &e{totalcost}"
      - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
    #=====-----=====[ Placeholder Message ]=====-----=====#
    # {biome} would return current selected biome
    # {radius} would return current selected Radius
    # {totalcost} would return current total cost of teleport
    # {world} would return Player's current world
    #=====-----=====[ Placeholder Message ]=====-----=====#

    - OCEAN
    #Just prevent player spawning on MIDDLE OF THE SEA !

    - CACTUS
    - LAVA
    #Just preent player spawning on Dangerous BLOCK !

    #=====-----=====[ ActionBar Message ]=====-----=====#
    message_actionbar_cooldown: "{themecolor}{left} {flatcolor}Seconds Left to Teleport"
    message_actionbar_teleported: "{flatcolor}&lThank's For Playing On This Server"
    message_actionbar_enabled: true
    message_actionbar_reverse: true
    #The style of bar Fill

    #=====-----=====[ TitleBar Message ]=====-----=====#

    message_titlebar_teleporting: "{themecolor}Teleporting..."
    message_titlebar_teleporting_subtitle: "{flatcolor}Please Stay For &6{left} {flatcolor}Second"
    message_titlebar_teleporting_canceled: "{themecolor}&lTeleport Aborted"
    message_titlebar_teleporting_canceled_subtitle: "{flatcolor}Please Don't Do Anything"
    message_titlebar_teleported: "{themecolor}&lTeleport Success"
    message_titlebar_teleported_subtitle: "{flatcolor}Location&f: &7&l[&bX&f&l: &f{x} &7, &bY&l: &f{y} &7, &bZ&f&l: &f{z}&7&l]"
    #=====-----=====[ Placeholder Message (Only for ActionBar and TitleBar Message) ]=====-----=====#
    # {themecolor} would replaced with Bright random color
    # {flatcolor} would replaced with Darker random color
    # {player} would replaced with Player displayname
    # {left} would replaced by remaining second to teleport
    # {x} would replaced by player current X coord location
    # {y} would replaced by player current Y coord location
    # {z} would replaced by player current Z coord location
    #=====-----=====[ Placeholder Message ]=====-----=====#

    #=====-----=====[ Other Message ]=====-----=====#

    message_config_reload: "Config Successfully Reloaded !"

    message_warp_notfound: "&cWarp name &6{warp} &cNot Found"
    message_warp_deleted: "&7Warp name &6{warp} &7Successfully deleted"
    message_warp_set: "&7Warp &6{warp}&7 Successfully Set !"

    message_sign_timeout: "Sign Creation Cancelled Because Timeout"
    message_sign_please: "Please &eLeft-Click &bon A &6Sign"
    message_sign_now: "Now &eLeft-Click &bon a &6Sign &bto convert it to &6MoreTP Sign"
    message_sign_created: "&6Sign &bSuccessfully Created"
    message_sign_already: "That sign already MoreTP Sign"

    message_teleport_success: "You Are Successfully Teleported To {player}"
    message_teleport_nomoney: "You Don't Have Enough Money"
    message_teleport_norequest: "You Have No Teleport Request !"
    message_teleport_accepted: "{player} &6Accepted &byour teleport request"
    message_teleport_acceptedfrom: "You Accepted Request From {player}"
    message_teleport_dennied: "{player} &6Dennied &byour teleport request"
    message_teleport_denniedfrom: "You Dennied Request From {player}"
    message_teleport_disabled: "{player} Disabled their Teleport , you can't TP him right now !"

    message_teleporthere_notify: "{player} &fAsk Request to &aTeleport &fto his/her location"

    message_teleport_notify: "{player} &fAsk Request to &aTeleport &fto your location"
    message_teleport_notify_yes: "&a&l/tpyes {accept} &7- &f To &aAccept &fRequest"
    message_teleport_notify_no: "&c&l/tpno {deny} &7- &f To &cDeny &fRequest"
    #{accept} will be replaced by accept button
    #{deny} will be replaced by deny button

    message_teleport_notify_expired: "&cRequest will expired in &e{remain} &cseconds"
    message_teleport_requestsent: "&fTeleport Request Has Been Sent to {player}"
    message_teleport_targetnotonline: "Player {player} is not online"
    message_teleport_self: "&cYou can't TP yourself"

    message_forceteleport_sender: "Successfully teleport &a{victim} &bto &c{target}"
    message_forceteleport_target: "You Are Teleported To &a{target} &bby &c{player}"
    message_forceteleport_forcedto: "You Are Forced Teleport To &a{player}"
    message_forceteleport_forced: "Successfully Forced &a{player} &bteleport to you"

    message_device_already: "&cThis Device Location Already Filled"
    message_device_saved: "Location Saved to Your Location"

    message_title_notfound: "&c&lLocation Not Found"
    message_subtitle_notfound: "&fPlease Choose Another Option"
    message_subtitle_pleasewait: "&fPlease Wait"
    message_title_searching: "&6&lSearching..."

    message_notselect_biome: "Please Select Biome To Teleport"
    message_notselect_radius: "Please Select Radius To Teleport"

    message_warp_edit_cost: "You Are Editing Cost Of {warp} Warp"
    message_warp_edit_cooldown: "You Are Editing Cooldown Of {warp} Warp"
    message_warp_edit_enternumber: "&6Please Enter Number In The Chat !"

    message_teleport_delay: "&cYou Must Wait &f{time} &6Seconds &cBefore Teleport Again"

    message_teleport_button_yes_hover: "&6Click To &aAccept%n%&fTeleport Request From &b{player}"
    message_teleport_button_no_hover: "&6Click To &cDeny%n%&fTeleport Request From &b{player}"
    #use %n% for new line

    message_teleport_button_yes_text: "&8[&a&lAccept&8]"
    message_teleport_button_no_text: "&8[&c&lDeny&8]"

    message_chat_comehere: "[comehere]"
    #when someone type that in the chat then it'll be replaced by button to tp to that man
    #Permission moretp.chat.tpme

    message_chat_takeme: "[takeme]"
    #when someone type that in the chat then it'll be replaced by button to tp to you
    #Permission moretp.chat.takeme

    message_chat_button_comehere_text: "&8[&bTPme&8]&r"
    #button text by message_chat_comehere

    message_chat_button_takeme_text: "&8[&aTakeme&8]&r"
    #button text by message_chat_takeme

    message_chat_button_comehere_hover: "&6Click this to Teleport to &f{player}"
    #button hover by message_chat_comehere
    #use %n% for new line

    message_chat_button_takeme_hover: "&6Click this to Take the &f{player} &6to You"
    #button hover by message_chat_takeme
    #use %n% for new line

    message_hide_on: "&bTeleport Hidden &fNo One Can See You Via /tp or /tpa Now !"
    message_hide_off: "&cTeleport Revealed &fEveryone Can See You via /tp or /tpa Now !"

    message_tptoggle_on: "&bTeleport Disabled &fNo One Can Teleport you via /tp or /tpa Now !"
    message_tptoggle_off: "&cTeleport Enabled &fEveryone Can Teleport you via /tp or /tpa Now !"

    message_adminteleport_teleported: "&bSuccessfully Force Teleport To {player}"
    message_adminteleport_teleporthere: "&bSuccessfully Force Teleport {player} to you"

    message_silent_on: "&bSilent Mode On ! &fYou Can TP Without Worry About Particle Now"
    message_silent_off: "&cSilent Mode Off !"

    message_teleport_targetnopermiss: "Currently &6{target} &cDoesn't Have Permission To Accept Your Teleport"

    Code (Text):

    name: Survival
    displayname: '&8&l[&b&m=--------=&8&l> &f&l{warpname} &8&l<&7&b&m=--------=&8&l]'
    - '&8&m------------&r &bWarp Info &8&m-----------'
    - ''
    - '&bPermission&f&l: &8[&f{permission}&8]'
    - '&bCooldown&f&l: &b{cooldown} &fsecond'
    - '&bCost&f&l: &b{cost}'
    - '&bLocation&f&l:'
    - '&8- &fWorld&f&l: &b{world}'
    - '&8- &fX&f&l: &b{x}'
    - '&8- &fY&f&l: &b{y}'
    - '&8- &fZ&f&l: &b{z}'
    - ''
    - '&8&m---------------------------------'
    cooldown: 3
    cost: 50.0
    glowing: false
    permission: moretp.warp.{warpname}
    item: ENDER_PEARL
    location: World<>4.619019032123175<>65.0<>693.5008096808232<>10.350062<>67.19385
    slot: 1
    Code (Text):

    #Check out this link to see available Material for item
    #Note: This Material list is For the latest release of Spigot version
    #so some material maybe not work in older version [Example: BONE_BLOCK only work for 1.11]

    #=====-----=====[ Placeholder Message ]=====-----=====#
    # {b} would replaced by radius option
    # {cost} Cost for the Option
    # {perm} permission
    #=====-----=====[ Placeholder Message ]=====-----=====#

    #[IMPORTANT] There must be at least 1 Option in menu radius list , And max option is 7
        name: "&eBiome&f&l: &fRANDOM"
        item: COMPASS
        biome: RANDOM
        cost: 0
        permission: ""
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        - "  &fAccept Teleport To All Biome "
        - "  &fCost&f&l: &6{cost}"
        - " "
        - "  &fPermission: &8[&f{perm}&8]"
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        name: "&eBiome&f&l: &c{b}"
        item: SAND
        biome: DESERT
        cost: 50
        permission: ""
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        - "  &fDo You Love &cHot &fPlace On The &aEarth &f? "
        - "  &fMaybe This Is The Place ! "
        - "  &fCost&f&l: &6{cost}"
        - " "
        - "  &fPermission: &8[&f{perm}&8]"
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        name: "&eBiome&f&l: &a{b}"
        item: SAPLING
        biome: FOREST
        cost: 50
        permission: ""
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        - "  &fWho Doesn't Love The &aFresh Air In &bForest "
        - "  &fThey Must not have Normal &3Brain "
        - "  &fCost&f&l: &6{cost}"
        - " "
        - "  &fPermission: &8[&f{perm}&8]"
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        name: "&eBiome&f&l: &6{b}"
        item: DEAD_BUSH
        biome: MESA
        cost: 500
        permission: "moretp.biome.mesa"
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        - "  &fThis Is The &dRarest Biome &fon Minecraft "
        - "  &fMay Take &nSome Time&f &fTo Search "
        - "  &fCost&f&l: &6{cost}"
        - " "
        - "  &fPermission: &8[&f{perm}&8]"
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        name: "&eBiome&f&l: &3{b}"
        item: WOOL
        biome: TAIGA
        cost: 200
        permission: ""
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        - "  &fWho Doesn't Know About &bTaiga ? "
        - "  &aSHEEP &fEverywhere Bro "
        - "  &fCost&f&l: &6{cost}"
        - " "
        - "  &fPermission: &8[&f{perm}&8]"
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        name: "&eBiome&f&l: &2{b}"
        item: VINE
        biome: JUNGLE
        cost: 500
        permission: "moretp.biome.jungle"
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        - "  &aAdventure &fAnd Search For &2Jungle &fDungeon "
        - "  &fFeel Like &6Treasure Hunter "
        - "  &fCost&f&l: &6{cost}"
        - " "
        - "  &fPermission: &8[&f{perm}&8]"
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        name: "&eBiome&f&l: &b{b}"
        item: RAW_FISH
        biome: RIVER
        cost: 200
        permission: ""
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"
        - "  &fRiver Is The Place For &bFishing "
        - "  &fAll hail &5Fishing Mania !! "
        - "  &fCost&f&l: &6{cost}"
        - " "
        - "  &fPermission: &8[&f{perm}&8]"
        - "&8&m-------------------------------------"

    - Completing In-Game Edit [Done] :cool:
    - Teleport Between Server (Bungeecoord) [In-Queue]:D
    - Per Player Teleport Particle (Different teleport particle option for each player) [In-Queue]:D
    - Player Home With GUI [In-Queue]:D
    - Json Chat [Done]:cool:
    - Portal Support [In-Queue] :D
    - Telepad Feature[In-Queue] :D
    - Please Suggest To Me What Should I DO ! :D
    Donate: http://paypal.me/EnvyE
    You can donate to me to make help me buy some food during this plugin development , i really appreciate every donation from you , thank's
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Recent Reviews

  1. DarrienYap
    Version: 0.3.4c
    why player cannot /tpa ?
    it say you dont have the permission to tpa that player

    i already give permission
  2. iloveadam2005
    Version: 0.3.4c
    Nice plugin! I have server and player was love it.Thank you from worked this plugin! By:KingiloveYT
  3. EshanK711
    Version: 0.3.4c
    I absolutely hate how you can't change the plugin prefix unless you have the premium version. I can't even find the premium version of this plugin.
    1. Onenrico
  4. broyuken
    Version: 0.3.4c
    Doesn't seem to work with /home or /spawn. This is a big issue. Also, could you add it so there can be no delay normally, but a delay when hostile mobs are near?

    Like you can normally /spawn with no delay, but if there is a zombie near you there is a 10 second delay before you tp.
    Version: 0.3.4c
    Thing is as we can't change the prefix beacouse there is no premium version you should ad a thing in config where i could enable or disable prefix (and not do it Premuim) for just adding the response in java class
    <MoreTP> Only premuim can change prefix

    so add a thing called
    show_prefix: false (or true) (and Non Premuim)
    as soon as you did this i will give you 5star or make a paid version
    1. Onenrico
  6. Ballewow
    Version: 0.3.4c
    prefix why does not change ???? !!
  7. Sallomy
    Version: 0.3.4c
    This is Cool But You Should Support The Plugin World Border! When i USe the radius Thingy i may be out of the world border Please HElp!
  8. MCloud
    Version: 0.3.4c
    Prefix can not be modified.
    Premium Version, where is this thing?
    PREMIUM ??????????????
    1. Onenrico
  9. Zander0507
    Version: 0.3.4c
    Excellent plugin!, hoping to open the paid version
    I want to change the prefix :|
    1. Onenrico
  10. BlueObsidian
    Version: 0.3.4c
    Roses are red, Violets are blue.
    Terlalu epic :/
    Sangat epic :\
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    bisa gk pake EssentialsX :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 ??
    pertanyaan gw terlalu nub.