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Unique racing game with 24 differents vehicles and 34 items STABLE - FEATUREFUL - OPTIMAL

  1. majorprobes
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    WinterGuardian, MajorProbes

    MobRacers is a very fun, intuitive, robust and incredibly unique minigame. Taking the familiar qualities of MarioKart and applying it to the realm of MineCraft. MobRacers seeks to be a plugin that is guaranteed to attract and retain players for any and every server!

    IMPORTANT: 1.9 Update

    Many of you were expecting the 1.9 version of this plugin to be completed on the 28/03/2016. This was not possible as the Spigot Resource team suspended the plugin when it was found within WinterGuardian's source code an auto voting feature to add votes to his old MC server.

    This meant i have had to spend time removing and reviewing larger sections of the code than expected. I have removed the offending code from the 1.8 version, pushed the update live on spigot, got the plugin un-banned and have included the source at the bottom of this page.

    I am now starting the process of upgrading this plugin to 1.9 from scratch again. I have however enlisted the help of @gyurix to get this plugin up to date faster. He is an excellent developer and will no doubt be valuable to the updating of this plugin.

    ESTIMATED 1.9 RELEASE DATE: 06/04/2016

    Features (1).png
    • W-A-S-D Mob/Vehicle Control.
    • 24 different mobs to race with See list
    • 10 unique items to choose from and 1 special item per Mob (34 total items) See list
    • Choose from 10 different music disks pre-match.
    • Supports both BungeeCord Networks and single Spigot servers (Multiverse or not)
    • Choose from SQL or YML Stats storage!
    • Supports any JDBC database (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and more!)
    • Restoration option for player location/inventory/xp/potion-effects/health/food upon leaving the game
    • Unique In-game currency for purchasing mobs and music discs
    • Achievements system to unlock mobs and music discs
    • Supports both circuits and sprints
    • Multi-arena vote system
    • 5 dynamic scoreboards well placed in game
    • Complete arena ranking system with stats
    • Spectator mode with compass selector and Gamemode 3
    • Complete arena regeneration system
    • 100% translatable, currently contains English, French, Spanish, German and Russian language files
    • Options to auto-inject new messages in the lang file
    • PlaceHolderAPI support See list
    • Vault Economy Support
    • Awesome inventory GUI for vehicle/mob/arena selection)
    • 100% customizable icons for the arenas GUI
    • Command signs to do all the in game commands
    • Titles, action bar, tab header/footer, json interactive messages are used wisely
    • Giant config file that is constantly growing to let you edit more options
    • Tab-complete commands everywhere in the plugin
    • Option to dynamically change the MOTD for the server
    • Option to remove Vanilla join/leave messages.
    • No dependencies! All the supported plugins/apis are optional
    • Source code is included! Make your own MobRacers version

    For more information on this 1.8.8 version of the plugin and install instructions please visit WinterGuardian's original Plugin page:


    Once the 1.9 update is complete, I will start working on all the documentation and implement a Wiki.

    If you need any support please post in the discussion thread and ill do my best to help. If this work is useful to you all i ask is you leave a review.

    View-Source (5).png

    If you are able to contribute to the project, please just submit changes to the repository.

    Please feel free to fork and make any changes you wish, please do note that i will not provide support for custom versions and issues with your own builds of this plugin should not be discussed on here.

    Have Fun!​
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    Version: 1.1.40
  2. Gregpaskano
    Version: 1.1.40
    PLS update this plugin to 1.14. I need this. Make more updates this plugin is amazing!
  3. mijo1652
    Version: 1.1.40
    Awesome... but it's sad, because no one cares about the plugin :( ...
  4. NotBadSyntax
    Version: 1.1.40
    the best and most funny minigame :D Thank You :)))

  5. Lex200Gaming
    Version: 1.1.40
    This Is An Awesome Plugin But I Wish It Was For Other Versions Such As 1.8 - 1.12 Because My Server Is For 1.12
  6. Thobov
    Version: 1.1.40
    It is a very nice plugin, but when does the 1.9 or 1.10 version come out? It is over 4 months since the last update. Is it abadoned? Please update it because my players want to play it again :D Good Luck with updating the plugin and see ya
  7. Jakub_CZ
    Version: 1.1.40
    [15:02:23] [Server thread/ERROR]: Could not load 'plugins/MobRacers.jar' in folder 'plugins'
    org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: me/winterguardian/mobracers/MobRacersPlugin : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0
  8. Oni
    Version: 1.1.40
    Wiked plugin, best racer on minceraft cant wait for the next version 1.9 update 10/10!!! have this running on my and my friends server and its great
  9. toolbum
    Version: 1.1.40
    Best Mario Kart minecraft plugin EVAIR, this is my very best favourite and should be on every server in my opinion. If this plugin is not on your server then your server is not a proper server and you need to rectify that problem immediately. The end, nuff said. Just download it, OK?
  10. Pon4ik
    Version: 1.1.40
    Very good plugin. I hope that the plugin will not once to ulocate and will be even better. Good luck to the developer. :)