⚔EliteMobs⚔ 6.7.0

Dynamic and customizable mini-bosses, bosses, loot, events and so much more!

  1. MagmaGuy
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Latest update video:
    Main Features (100% optional and configurable!):
    • Custom loot: Create your own loot with custom names, lore, enchantments and even potion effects! Do it here!
    • Procedurally generated loot: Enjoy endless combinations of procedurally generated loot which you can customize!
    • Unique loot: Enjoy items with unique powers that only drop from specific boss mobs!
    • Elite Mobs: Fight against Elite Mobs that spawn at levels based on what armor and weapons players are using, how many players are around and that have unique powers and visual effects!
    • Boss mobs: Fight against unique boss mobs with unique powers that get spawned during events and which drop unique loot with unique powers!
    • Events: Enjoy a variety of challenging automated events which you customize and can also trigger manually, adding variety to the game!
    • Super Mobs: Combine massive animal farms into super mob farms where farm animals stack to a configurable amount to improve server performance and create a new type of farm!
    • Advanced loot tables: Enjoy the progression system that an advanced loot system gives you! Elite Mobs spawn based on the level of your gear, and drop gear at a slightly higher level, making slightly higher level Elite Mobs appear, creating a new type of item progression!
    • Highly customizable: There currently are 13 config files which allow you to customize every aspect of Elite Mobs!
    • Fully translatable: If you can read it in-game, you can translate it! And if I forgot to add it, you can report it and I'll fix it right away!
    • Super easy to install! Just drag and drop the plugin to your plugins file. There are no dependencies, no libraries and no initial config required! Defaults are the settings that I use on my own network, and the ones I personally recommend!
    • 24/7 support! Well maybe not 24/7, but if I am awake and you ask a question on discord, I will answer it right away!

    How to setup:
    • Just drag and drop into your plugins folder and start the server!
    • Only permission you need to add to players: elitemobs.user
    • Run this command: /em setmaxtier 100
    For more info on the setmaxtier command, read this.
    Permissions and commands:

    Player guides:
    Feel free to share these guides with players in your servers!
    Additional details:

    Progression, progression, progression:

    1. Have an Elite Mob spawn at a level based on what you're wearing
    2. Kill the Elite Mob
    3. Loot slightly better gear or sell what you loot to the store and get something better
    4. Go to step 1!

    Elite Mobs (aggressive bosses):

    • Can spawn naturally around players based on their calculated threat level (armor, potion effects, surrounding passive Elite Mobs)
    • Can stack up to a level set in config
    • Have special loot tables which drop items that allow players to kill mobs of slightly higher levels each time
    • Can have up to 8 powers at a time (2 defensive, 2 aggressive, 2 miscellaneous and 2 major)
    • PowerStances are the item visual effects you can spot on the title gif of this resource
    • These items denote a power. As an example, arrows floating around an entity means the entity has arrow resistance. The hope is that players will learn the patterns and adapt to the challenge.​
    • These have been thoroughly optimized and should cause no more lag than the equivalent of having an item on the floor​

    Power preview!


    • EliteMobs can acquire one new power every 50 levels up to 8 powers
    • Boss mobs have unique mobs that vary based on the theme of the mob
    • Powers are broken down into 5 categories: offensive, defensive, miscellaneous, major and unique. Elite Mobs can have up to two of the first four categories. Boss mobs only have unique powers.

    You can view details on all powers at this wiki page!
    Custom Loot:
    • Equipping it (or holding it) can give potion/beacon effects either continuously or on hit, and either to the player or to the enemy!
    • Can be written in just seconds here and pasted in loot.yml
    • Scales to mob difficulty - higher mobs will drop better loot
    • Highly recommended to keep names and lore unique for every item
    • Watch this video on how to create it!

    Thirsty to learn more? Here are two wiki links that go in-depth regarding this system: 1 2
    Procedurally generated Loot:
    • Scales to mob level
    • Highly customizable (set what enchantments show up and up to which level)
    • Neat naming system (millions of possible combinations using defaults, you can write your own)


    Super Mobs (passive bosses):

    • Once 50 (configurable) passive mobs are together, they merge and create an elite passive mob
    • These bosses have advanced loot mechanics. Hitting them drops a balanced amount of farm loot. Shearing and egg laying are also taken into account with these mechanics.
    • If you are having issues with chicken farms getting too large, this is the mechanic for you! Allow players to keep the same output of eggs but for a fraction of a fraction of the TPS impact!
    • Once dead, they spawn two mobs of the same type in the same location so they can be bred.

    API & more detailed info:
    I'm not convinced yet, how configurable is this?

    Too configurable. Click the image to see an explanation of all config settings.

    What are the planned features? Is there a trello list?

    Yes there is! Here it is:

    Special Thanks:
    Code (Text):


    Word bank contributors:

    And to everyone who generously contributed with their $$ to fuel the development of this project <3

    Fuel my development, buy me more caffeine today!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ajsmith0429
    Version: 6.7.0
    This is a great plugin for any normal server, looking to add a challenge for all players and add a sense of progression with exciting loot, a built in economy, and adventures to be had.
  2. buschstahf
    Version: 6.6.0
    It's a great plugin for revamping mobs - but that's about all it's useful for. It forces you to use it's economy system, which won't integrate with any other plugin - so you'll essentially have your main economy, and then a SECOND economy - "Battle Coins."

    Unless you code it yourself, anyway, this renders Jobs, or gaining normal currency from killing mobs, absolutely useless, unless you use this plugin for a few special or mob bosses - which, if this is the case, I'd recommend MM.

    Otherwise, great for it's purpose - revamps mobs.
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      Fine, I'll add Vault support. That used to cause an issue but with the rewrite I've been working on it should be fine.
  3. bloodnight_tw
    Version: 6.6.0
    very nice!
    the best plugin I ever see!
    just plugman can't support!
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      Just to be clear here, plugman does work for most people, I even use it for development; there seems to be something very wrong with bloodnight's copy or setup of it which I can't really understand.
  4. Ajsmith0429
    Version: 6.6.0
    This plugin is truly special and unique. It enables high level players something to do and always room for advancement.
  5. TylerGalaxy
    Version: 6.6.0
    There is nothing to complain about this plugin. It's so good. You've done a great job and thank for making it free too.
  6. TadiklCZE
    Version: 6.6.0
    Cool plugin! But i need AutoSpawn on Position Event... Just like any Mob will spawn on position 1 67 1 every 2 hours... :)
    But really cool plugin...
    And please do Tutorial video.
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      I'm working on more tutorial videos than the ones I've already made, and I will probably be working on autospawn features over the next month, stay tuned in for more info on that.
  7. hammynl
    Version: 6.6.0
    Not working for me, Probably caused by a different plugin, Overal a good plugin but just not for my server sadly ;(
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      You can just ask for support on the discussion section or on the discord server
  8. qsefthuopq
    Version: 6.6.0
    Now this plugin is more powerful ,configurable and and useful than before.
    It totally change the boring vanilla mob mechanics and add many unique functions.
  9. ishopify
    Version: 6.6.0
    Simply the best custom mobs modification that includes an over the top progression system tied together with custom item loot drops AND an adventures guild. You'd be absolutely out of your mind not to take a look at this great plugin and its rich features. The plugin author is ACTIVE and loves hearing feedback about the new features he continues to drop. I'm a Magmaguy fan and you should be too. It's simply the most polished custom mob plugin out there.
  10. MatiPoirier
    Version: 6.5.0
    Amazing plugin that make my server very more funny, also the developer is very active.