♦ RuleQuizzer ♦ [1.12.x - 1.13.2] 1.6-RELEASE

The all-in-one solution to making sure players read and follow the rules!

  1. 1.13.2 Support & Improvements

    When updating you do not have to delete your config file. Simply erase your current version of RuleQuizzer .jar file and place the new 1.6-RELEASE file in your plugins folder.

    + Added 1.13.2 version support

    + From this release and forward, the plugin will utilize bStats to improve future releases with better features and more relevant changes with anonymous statistics.

    If you have any questions and/or are looking for support with any of my plugins, feel free to leave...
  2. Enhanced color support

    A simple update that allows the usage of colorcodes in the options displayed during the rule quiz.
  3. Important config changes [READ]

    This update of RuleQuiz includes a few changes that improve the plugin. You will have to make some changes to your config to make this work right.

    First of all, there's now a new permission node rulequiz.ignore. You can give this to players/groups you want to not have to take the quiz. (The messages will still pop up when they first join but after they type /rulequiz it will automatically complete it for them and they won't have to do it again. Players without the permission will be...
  4. Make the quiz only for new players

    A simple update that adds a new permission.

    Add the permission rulequiz.ignore to players or groups you want the plugin to ignore. This can be useful if you don't want players who have already played to take the quiz.
  5. Error Patch

    This release of RuleQuizzer fixes multiple issues in the previous version:
    - Fixed an annoying error that spammed console whenever players chatted. This works as intended now.

    - Fixed a simple typo with the previous versions title. (plugin.yml version different from actual version)

    You do not have to delete your config file to update to this version.

    Steps to update:

    Delete RuleQuizzer-(version)-RELEASE from your plugins folder.
    Add the new 1.2-RELEASE file...
  6. 1.13.1 Support!

    The plugin now supports versions 1.12.x through 1.13.x, enjoy!