⚔ ⚡ EpicSet-Clans [1.8-1.15]⚡⚔ A unique teaming plugin for your server 1.2.2

The most Epic Clans & Teaming plugin You can get for free

  1. Minor bug fixes

    Made some minor bug fixes.
    Also decided to make the source code public.
  2. Added Clan Tag ==> Shorter Clan Names.

    Instructions to update:
    1. Load the new update in your server
    2. Run the following commands
      Code (Text):
      /clanadmin refresh config
      /clanadmin refresh messages
      /clanadmin refresh commands
    3. Restart the server
    Whats new:
    1. Added new clan tags which are shorter versions of the clan name.
    2. Added placeholders for the clan tags
      Code (Text):
      %epicset-clans_clan_tag%        #clan tag with color (if any)
      %epicset-clans_clan_tag_raw%    #clan tag without...
  3. Fixed Un-Handled errors on load

    -Fixed some un handled errors on loading
    -Improved files saving
  4. Bug fixes & Improved Commands

    - Made some Improvements to ally & truce commands
    - Updated worldguard hook so it doesnt crash on reload
    - improved files saving & loading
  5. Bug fixes & Improved clan top sorting

    Made some bug fixes