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The all-in-one solution to making sure players read and follow the rules!

  1. kixmc
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    RuleQuizzer is a simple plugin that makes new players to take a quiz on the server rules. It accomplishes this by limiting the players ability to do certain things like walking, chatting, building, etc. until the quiz is taken.

    The plugin is completely customizable is made to fit many server gamemodes and styles.

    I made this plugin after frustration seeing that rarely anyone ever even looked at servers rules unless they were asked to individually. If you'd like to make sure people are aware of the rules, this is the way to go!

    Version compatiblility note:
    RuleQuizzer has been tested and is confirmed working in Minecraft 1.12, 1.12.2, 1.13, 1.13.1, and 1.13.2.

    Any other versions before 1.12 may work, but it is not guaranteed the plugin will be compatible with it.

    I will not be making support for versions before 1.12, however, updates to support Minecraft 1.13.1 and future versions will be released!


    1) Highly adaptable
    Made to fit YOUR server. Packed with many settings and messages you can change to work seamlessly with your server.

    2) Simple to use
    Easy to understand configuration, no complex layouts.
    You write your quiz, the plugin does the rest of the work.

    3) Efficiently programmed
    Quality, not quantity. Each line of code is carefully written to run seamlessly behind the scenes and have no performance impact on your server.

    4) Rewards
    Reward players for completing the quiz by running unlimited commands through the console, and/or from their player.

    Let's go through an example quiz right now! Click the spoiler below to see an example of something you can do with RuleQuizzer.

    you type /rulequiz

    after reading the text and getting a good look at the rules, you type 'ready' in chat

    in the configuration, you can choose whether the rules list gets hidden or stays visible once the quiz begins.

    Important note:
    As of plugin version 1.4-RELEASE responses are counted from 1 instead of 0. (1, 2, 3, etc instead of 0, 1, 2 etc)

    you type 2 in chat because that is the correct answer according to the rules shown
    that was correct! now you type 2 to confirm response number 2

    you type 0 in chat

    but what if you typed in the wrong answer?
    You'd get the incorrect answer message and you'd have to start again from the beginning. The rules will be re-shown to you to refresh your memory.

    congrats! you just completed your first rule quiz. ready to make your own now? keep scrolling to learn more!

    what are those messages at the bottom?
    Those are the rewards! You can customize unlimited commands to run in the console with placeholders like %player% for the players name. You can also run as many commands as you'd like the player!

    The first message seen ([kixr] I did it!) is a command being ran on the player (/say I did it!) and the 2nd message ([Server: Given [Diamond] * 10 to kixr] ) is a command being run through the console (/give %player% diamond 10)

    Customization is key to having a professional feeling server, and a server that people can enjoy themselves while playing. That's why RuleQuizzer is highly adjustable to fit YOUR servers needs and style.

    This is a complete rundown of stuff you can change in the plugin... ready, go!

    The following are messages that you can change to fit your server and make the quiz how you want it.
    1. Rule header
    2. Message prefix
    3. Answer message (footer below the quiz pages)
    4. Correct answer message
    5. Incorrect answer message
    6. Introduction message
    7. Finished quiz message
    8. Cancelled the quiz message
    9. Already completed the quiz message
    10. Notification that the user has to take the quiz in order to play
    11. Responses format
    12. Broadcast that's sent to the server when the player completes the quiz.
    13. Chat disabled message

    The following options can be turned on or off to control how the player uses your server until they've completed the quiz. All these restrictions and settings are taken off immediately after the quiz is done!

    1. Notify the player they haven't completed the quiz upon joining.
    2. Block or allow the player from moving.
    3. Block or allow the breaking and placing of blocks.
    4. Block or allow interacting with things such as chests, doors, etc.
    5. Block or allow chat when the quiz is not in progress. (when they first join and haven't said 'READY' yet.)
    6. Block or allow the use of commands
    7. Make the player invincible or let them be susceptible to damage.
    8. Broadcast to the server when the player completes the quiz
    9. Clear the chat after the quiz starts to hide the rules

    Miscellaneous things you can change

    1. The rules.
    2. The amount of questions in the quiz (you can have just 1, all the way up to a million! which is not recommended lol)
    3. Commands ran through console when the player finishes the quiz. (for example, give the player a diamond with /give %player% diamond) You can add as many of these as you'd like!
    4. Commands ran from the player when they finish the quiz. (for example, make the player run /spawn once they finish the quiz, etc.) You can also add as many of these as you'd like!

    tl;dr (too long, didn't read):
    1. All messages shown and broadcasted to players.

    2. Events like if the player is allowed to walk, place or break blocks, chat, run commands, and more.

    2. End of quiz commands: Run unlimited commands through the console and from the player!

    see the list above for a detailed list of the customization


    Commands for players
    1. /rulequiz
    [no permission]
    begin the servers rule quiz if you haven't already done it

    2. /rules
    see the server rules

    3. /rulequiz credits
    [no permission]
    see the plugin credits

    3. /rulequiz help
    [no permission]
    shows the commands listed here

    Commands for admins
    1. /rulequiz reload
    reloads the configuration file. please note some changes require a server restart to be updated.

    Want to make only new players take the rule quiz and not players who have already played?
    Add the permission rulequiz.ignore and they will just have to type /rulequiz to be automatically be finished!

    Upon installing RuleQuizzer, it will automatically disable itself. This is so you can customize and setup the config before players do the quiz. To enable the plugin simply change the top option in the config titled enable-plugin to true.
    The code below is the default generated config.
    Code (YAML):

    # Main Configuration for RuleQuizzer v1.4-RELEASE
    # All messages are completely customizable along with how the plugin behaves.
    # -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # RuleQuiz stores data directly inside the plugin. This means that everyone who logs in
    # after the plugin has been installed will have to take the rule quiz, ignoring previous
    # logins. You can easily remove if a player has taken the quiz by removing their UUID
    # from the completed-players section below.
    # Use the pre-created template for creating your own rule quiz!
    # -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    # IMPORTANT: The plugin will NOT work until the option below is set to TRUE! This is here to allow you to set up the plugin how you want it before it is
    # enabled for people to use.
    : false
    : "&aIt looks like you already played here before. You don't have to take the quiz. All set!"
    : '&r&lOur Rules:'
    : '&e&lRules &r> &7'
    : "&b&oType the number corresponding to the rule in which you believe is correct in chat."
    : "&a&lCorrect answer! Next question:"
    : "&c&lIncorrect answer! Please try again."
    : "&aBelow is our server rules. Please read them carefully, when you're ready to begin the quiz, type 'READY' in chat. You can exit the quiz by typing 'CANCEL' anytime."
    : "&eThank you for finishing the rule quiz. You may now access all the server features!"
    : "&7&oCancelled the quiz. When you are ready, type &r/rulequiz&7&o."
    : "&cYou already completed the rule quiz!"
    : "&8(&c&l!&8) &r&oBefore you play, you have to learn the rules! Type &6/rulequiz&r&o to begin."
    : "%question_number% > %question%"
    : "&e&l%player% &r&6just completed the rule quiz and is now an official member!"
    : "&7&oSending messages has been disabled while you take the quiz. It will be enabled after you complete the quiz!"
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : true
    - '&d1> &5This is the default rule list.'
    - '&d2> &5You can customize this in the config!'
    - '&d3> &5Players will read these rules before they take the quiz!'
    - '&d4> &5These rules will also be displayed when anyone runs &r/rules&5 on the server!'
    : '1'
    : 'This is an example quiz question. Answer: 1'
       - See the SpigotMC page for a quiz example and the
        - correct formatting that should be done in order to
        - get the most out of this plugin!
     - 'say I did it!'
     - 'give %player% diamond 10'
    : []

    The placeholder %player% can be used in the end of quiz commands both console and player. It can also be used at the end of the quiz server broadcast message.

    %question_number% and %question%
    can be used in the questionformat message.
    %question% stands for the response text, and %question_number% stands for the number corresponding to the response text (%question%).

    If you have any questions or need support with RuleQuiz, or any of my plugins contact me on my Discord Server!

    Have a suggestion? Add a reply in the resource discussion and I'll get back to you.

    Enjoy what I made? Leave a review for others to see! I really appreciate it! <3


    RuleQuizzer uses bStats to improve features with anonymous statistics.


    Create Coupons that give rewards!

    Kix's Auto Announcer
    Create beautiful automatic chat announcements easily all in-game! PlaceholderAPI Support

    Kix's Simple Chat Filter

    Block certain words from being said in chat or commands! Customizable messages
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