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Advanced X-Ray detection

  1. ✅X-Ray Detection 2.0 | Full 1.17 Support | New Ores ✅

    XrayDetection now supports 1.17. With this update come new block checks!
    These are the blocks that are added.

    Copper Ore
    Deepslate Copper
    Deepslate Coal
    Deepslate Iron
    Deepslate Gold
    Deepslate Redstone
    Deepslate Lapis
    Deepslate Diamonds
    Deepslate Emeralds.

    Of course, you can customise every message inside the GUI or config. ;)

    You will have to regenerate your config file to edit the new messages, and you will also have to generate the database.db file. If you don't, it will still work, but it will result in errors in the console.
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