⚔EliteMobs⚔ 7.0.3

Dynamic and customizable mini-bosses, bosses, loot, events and so much more!

  1. MagmaGuy
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Do you want the EliteMobs 1.14 dev build? Click here!
    (Currently waiting for the spigot 1.14 stable build to officially release a stable version)
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    Main Features (100% optional and configurable!):
    • Insane loot: Loot procedurally generated loot or custom loot!
    • Elite Mobs: Fight against all types of Elite Mob Bosses with unique powers, loot and combat mechanics!
    • Boss mobs: Challenge big bad unique bosses designed for party-scale battles!
    • Gear-based progression system: Bosses spawn based on what you are wearing and drop items better than what you have. Do the math!
    • Addictive events: Face random events that randomly occur during gameplay!
    • Super Mobs: Stack animals to reduce server lag!
    • Highly customizable: I lost track of how many options there are, send help
    • Fully translatable: If you can read it in-game, you can translate it! And if I forgot to add it, you can report it and I'll fix it right away!
    • Super easy to install! No other plugins required!
    • 24/7 support! I'm on discord 100% of the time, 90% of the time!
    How to setup:

    Watch the video to see how to set up EliteMobs!

    Latest update video:

    Permissions and commands:
    Quick permissions: elitemobs.user
    For the rest: https://github.com/MagmaGuy/EliteMobs/wiki/Permissions-and-commands

    Additional downloads:

    Player guides:
    Feel free to share these guides with players in your servers!

    Power preview!


    You can view details on all powers at this wiki page!
    Custom Loot:

    Procedurally generated Loot:

    API & more detailed info:

    Special Thanks:
    Code (Text):

    Thank you to everyone who's helped by
    - Testing
    - Reporting bugs
    - Adding words to the word banks
    - Translating
    - Reviewing the plugin
    - Sharing this plugin with their friends
    - Supporting me monetarily!

    <3 you all

Recent Reviews

  1. Analiexme
    Version: 7.0.3
    It's not only an extremely good plugin, it's a plugin with the nicest guy I ever met in my life (except my boyfriend) <3. He is unbelievably helpful!
  2. oRyuuk
    Version: 7.0.3
    Easily one of my favorite plugins, EXTREMELY easy to setup and use and the Dev is very helpful with any questions.
    I HIGHLY recommend using this plugin if you feel vanilla minecraft doesnt offer enough challenge for your players.
  3. Cupax3
    Version: 7.0.3
    One of the best plugins out there. The dev is incredibly active and listens to his community for all major new features. My players are so focused on this system and the fun new mobs that I have a hard time convincing them to do anything else. This is a must have for any type of server that wants to have a challenging and rewarding experience for PvE players.
  4. MrAmpersand
    Version: 7.0.3
    This plugin definitely takes mobs to the next level. You can configure next to everything due to the amount of effort the developer has put into it. Although it takes some time to get used to (Especially since he keeps UPDATING IT CONSTANTLY (Which is nice in itself)), you can really make EliteMobs your own.
  5. CrazyCowMM
    Version: 7.0.3
    I wasn't so sure about adding this plugin to my server as I was worried that players might find it too difficult or wouldn't like suddenly having to deal with much stronger mobs. However after a few days all the players say they love it. Thank you so much for making such an amazing plugin that not only is extremely customizable but also runs without me having to change anything!
  6. TooMu
    Version: 7.0.3
    The plugin dev, Magma, probably the most active plugin dev in discord. Also good plugin, this is the base of my server.
  7. EonKid9000
    Version: 7.0.3
    just amazing, 10/10, highly professional dev and very friendly, quick to resolve issues and the plugin itself is m a g i c!
  8. Krymerra
    Version: 7.0.3
    A great plugin which is a mix of mythic drops and mythic mobs. Highly recommend.
  9. Halbgod
    Version: 7.0.3
    This is the most professional developer i have ever met. He is always on Discord helping people with problems.
    This plugin fits perfectly on any survival server, which needs to add some spice to the gameplay.
    Really 6/5 *!
  10. Malevolent_Omen
    Version: 7.0.3
    This Plugin = Amazing.
    The Developer = Amazing. The guy is in Discord 24/7 offering support, he really cares about this project and it shows. Can't recommend enough.