♡ SmashOrPass ♡ Yes, its on Minecraft ♡ 100% configurable ♡ GUI's ♡ Titles ♡ Stats ♡ Free ♡ And more 2.1

Yeet, smash or pass has arrived on Minecraft!

  1. LagBug
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
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    SmashOrPass brings into Minecraft servers the game that you *should* all know, Smash Or Pass! Anyway, if you have never played it, let me explain to you what exactly it is! So, not in Minecraft, the concept is like let’s say someone shows you a picture of a person or creature, you would say “smash” if you would want to date and or have intimate bedroom time with what’s being shown to you or you would say “pass” if you simply have no interest. And no, saying smash in a someone that is the same gender as you, doesn't mean anything ._. Now, in the Minecraft version I made you have to do "/sop {player}" and that will open a GUI that you will have to choose between Smash Or Pass! The way you should decide this, is about how the player's skin looks and also if he/she is rehearsal good or bad but you can judge on your own way, there are no limits! You are a bird that flieees all over the sky! So what are you waiting for? Start smashing and passing random players and YouTubers! ;P

    Weeew Smash Or Pass has many features so let me tell you some of them:
    Every player command, works within a GUI so it is really easy for players to understand how the whole plugin works and interact effectively with it!

    Everything is saved into a custom file (data.dat) which you can easily open and edit, if you want to manually change someones smashes/passes or edit some stuff!

    Every message or GUI item is fully configurable through the config.yml file which will give you the ability to make the plugin look more custom and more enjoyable!

    Ehh, my plugin obviously has permission support which will give you a full control on who can use each command separately!

    A reload command, couldn't be missing for a cool plugin like this one! You can use this command so you won't have to stop/restart your whole server to save a small change you made!

    Showing how many Smashes/Passes player's have! Aka stats! Such a great feature since it will save you lot of time and make the plugin much better!

    SmashOrPass obviously includes a cooldown between smashes/passes that you are able to disable or change the duration of it through the config file!

    The plugin also supports titles so player will never again miss a
    smash or a pass! The cool thing about that is that you can disable through the config file!
    We also have a clear command so your server moderators won't have to open the config file in order to reset someone's smashes or passes!

    ● "/sop" - Opens the Smash Or Pass GUI!
    ● "/sopr" - Reloads the plugin files!
    ● "/smashes" - Checks how many smashes a player has!
    ● "/passes" - Checks how many passes a player has!
    ● "/smashed" - Shows a list of heads that have smash someone!
    ● "/passed" - Shows a list of heads that have pass someone!
    ● "/sopclear" - Clears someone's stats!


    ● "sop.use" - Use the /sop command.
    "sop.reload" - Use the /sopr command.
    "sop.stats.smashes" - Use the /smashes command.
    "sop.stats.passes" - Use the /passes command.
    "sop.stats.smashed" - Use the /smashed command.
    "sop.stats.passed" - Use the /passed command.
    "sop.admin.clear" - Use the /sopclear command.

    Thanks to @ericbarbwire

    Note: Some of the pictures are outdated!



    Code (Text):
                  #   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Plugin made with love by LagBug ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   #
                     #   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey you, rate the plugin! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   #
       # ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For support, join here: https://discord.gg/sJg2J56 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #

        cooldown-time: 30 #In seconds
        smash-message: '&8 > &e%smasher% &6just smashed &e%smashed%! &6Good job! :P'
        pass-message: '&8 > &e%passer% &6just passed &e%passed%! &6Rip, so many ugly people here..'
        reload-message: '&8 > &aSuccessfully reloaded the config files!'
        cooldown-message: '&8 > &6You must wait &e%remaining% &6seconds before doing that again!'
        admin-wrong-usage: '&8 > &eBruh! &6The right usage is: &e/sopc {player} all/smash/pass'
        success-clear: '&8 > &6Successfully cleared stats for &e%player%'
        no-permission: '&8 > &eMwahaaha! &6You think I would let you do that?'
        no-console: '&8 > &6Eeeh, you are the &econsole&6, you can''t do that!'
        no-player: '&8 > &6Umm you need to specify a player, &edon''t you?'
        already-vote: '&8 > &6You already voted for that player!'
        target-offline: '&8 > &e%offlinep% &6is not online!'
        smash-title: '&a:)'
        smash-subtitle: '&e%smasher% &6just smashed &e%smashed%'
        pass-title: '&c:('
        pass-subtitle: '&e%passer% &6just passed &e%passed%'
             gui-name: '&8Smash Or Pass?'
             smash-item-name: '&6Smash for this one obviously!'
                     - '&7Click here to smash this'
                     - '&7player into the ground xD'
             skull-item-name: '&6%player%'
                     - '&7Hmmm, %player% seems to be'
                     - '&7so cool! Maybe a smash, maybe'
                     - '&7not.. It''s up to you to choose!'
                     - ''
                     - '&8&l> §7Smashed: &e%smashtimes% times!'
                     - '&8&l> §7Passed: &e%passtimes% times!'        
             pass-item-name: '&6Hell no.. Pass won that time!'
                     - '&7Click here to pass this'
                     - '&7player! He probably sucks!'
             gui-name: '&8Smashes'
             skull-item-name: '&6%player%'
                     - '&7Here, you can see how'
                     - '&7many times %player% got'
                     - '&7smashed by other players!'
                     - ''
                     - '&8&l> &7Smashed: &e%smashtimes% times!'
             gui-name: '&8Passes'
             skull-item-name: '&6%player%'
                     - '&7Here, you can see how'
                     - '&7many times %player% got'
                     - '&7passed by other players!'
                     - ''
                     - '&8&l> &7Passed: &e%passtimes% times!'
             gui-name: '&8Smashed'
             skull-item-name: '&6%player%'
             gui-name: '&8Passed'
             skull-item-name: '&6%player%'
    Code (Text):
        Player: LagBug
        - LagBug
        - WowcanPepsi
        - jimzeromc
        - ChristosGr
        - TrackerAr
        - pizzaroll_
        - Backwards
        - KmilesMC


    ● Add MySQL support [5%] [Might take some time]
    ● I'm always open to suggestions! <3

    This plugin is using Metris to get some stats about how many players use this plugin and stuff like that, if you want to know more information about this please refer to this link: https://bstats.org/
    You can check this plugins Metrics with this link: https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/SmashOrPass

    ● You are not allowed to claim this plugin as your own.
    ● You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin.
    ● You are not allowed to modify or change anything in code or plugin.yml in any form without my permission.
    ● Don't report bugs in the Reviews put them on Discord server instead.

Recent Updates

  1. Metrics - 2.1
  2. Data file update - 2.0
  3. {Update - 1.9}

Recent Reviews

  1. jantjedv
    Version: 2.1
    Funny plugin to troll people. You'll need to be carefull with accidentaly sending a smash or pass to your gf>.<
    1. LagBug
      Author's Response
      Thanks, be careful ^.^
  2. xLegitSnipR
    Version: 2.0
    Pretty funny plugin. (also good for using it on people which you hate ;) )

    Me and my friends had some fun times with this plugin, and I like the concept of this plugin :P

    - Decimated.
    1. LagBug
      Author's Response
      <3 To people you love as well! xD
  3. ericbarbwire
    Version: 1.6
    Amazing plugin for any sort of server with roleplaying aspects! Developer is super friendly and always willing to add in suggestions! Highly recommend.
    1. LagBug
      Author's Response
      Glad you are having fun! I 've worked hard for this plugin and I believe the plugin has become really cool! Thank you
  4. dakala
    Version: 1.5

    Developer is really friendly
    Awesome plugin!!

    1. LagBug
      Author's Response
      Thanks both for your kind words about me and the plugin!
  5. zDan_YT
    Version: 1.3
    lmao gg xD

    this plugin is in use by hypixel, and I really wanted this, thank you so much!
    1. LagBug
      Author's Response
      Haha, glad you are enjoying the plugin! If you need any help or anything just contact me!
  6. NATroutter
    Version: 1.1
    I laughed so much super cool idea :D nice work
    keep up this kind of original work
    1. LagBug
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! I will try to keep it up! :D
  7. SaMaGamers
    Version: 1.1
    What I nice idea. Very original! Great Developer. Maybe you can make when two players smashes eachother, that they can chat/date. Idk what I'm saying xD
    Keep up the good work
    1. LagBug
      Author's Response
      Thanks! <3 Maybe when 2 players smash each other, get teleported to a private place with a private chat? xDD Would you like that?
  8. WowcanPepsi
    Version: 1.0
    and Make more AWESOME plugins like these in the future! :)
    1. LagBug
      Author's Response
      Thanks, mr. Pepsi! Am coming with some new cool plugins! Stay tuned!
  9. HaeroPiggy
    Version: 1.0.0
    like it :D......................................................................
    1. LagBug
      Author's Response
      Hehe, Thanks a lot! I worked hard for this plugin and the results are great! If you need any help or have any ideas, make sure to contact me!