♦♢ GemCrush ♢♦ [for GameBox] 3.0.0

Inventory game based on Candy Crush

  1. More customisation for the game | Reward players with Tokens

    Different rewards for different game modes :cool:

    The old 'onGameEnd' section was responsible for defining the different rewards depending on a players score. That option is now moved to the different games modes. That means you can have two different game modes with completely different rewards for different scores. Maybe even a training game with low cost and no rewards.

    • Appart from money you can reward your players with tokens now (see GameBox 1.0.1 Update)
    • The game will now check for the GameBox version running on your server. If it is too low, the plugin will print warnings in the console and disable.
    • Fixed problem when game couldn't find a score intervall for a given score.
    • Improved the default game modes ;)
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