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Advanced X-Ray detection

  1. ✅ New Feature | Auto Enable alerts upon logging in ✅

    New Feature
    Added a configurable possibility to toggle alerts upon logging in automatically!
  2. ✅Added a new Feature | Alerts stay enabled when leaving/rejoining ✅

    New Feature:
    If you toggle your alerts and leave/rejoin the server, it will stay toggled. However, you will have to re-toggle it if the server restarts.
  3. ✅ *Added bstats*

    In this small update, I added bstats.
  4. Code Clean / Improvements

    In this update, I cleaned some unnecessary code and improved it.
  5. ✅ New feature | Punishments | Bug Fix ✅

    You can now punish people by mining more than x amount of ores in the time you have set for the alert timer. This is toggled false by default in the config.

    *Bug Fix*
    Fixed a bug where it would sometimes spam the alert message.
  6. *Bug Fix*

    *Bug Fix*
    - Fixed a bug where netherquartz wouldn't always be saved in the database.
  7. *Bug Fix*

    *Bug Fix*
    Fixed a bug where errors would appear after someone left the server whilst their x-ray alerts were toggled on and a player mines a block.
  8. *Bug Fixes*

    *Bug Fixes*
    The value settings menu is now up to date again
    - The coordinate/world placeholders now appear correctly in discord, and the console
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  9. ✅ Hoverable/Clickable Text | New Placeholders ✅

    Hoverable/Clickable text:
    If a player sets an alert off for mining ores, you can click the coordinates and teleport to their location! :)

    New Placeholders:
    {x} the x-coordinate from the mined block
    {y} the y-coordinate from the mined block
    {z} the z-coordinate from the mined block
    {world} the world the block was mined in
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  10. *Fixed A Permission Issue*

    *Permission Issue*

    Operators now also need the permission xray.ignore not to set off alerts. Before this update, it was the default for Operators to have it.