⚜️ Lobby Head Item - [1.8.8-1.16] 1.0.1

Show the head of the game in the lobby!

  1. Added!

    • [✔️] ADDED! Now the plugin will notify when there is an update.
    • [✔️] ADDED! Now you can create items in the inventory.
    • [✔️] ADDED! New items.yml file
  2. New resource and name!

    Due to the bad reputation that our old resource (Lobby System) we decided to create a new resource called (Lobby Head Item) in order to recreate our old resource with this new one, the downloads of the old resource will no longer be available.
  3. None!

    Update LobbySystem 6.3.9 Break...

    - [✔️] NONE! I have thought about doing the whole plugin from scratch without errors.
    This update does not include anything.
    - [✖️] NONE! If you have used my plugin, I suggest that you delete all archives and that the latest version generates a new one!
  4. Improvised changes.

    Update LobbySystem 6.2.9

    - [✔️] Mentions recoded from scratch!
    - [✖️] You must delete your Mentions.yml file
  5. New things!

    Update LobbySystem 6.1.9

    - [✔️] Now supports PlaceholderAPI
  6. Improvised changes.

    Update LobbySystem 6.0.7

    - [✔️] Now the code is cleaner.
    - [✔️] Now the file 'Settings.yml' changed completely.
    - [✖️] WARNING! you should delete the files 'Settings.yml', 'config.yml' as they were completely changed.
  7. Small update

    Update LobbySystem 5.9.7

    - [✔️] Small bug with the player's head in version 1.14x
    - [✖️] You must delete the file 'PlayerSettings.yml'
  8. Mega Update!

    Update LobbySystem 5.8.7

    - [✔️] NEW! Now all sounds are compatible!
    - [✔️] NEW! New methods for ranges when they enter the server.
    - [✔️] NEW! New method for server motd.
    - [✔️] NEW! Methods of codes completely changed.
    - [✔️] NEW! New configuration recoded from scratch.
    - [✔️] NEW! New lore in the player's head.
    - [✖️] WARNING! If you are a user who has already used the plug-in in the coming months you need to delete your folder completely delete everything!
  9. New feature added

    Update LobbySystem 5.7.7

    - [✔️] Now when players fall to the void they are teleported when you use the command "/sm stuck"
    - [✔️] New strings added in the Settings.yml file
  10. Bugs fixed.

    Update LobbySystem 5.6.7

    - [✔️] Fixed an error in version 1.14 when they click on the inventory.
    - [✔️] Bugs fixed