⚔EliteMobs⚔ 7.3.2

Minidungeons, dynamic & custom bosses & loot, quests, MMORPG progression & more!

  1. Bunch of fixes!

    7.2.41 Change log:

      • [Fix] Fixed issue related to custom disguises not being installed in the server at the time of applying them
      • [Fix] Fixed CME error with NPCs
      • [Fix] Fixed issue related to timeout mechanic not unregistering bosses correctly
    7.2.40 Change log:

      • [Fix] Fixed issue where max health didn't get set correctly for admins running windows servers
      • [Fix] Fixed error related to disabling all loot tables
      • [Fix] Tentative fix for double npc spawn issue
      • [Fix] Fixed error when using the kill command

    Please watch the video, it has some important announcements!
    7.2.39 Change log:
    • [New] Elite Wolves that you can summon!
    • [New] Official translation project!
    • [New] Massively simplified setup process & installation process for Lairs & Minidungeons
    • [New] TrackingFireball power - fireballs that track players, but can be hit to track the boss back!
    • [New] Massively improved compatibility with third party plugins that have custom damage mechanics or custom items
    • [New] Massive performance upgrades
    • [New] Commands were completely rewritten and now offer tab completion and a more advanced /em help system, powered by the cloud command framework
    • [New] The Airship Minidungeon is now live!
    & hundreds of tweaks and bug fixes!

    Additional videos: New setup video

    New Airship minidungeon (trailer):
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