♦ Tools Options ♦ [/rename, /lore, /shine, /enchant, /emoji] [1.8 - 1.12+] 1.1

Useful commands for your items, /rename, /lore, /shine, /enchant, /emoji *Fully Customized

  1. Major Update » Added lots of new features » v1.1

    New features:

    - Added /rename reset
    - Emojis support (in lore, rename, chat)
    - Added emoji command
    - Blacklist words (in lore, rename)
    - Blacklist items (in lore, rename)
    - Check if player is holding an item or not
    - Added Enchant command (remove feature removes all enchantments. Atm there is no (remove a specific enchantment))
    - Add help argument to all command except /shine command

    Thank you for downloading my plugin.
    Have a nice day :).
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