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Create custom mobs and bosses with advanced skills, attributes, equipment, and more!

  1. Xikage
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    The #1 Custom Monster Creator
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    MythicMobs allows server administrators to fully modify all attributes of monsters on your server, and even create your own mobs, bosses, and other many other fun mob-related things.

    To sum it up, Mythic Mobs gives you control over and access to:

    • Mob Attributes: Modifying all mob attributes such as health, damage, speed, follow and combat range, as well as all mob-specific attributes and custom ones exclusive to MythicMobs.
    • Custom Skills: Give mobs custom skills using a powerful scripting system with billions of possible skill combinations and options and using targeters, conditions, triggers, and more.
    • Special Effects: Allowing mobs to use special effects including sounds, particles, and advanced special effects you never thought were possible in Minecraft until now.
    • Items and Drops: Modify loot and equipment in any way possible with our powerful item building system, including using highly-customizable drop tables for mob drops.
    • Damage Modifiers: Use damage modifiers to change how damage affects mobs so they can be immune to drowning, take half damage from arrows, or be healed by fire, etc.
    • Mob Spawners: Unlock the true potential of Spawners using custom spawners, which come with countless options, conditions, attributes, cooldowns, etc!
    • Natural Spawning: Set your custom mobs and bosses up to spawn naturally in different areas of the world, based on any number of conditions you can specify. Replace natural spawns completely, or add new ones!
    • Mob Levels: Allow mobs to scale in level and increase in power based on where and how they spawned, having scaled health, damage, and more abilities as they level!
    • Threat Tables: Allow mobs to use RPG-style Threat Tables, granting increased power and control over their targeting behaviors. No longer can players fool your mobs!
    • Customize AI: Customize your mob's AI, including adding new AI goals found only in MythicMobs or thru our API! Let zombies open doors, have friendly skeleton guards that fight skeletons from other mob factions, and more!
    • Mob Factions: Allow mobs to be a part of factions! Works with the previously mentioned AI Controls so you can have mobs that will fight other factions of mobs, help players, and more!
    • Disguises: Direct integration with LibsDisguises allows any mob to look like literally anything in Minecraft, using the most powerful disguise plugin available.
    • Plugin Compatibility: Integration with a wide variety of popular plugins!
    • An Extremely powerful API for Developers
    • Countless other features...
    Mythic gives you full control over everything related to entities on your server.

    You can finally create that ultimate boss you've always dreamed of crushing your players with. MythicMobs can even create bosses on the level of popular MMORPGs, such as from World of Warcraft. It is an absolute essential for every RPG server.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    MythicMobs' commands can be accessed in-game using the /mythicmobs or /mm commands.

    After running your server with MythicMobs for the first time, you can find all sorts of example files in the MythicMobs folder to get you started with every aspect of the plugin. Mobs, items and random spawning are all handled through .yml files placed in the respective sub-folders. After editing, you can use /mm reload to reload the plugin, and the /mm mobs command to access your newly-created mobs.

    For information on how to configure and use MythicMobs, see http://www.mythicmobs.net


    To make things even better, Mythic is compatible with many of the most popular plugins in Minecraft, and even has addons that extend its functionality further through our API.

    Mythic Addons:

    • Artifacts - Create unbelievable custom items using Mythic's skill system to give your players the edge they need against your mobs!
    • BossShop Add-on - Provides compatibility with the popular shop plugin BossShopPro, allowing you to easily use MythicMobs' items in your shops.
    • Denizen Add-on - Adds full crossover compatibility with Denizen!
    • Quests Add-on - Provides compatibility with the popular Quests plugin, allowing you to complete quests using Mythic Mobs as objectives.
    • Skript Add-on - Adds full crossover compatibility with Skript!
    Popular Plugins Compatible with MythicMobs:
    (PM me if you have a plugin you'd like us to list here!)


    MythicMobs is a complex plugin that can be confusing to start out with due to the incredible number of features and the immense amount of customization you can do.

    To get the most out of it, make sure you join the huge, active MythicMobs community to get help and support, either on our Discord Server or Forums, where you can ask questions, get ideas, and more, directly from the developers, as well as countless other server owners!

    MythicMobs Forums
    Discord Server
    Premade Mobs for Download
    Demo Server: play.mythiccraft.io (in Minecraft)


Recent Updates

  1. MythicMobs v4.9.1
  2. MythicMobs v4.9.0
  3. MythicMobs v4.7.2

Recent Reviews

  1. AdamThePig
    Version: v4.9.1
    This plugin is exceptionally complicated, but it's worth it. It's extremely powerful and well worth the time.
  2. larsan
    Version: v4.9.1
    I use this plugin for a long time. Although there are some problems, I would be happy to give it a 5 star rating. Authors don't like interaction much even after buying plugins. But it's good enough to keep plugins up to date for a long time.The new version has some problems with item import.I hope that can be repaired as soon as possible.
  3. Niko302
    Version: v4.9.1
    Developers refuse to fix an issue with importing items and giving them it results in an error. We decided to purchase the plugin for better support but you can ignore that since they haven't fixed this issue from MARCH!
  4. Danrique
    Version: v4.9.1
    50% of the features works! In these 50% , 25% has bugs and problems. But hey 25% is better than 0 right?
  5. MaiMinhAnh
    Version: v4.9.1
    In 4.9.1, when me stop server, mythicmobs will be stop all spawner, mob can not spawn when restart/stop, i can not run command "/mm s find <range>"
    and it is a big error when update 4.7.2 -> 4.9.1 (I just testing in 1.13.2), Plz fix it! Who want use mythicmobs with no errors, you can use 4.7.2 and wait the update for fix errors!!
  6. xMoltenEyes
    Version: v4.9.1
    Excellent plugin, the only thing is a little bug report, using citizens, below the npc name is shown a text "0 MythicMob Type", idk how to remove it if is possible. Pls help me! :D
  7. Creepeg
    Version: v4.9.1
    Excellent! Best plugin i have ever seen! No bugs seen. Definitely Recommend for a MMORG server
  8. Pokizu
    Version: v4.9.1
    this plugin is aids bruh on god i hate this plugin so much i tried making zombies and it was like nah bro all my homies hate mythic mobs on jah
  9. lol1313245
    Version: v4.9.1
    very good! spawning bandits for my server :) now going to add other random mobs very good!
  10. Taufelino
    Version: v4.9.1
    Excellent plugin , 5/5 stars, please give us more free versions hahahahahahahhahah