⚔EliteMobs⚔ 7.3.0

Minidungeons, dynamic & custom bosses & loot, quests, MMORPG progression & more!

  1. MagmaGuy
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    The #0 Boss plugin!
    Discord | Wiki | Patreon | Itch.io

    Old trailer was outdated, here's the latest update video!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Main Features (100% optional and configurable!):
    • Minidungeons & Lairs! Challenge incredible minidungeons & lairs! You can make your own or download them on Discord (free) and Patreon (premium)!
    • One-click dungeon installation! Instantly install and uninstall content!
    • Insane loot! Loot procedurally generated loot or custom loot with custom enchantments and potion effects!
    • Elite Mobs! Fight against all types of procedurally generated Elite Mob Bosses with unique powers, loot and combat mechanics!
    • Custom Bosses! Easy to setup, highly customizable!
    • World bosses! Get your whole server to fight big bosses who respawn on a cooldown!
    • Arenas! (Currently under development!)
    • Gear-based progression system! Bosses spawn based on what you are wearing and drop items better than what you have. Do the math!
    • Addictive events! Face random events that randomly occur during gameplay!
    • Immersive NPCs! You can use NPCs instead of commands to interact with the plugin!
    • Super Mobs! Stack animals to reduce server lag!
    • Highly customizable! I lost track of how many options there are, send help
    • Fully translatable! If you can read it in-game, you can translate it! And if I forgot to add it, you can report it and I'll fix it right away!
    • Super easy to install! No other plugins required!
    • Dynamic Quests! I can do it too Bethesda!
    • Advanced item systems! Upgrade, modify and repair your elite items!
    • 24/7 support! I'm on discord 100% of the time, 90% of the time!
    You can find the translations for the plugin here! Feel free to download and / or contribute!

    How to setup:

    • (Optional) Download the Adventurer's Guild Map (in the Additional downloads section below) which already comes with all the NPCs installed, put it in your worlds folder, restart your server and use /ag to go there. (If you need support use Discord). No world management tools are required.
    • (Optional) Go to Discord and download all the free Lairs & Minidungeons! They're the best feature!
    • (Optional) If you need EliteMobs in a different language, click here!

    Permissions and commands:

    Quick permissions: elitemobs.user
    For the rest: https://github.com/MagmaGuy/EliteMobs/wiki/Permissions-and-commands

    Additional downloads:

    • & More!
    Third Party plugin compatibility:
    EliteMobs can optionally paired with the following plugins:

    • LibsDisguises - for disguising bosses as any other entity, including player skins
    • DiscordSRV - for posting Discord announcements about special bosses spawning and getting killed
    • WorldGuard - for setting up EliteMobs flags to define custom behavior for certain regions
    • PlaceholderAPI - for setting up placeholders to display EliteMobs info on leaderboards / chat / tabs
    • Vault - for linking the economy (not recommended)

    Old Minecraft versions:

    The versions linked here are from the version history. They will not have the same features as the latest version. Bugs in old versions have already been fixed for the latest and can not be fixed for the old version.

    You can view details on all powers at this wiki page!

    Loot examples:

    API & more detailed info:

    EliteMobs uses BStats to collect statistics on plugin use. The statistics you can see on the BStats page are exactly the same as the ones that I can see - they're all anonymous. This data is used to make decisions regarding which Minecraft versions are supported by EliteMobs, as well as which features get more development time.


    Partner servers:
    Check out the official EliteMobs server over at elitesurvival.matecraft.org ! It's the best place if you want to see EliteMobs the way I envision it while developing!

    Special Thanks:

    Code (Text):

    Thank you to everyone who's helped by
    - Testing
    - Reporting bugs
    - Adding words to the word banks
    - Translating
    - Reviewing the plugin
    - Sharing this plugin with their friends
    - Supporting me monetarily!

    <3 you all

Recent Reviews

  1. ordep7
    Version: 7.3.0
    I get an error that changes the location of the npc since the region interferes, what should I do help
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      Don't use the review section to seek support. Use the support rooms.
  2. Savagewarlock
    Version: 7.3.0
    Honestly blows every other custom mob plugin out the water, I first installed the free maps provided in the discord. I have had no problems with the plugin itself and when asking questions the developer has replied very quickly.

    I have paid for the patron and have been surprised at how good the maps are put together and how easy everything is to install.

    I would put more photos to show off your work.

    10/10 plugin.
  3. waterwolf86
    Version: 7.3.0
    It gives a lot of freedom u can create ur own mobs and bosses.I like it.
  4. Zolth
    Version: 7.2.41
    Plugin works great, love the new updates and features. Support provided on the discord community is AMAZING. I have not had any issues with lag or negative server performance, even tho I have installed every dungeon that has been released. This plugin is a pure work of genius!
  5. WinCeeTR
    Version: 7.2.41
    Plugin does not work in version 1.16.5. I did a clean install just in case it was with the plugins I used, it still doesn't work. I didn't want to break the points, as I knew the plugin was labor. Please correct this problem.
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      468 servers using bstats are using 1.16.5 right now, including my servers, without any issues. If you need support use the support rooms.
  6. thiccerbriccer
    Version: 7.2.41
    Awesome plugin, but all unsure how to remove Jeeves. Keep up the good work! I'd love to see more premade dungeons but I get that they take awhile to make.
    1. MagmaGuy
      Author's Response
      Jeeves seems to be a bit buggy on the current version, it should be patched up for the upcoming patch!
  7. Classacre
    Version: 7.2.41
    A great alternative to Mythicmobs, though it can really be called an alternative as this is much more than just a mob customization API.

    -Very easy UI and quick to setup (literally took me 3 minutes to get everything installed and working)
    - Author provides dungeons (both free and paid) that are easy to setup and add a lot of fun and variety to a server.
    -Simple economy system that can be integrated to other plugins.
    -config is highly customizable.
    -Offers a questing and progression system seperate to vanilla
    - Lots of unique items and item drops which rivals that of MythicMobs Artifacts.
    - works well with some mob enhancing plugins (e.g Levelledmobs), although it is not advisable to use many mob enhancing plugins in unison.
    -Very well detailed installation guide in video form
    - Developer is very active and is quick to respond to questions in discord.
    - Dungeon creation is fairly easy, mob allocation is easy in this sense.
    - pasted schematics using the menu automatically get configured by wolrdguard, which makes life alot easier.

    - Optimizing plugins occasionally break the npc's in the adventurers hub, though it is easily fixed by reloading the plugin. (note: this is not EliteMobs fault)
    - Not as many customization options as Mythicmobs, particularly mobspawner settings.

    Genuinely really surprised that this is free as the options that come with this plugin are paid resources in MythicMobs (custom dungeons and artifacts).

    Will definitely contribute by making dungeons when I have time.
  8. KillStreakPRO
    Version: 7.2.41
    Insane quality, easy to setup and awsome features literally the best plugin for its use on the market. And all this for free Im amazed.
  9. Q2297045667
    Version: 7.2.40
    Request support for MySQL
    Request support for MySQL
    Request support for MySQL
    Request support for MySQL
  10. Maldini
    Version: 7.2.39
    Single handedly the best mob/boss plugin around because of its ease of use. It is perfect for admins who don't have a lot of time and who don't want to read lengthy manuals to figure out how to make a boss. You can't beat it. Plus...I made one of the custom dungeons, so I'm partially biased...