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  1. Less requirements + New event supported [v1.3.4]

    • Sorry for not updating this for some time.
    • This is a good update I recommend to use it.

    • Added Pickup event as requested from @minezock
    • Umbaska addon is not required anymore, as I've replaced the old Write to File effect with SkUtilites effect. (You can simply remove Umbaska)
    • NOTE: if you get some error like THIS please just backup and remove the file mentioned in the error and you shall not receive this error from the same file again.
    • NOTE: Skript is still supporting MC 1.13 but it's not stable yet and contains bugs also it doesn't support older versions, due to that I'm not responsible of any bugs that may occur when using MC 1.13, I personally recommend to keep using MC 1.12 as there are many plugins that still updating to MC 1.13 and some of plugins are having troubles with that update for now.
    • If you want any new features please PM me or post it on discussion page of the plugin.
    » Have a great day.
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