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Advanced X-Ray detection

  1. Minor Bug Fix

    *Bug Fix*

    Deepslate lapis can now be toggled in the GUI again. :)
  2. *Bug Fix*

    *Bug Fix*
    - Fixed the bug where you couldn't toggle deepslate ores in the GUI.
  3. ✅X-Ray Detection 2.0 | Full 1.17 Support | New Ores ✅

    XrayDetection now supports 1.17. With this update come new block checks!
    These are the blocks that are added.

    Copper Ore
    Deepslate Copper
    Deepslate Coal
    Deepslate Iron
    Deepslate Gold
    Deepslate Redstone
    Deepslate Lapis
    Deepslate Diamonds
    Deepslate Emeralds.

    Of course, you can customise every message inside the GUI or config. ;)

    You will have to regenerate your config file to edit the new messages, and you will also have to generate the database.db file. If you don't, it will...
  4. ✅Extra GUI Feature | Bug Fix ✅

    *Bug Fix*
    - Fixed a bug where it wouldn't let you change your "Diamond Mined Message" in the GUI.

    *Extra GUI Feature*
    Missclicked? You can now cancel message changing by simply typing "cancel" in the chat.
  5. ✅ Added extra GUI Options | Bug Fix ✅

    *Bug Fix*
    Fixed a bug wherein the ore setting GUI the red/green glass pane appeared as white.

    Extra GUI Options
    - Not only can you modify values for ores, but you can now also edit messages ingame!
  6. *Bug Fix*

    *Bug Fix*
    - Fixed a bug where mining Deepslate ores would cause an "OutOfMemoryError".

    This plugin should now be compatible with 1.17 again!
  7. ✅ GUI Update | Bug Fix ✅

    *Bug Fix*
    - Fixed a bug where players could take the glass out of the ore settings menu.

    GUI Update

    There are 3 GUI's now! The main one, which you can access by doing /xray settings. After that, you get to choose to go to the ore settings menu or the value editor menu!

    You can update more config values in the value editor menu, such as the required ores to send alerts, the threat timer, and more!
  8. *Bug Fix*

    *Bug Fix*

    - Fixed a bug where players couldn't move items in their inventory.
  9. ✅GUI SUPPORT | New Command | 1.17 Compatible! ✅

    Who doesn't like a GUI? From now on, you can toggle the ores you get notifications for in a GUI. The command to do that is /xray settings.

    This plugin is now compatible with 1.17 as well!
    Note: In the GUI (/xray settings), glass does not update once you toggle an ore. It does still toggle whether you get notifications or not. The glass pane does not switch from green to red or the other way around. This issue will be fixed soon! (All glass appears as white glass)...
  10. *Bug Fixes*

    * Bug Fixes*

    - Fixed a bug where the wrong message would be sent when a player reached a Medium Threat Level.

    - Fixed a bug where the chat would be spammed if a player reached a medium/high threat level.