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  1. NPC update and Adventurer's Guild map

    7.0.0 Change log:

    Please watch the video, it has some important announcements!

    Critical changes:
    • You can now download the Adventurer's Guild Hub map. You can download it here.
    • NPCs have been released! Players can now trade with NPCs to obtain currency, talk to them for EliteMobs advice or interact to change their guild rank.
    • NPCs will be automatically placed correctly if you download the Adventurer's Guild Hub map! Watch the video for more details.
    Minor changes:
    • Improved translations. It's now possible to translate the output of certain commands and economy-related messages.
    • Added dynamic world loading. EliteMobs will now automatically recognize when a new world has been loaded in during runtime.
    • Added the command /em npc set [key] with the permission node elitemobs.npc.set
    • Added the command /em npc remove [key] with the permission node elitemobs.npc.remove
    • Improved documentation, added API for elite mob spawning and readded the metadata to identify elite mobs through third party plugins.
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug related to unique items not being customizable
    • Fixed bug related to console errors on some loot drops (inconsequential)
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