♦ Advanced LaunchPads ♦ [Custom] [Particles, Sounds, Cooldown, VIP perms] [1.8 - 1.11] 1.4.2

Custom Advanced LaunchPads Skript, And has many features

  1. Added New Sounds system [location system] [v 1.4.2]

    Hello everybody,

    Since last update, I wasn't working on this plugin, and I'm using it on my new server (OPG4MERS) and I wanted to let other players to hear the jump sound, so I made it and here we are it's available for all of you :)
    The new link for the sounds can be found beside the sounds options.

    » Ayham
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  2. Quick fix » v1.4.1

    Sorry about the last update, i missed the (No permission message) bug!
    Because i edited the wrong version.

    • Fixed:
    ○ Fixed No Permission to use LP message (BUG)

    • I hope all of you guys to have fun using my skripts, and please do not forget to leave a good review. I've done a lot of work on my skripts.
    • If there is anything i forgot to do please PM me or Discuss it with me in the Discuss...
  3. Big Update » Fixes and new features » v1.4

    • Sorry for taking too long to complete this update and fix some known bugs, But now I'm done.
    • This is a big update it has some new and good features and important fixes.

    • ChangeLog:
    » Added message when you do "/lp info" and there is no LP below you.
    » Fixed Duplicated IDs, so now you can register launchpads with id test, tes, te and t .. and more with no errors.
    » Added Help message "/lp...
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  4. 1.3 Update » Fixing

    Sorry for this bug! it's a small bug but i didn't noticed it then
    » Fixed:
    » Players that don't have LaunchPad use permission receive the no permission message when they move.
    • Maybe users didn't noticed this bug too because most of servers owners gives everyone launchpad use permission that's why, and thanks god i noticed it :)
    • Thank you...
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  5. LaunchPads Registration & Messages & Commands ( v1.2 )

    Update Version 1.2
    What's new:
    • Added No Permission to launch message ( Customizable )
    • Option to Enable/Disable LaunchPads Registration (Disabled by default) ( Customizable )
    • Added New command (Launchpad) ( Customizable )
    • Can use argument "list" in command "Launchpad"
    • The...
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  6. Cooldown

    Not important update.. just fixed a wrong word,
    replaced Countdown with Cooldown.
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